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Thank you so much for your interest in writing to join our team of Authors and Contributors at Empowerment Moments Blog (EMB), you’ve definitely come to the right place. If you have not yet done so, please visit our about here and allow our Founder and CEO, Yvonne I. Wilson to tell you what we are about and what we’re trying to accomplish through this online publication. After you’ve done that, please look over our contributors/writers guidelines below.

Topics include,

Life and Life Choices is just that and covers a gamut of everyday life issues from a God-centered lens : (relationships, marriage, family life, health, finance, success stories, culture, attitude, gratitude, happiness and more ) For example, if writing about finance, it will be good to show that while we need money to do most things in life, it is not everything; and we must be good stewards with what God has blessed us with.)

Faith – Our faith focused category is practical and intellectual, it is to motivate and give the reader a challenging, passion-stirring call to have a deeper relationship with God and by all means to place his/her entire trust in Him. It’s an opportunity to share  a testimony of faith and to show the reader how God has come through for you. It includes any notice of widespread spiritual movement, from the church’s standpoint or on a global perspective

Prayer – this category is currently closed and managed exclusively and published by the Founder, Yvonne I. Wilson.

Bible/God/Empowering others through Christ – explores spiritual topics in different forms – spiritual disciplines, relationship with God, others and the church, short devotionals. It brings our readers current global Christian news…

Inspiration/Inspirational – is another category that covers a gamut of topics including but not limited to quotes on what others have to say about a specific subject, real life stories that brings hope and encouragement to the readers, impacting stories to empower and equip, to transform minds, to bring spiritual growth, to strengthen and change lives….

Leadership and Management – because we are cognizant of the fact that our readers are diverse and include both Christian and non-Christian, this category will discuss all areas of leadership and will give our readers the knowledge, tools, skills and resources that are necessary to become more effective leaders in the church, community and in the workplace. Here is where you can also share with our readers leading trends and tips on social media and blogging to help others grow and develop.


  1. We would love posts to be 800 – 1000 words. Posts that exceed that limit are certainly welcome, up to 1500 words, and should not be used just for filling, but where needed to do full justice to the article.
  2. Break up paragraphs in easy to digest portions of 2-3 sentences per paragraph.
  3. Make use of sub-headings and to draw out important points, use bold text.
  4. Use bullet points and numbered lists where necessary.
  5. Post must be an original post and not one that was published elsewhere. It must also bring out new ideas and tips not shared on EMB before.
  6. The post should not be about promoting yourself or your blog. I reserve the right to reject a post that do not conform.
  7. Please do not use any affiliate links at all in your post which will lead to outright rejection.
  8. Posts that infringe on copyright or IP rights will lead to removal from EMB without any notice. EMB, its owners and officers will not be held liable for copyright complaints or violations, and that you accept full responsibility for the content submitted
  9. Your post may not in any way, whether directly or indirectly, belittle, or put down people or their ideas.
  10. You are responsible for responding to comments left on your post in a timely and efficient manner that would demonstrate to our readers that you value and appreciate the time they took to read your post and comment. Failure to do so could result in your back links being removed.
  11. Include 1 photo of great quality in your post. In the absence of a photo you have taken or own, please feel free to visit in the Creative Commons section or other sources that offers free images. Please give credit where credit is due.
  12. Please add your name, a profile picture, a brief bio and a link back to the homepage of your blog at the bottom of your post. It is preferred that your blog be a personal blog in a related niche since people who have only a commercial website are not eligible to guest post.
  13. The day that your post goes live, please share a short excerpt only on your blog with a link back to your full post on EMB. Failure to comply could lead to your post being removed from EMB.
  14. Please have your post in at least 1 week ahead of the scheduled publication.
  15. Starting a new blog in 2012, mistakes were made along the way but here is an extremely helpful resource that I discovered and now apply to writing my blog and which I highly recommend that you follow – Anatomy of an Effective Blog Post by Michael Hyatt
  16. For contributors, if you are on WordPress, you will be able to start drafting your post once you receive your login information. You will not be able to schedule your post, but you can submit it for review. Other things you will not be able to do, is to edit your post once it is published.
  17. Submitting your article is not a guarantee that it will get approved and published. Should you not be successful you will be notified and reasons given why you were not.
  18. I reserve the right to give first preference for guest posting to persons who are active community members of EMB and our social media sites i.e persons who subscribe, regularly visit, interact, comment, share and promote our posts etc.
  19. We work with writers to produce unique and highly valuable articles and accept paid posts for promotion. Please contact us via email for pricing

Thanks for taking the time to read these guidelines. We would love to consider you. APPLY TODAY HERE or email @ 

Updated May 2016