9 Laws of Boundaries to Save A Relationship

Save A Relationship

Without boundaries in your relationship, you will keep on encountering misunderstandings irrespective of how you love each other. Boundaries are ways in which you are able to avoid doing some things that bring negative impacts in your relationship. You are also able to set principles on the things that make your relationship move perfectly.

Without boundaries, you will forget yourself and will always be on the run to please your partner. You need to love yourself first to enable other people to love you without forcing them. It is essential for you to keep your needs first to avoid stress which can be accomplished by setting boundaries.

The following are the 9 laws of boundaries to save a relationship

  1. Law of respect

This is one way of living a healthy relationship since when you respect your partner, you will not experience misunderstanding. Living healthy relationship entails love, trust and respect whereby it cannot fall easily. However, if you want people to respect your set boundaries you must respect theirs too. Avoid the following to make your relationship work; fear or to be lonely

  • Guilt
  • fear to be abandoned
  • Fear other partners anger
  1. Law of power

There are some things which can never be changed whereby you need the power to accept the situation. Make sure that you do not force nature in addition; there are things you can change. You have the power to reconcile by accepting your mistakes and apologizing to your partner.

However, you have the power to change the negative in you, power to submit to your partner and the power to agree that your problems exist and will end with time. Accepting the reality is one great way of living a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Law of activity

Avoid depending on others; you need to grow on your own. A relationship entails failing many times whereby you learn to put a stop and a start on certain issues in your relationship. These are boundaries that will strengthen your efforts making you experience and finally become perfect. No one can make your relationship work except God-given strength on your activities and boundaries you set with your partner.

  1. Law of responsibility

Waiting for your partner to perform all duties is not encouraging. Helping each other creates a healthy lifestyle in your relationship. Be the responsible person in your relationship and you will be glad finding your partner being responsible too.

  1. Law of motivation

Avoid working out of fear, rather make your priorities known which will be one good way of establishing your boundaries to 3rd parties. You will be amazed that people will be ready to act to the latter. In case you fear you will suffer alone where the other party is not aware. Ensure that you are motivating your partner on the benefits of boundaries in your relationship and you will find him/ her appreciating.

  1. Law of sowing and reaping

This is a law of which you expect to get an effect. In this case, if you eat junk meals always you will eventually reap so many diseases. Ensure that you are living a healthy lifestyle to avoid spending all you have saved on drugs. Plan your incomes before spending since, when you overspend you will leap debts. In life you will find that some debts never end if you do not plan and following the set boundaries. Discuss your boundaries with your partner and review them always and you will find them fresh in your mind. You will be able to find it easy to remember not to do the unplanned, therefore, about expenses you will not overspend. However, you will also be able to keep away from debts and being broke.

  1. Law of envy

Do not focus on other people’s relationship rather, make your look best by ensuring its growth. The moment you see other people’s relationship is progressing you will be wasting the time you could be building yours. By following your boundaries, you will be in a position to make your relationship best creating no room for envy.

  1. Law of exposure

This is whereby you need to make other people know about your boundaries. This will enable your relationship to stand firm. Nothing good comes from a relationship without boundaries making you to suffer since maybe your partner will do some things that will not please. However, you will be in pain since you will lack means to explain that you are not happy.

  1. Law of evaluation

Boundaries should give a positive impact to both parties to make all of you feel comfortable and appreciated. You need to create time for evaluation and know your partner’s feelings on the boundaries. In case you find that your partner is uncomfortable, you need to change some boundaries and replace with ones that are comfortable. Favoring yourself will just kill your relationship silently.


Follow the above 9 laws of boundaries and you will be glad your relationship will grow and last long. Openly discuss issues with your partner in case you have some misunderstandings, which definitely occur in relationships. Show respect and you will be respected back. Enjoy a happy relationship.

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