emb-logo_v2A warm welcome is extended to you and thank you for taking the time to visit Empowerment Moments Blog (EMB), which was founded on January 10th, 2012. This is a faith based Lifestyle Guide for Christian living – created as a means to promote God’s Kingdom, to inspire, encourage, motivate, empower, and uplift one another through prayer and conversations about real life issues we face each day.

Know that it is God’s desire for you to live exceeding and abundant life through His Son Jesus Christ. And whether you too have experienced the pain of rejection, abandonment and low self esteem, God’s purpose and His plan for your life is by far much greater as He makes all things work together for your good.

As Founder, CEO and Publisher, Yvonne I. Wilson is determined to remain committed to the work of this online publication as she partner with others to share the relevant information that would transform minds and lives, one person, one reader at a time.


Our mission is to promote God’s kingdom; to embrace all humanity and share information that will enable individuals to gain clarity in their purpose so that they may operate in dimensions of unprecedented power through God’s Holy Spirit; to encourage and empower others to maximize their potential; and to be a conduit through which healing is received, and destiny is fulfilled.


In addition to bringing the uncompromising unadulterated word of God through devotionals, inspirational articles, faith and family life, leadership, relationships and more, it is the goal of Empowerment Moments Blog to make this a channel for intercessory strategic throne room prayers so that strongholds are broken and destroyed and that the things of God are planted and built up, in order for God’s people to live the abundant life He has promised us through His Son Jesus Christ.


“Empowering minds to believe!” 


  • It’s the place where you learn your true identity and find your purpose in God
  • It’s the place where you give birth to your dreams, vision and we help you to define your lifelong goals
  • It’s the place where you are equipped and empowered with God’s word to carry you through life’s journey
  • It’s the place where you receive spiritual strength, courage and support as we pray with you and for you or you can send your prayer request directly to our Founder & CEO at empowermentmoments@gmail dot com
  • Unlimited access to our resource center
  • It’s the place where you get to birth new ideas and solutions to  another cross section of readers either through guest posting or signing up as a full time contributing author on EMB OR
  • Have you published a post on your website suitable for our readers and just want to share a tip from it, we’d love to amplify your post. Just send us a short excerpt by writing to we’ll publish it on EMB and direct readers to click through to your website to read the full content.
  • At EMB, you become a part of a growing, supportive community that is committed to providing answers to questions and sharing information to help each other grow and develop into successful individuals in life.

We invite you now to meet our Founder & CEO, Yvonne HERE and our extra-ordinary team of Contributors HERE and learn more about how you too can join our team of writers or to write a guest post.

It is our hope that you enjoy what you find within these pages…. Our “Relationship Enrichment & Marriage Rescue Series” , our “21 Day Journey To Your Restoration Series”  and the I AM – A Declaration Of Faith are sure to empower and bless you beyond what you could have ever imagined. 

Finally, wherever life’s journey take you, always remember, “Your destiny is more than just a dream, it’s your life, it’s reality!

May God Bless you!

Last updated: April 28th, 2015


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