Popular Careers For Women In 2017

Popular Careers For Women

Being a hard working woman in 2017 is both satisfying and frustrating. While being employed in a high paying position has never been easier, it is still difficult for women to earn as much as men. You can read more about ongoing gender inequality in the workplace through Harvard.

Still, we live in a world where women have the unique ability to lead – even when that ability is hard won. Career options are more abundant than ever before. Where should you begin?

If you are considering a career change – or even a career boost – these are the best careers for American women in 2017.

  1. Marketing Manager

 Marketing is a field that has been growing for the past several decades. As media has evolved from radio stations into smartphones and high definition television sets, advertising and marketing has become the most important aspect of a growing business. Forty-five percent of marketing managers are women, and the median pay is $87,700 per year.

  1. ESL Instructor

 Have you ever considered teaching English as a Second Language to children in other countries? Not only are you able to travel, but you get to make a difference in the lives of others. The median pay for an ESL instructor is $47,000 per year.

  1. Interior Designer

If you have a knack for design, color schemes, and furniture, becoming an interior designer could be the right career path for you. Not only do you get to work with design, but you can work as an entrepreneur. You don’t need to be employed by a large company. Instead, you can make a name for yourself and brand your own business. The median pay for an interior designer is $46,000 per year.

  1. Video Game Designer

 Do you have an interest in video games and programming? Do you want a career that involves creativity and talent? A simple associate’s degree in video game design could supply the knowledge necessary to become a professional video game designer. The median pay is $81,000 per year. Not only can you make good money, but you can create entertainment for other people and show off your creative skills.

  1. Pharmacist

 Do you enjoy working with medications, numbers, and customers? Fifty-two percent of pharmacists are women, and the median pay is $117,000 per year. While you’ll have to earn a degree in pharmacy to get started, many individuals describe this job as rewarding and interesting. You’ll also have significant responsibilities that require ongoing attention and understanding. Check out this quiz on Career Builder to find out if you’d excel as a pharmacist.

  1. Pediatrician

 If you have any interest in helping or working with children, you should consider going to school to become a pediatrician. Seventy-two percent of pediatricians are women, and the median pay is $154,000 per year. If you want a career that is both lucrative and rewarding, this path could be the right option for you.

  1. Reputation Manager

If you have an interest in PR, this is the perfect job for you. The median pay for a reputation manager is $58,000 per year. Once again, this is a career path where you can choose to go into business for yourself. No rules. You can find your own clients and remain independent as long as you’d like.

  1. Personal Trainer

Yet another job that allows you to remain independent is that of a personal trainer. The median pay is $31,000 per year. While the income might not seem like much, personal training is a growing industry. You can expect to earn far more than that as your career builds. Greatist has a wonderful article that outlines signs of an awesome personal trainer. Do you pass the test?

What next?

So, what should you do if you’d like to change careers, either pursuing one of the above options or another path you’re passionate about? A great first step is to speak with a woman who has already found success in that field. Offer to take her to coffee or lunch and pick her brain about what someone starting on the ground floor should do first. You should also update your resume and online presence–for example, create a website or blog where you show your expertise in the given industry can be very impressive for employers. If you have the resources, you might also consider taking a continuing-education course in your field of choice. Some courses may be a requirement for entry into the field, and in addition to what you’ll learn they’re a great networking opportunity.

Whatever career path you choose, make sure you feel fulfilled, happy, and progressive. There are plenty of options where these came from.

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