Strengthen Your Marriage

how to strengthen your marriage

We can use the power of God’s word to speak death and destruction to our lives by speaking negative words and confessions of doubt, fear and unbelief, or we can speak the abundant life of God through speaking what God says about our lives. That being said, here are 11 life changing affirmations and confessions that you can  speak over your marriage that would solidify your relationships for a lifetime:

1) I affirm that my spouse and I are of one mind, that we walk in unity and there is no division among us. I confess that we are also perfectly joined together, we walk in agreement and we have the same Spirit of God inside of us.

2) My spouse and I have love one for another. Our love is solidified in the faith and it is that same love that we share for one another that covers a multitude of faults and mistakes between us.

3) God’s desire for us is that we prosper in all that we do, that we have a happy, healthy marriage that lasts us a lifetime, even as we prosper spiritually.

4) I confess the word of God over my marriage and call it blessed. I affirm there is no bitterness and strife between us, neither is there any anger, fussing, fighting, evil speaking, malice, or any ill-will towards each other.

5) I am my spouse’s biggest encourager. The words that I speak daily to my spouse are the words that will build up and never to tear my spouse down.

6) I affirm that my spouse and I are kind towards one another, we are tenderhearted towards one another, we forgive one another, just as God has forgiven us through His Son Jesus Christ.

7) I affirm that I will not minimize or invalidate my spouse’s feelings – that I will always try to understand and support my spouse’s perspective even when my spouse’s point of view is different from the one that I have.

8) I decree that according to God’s word that no weapon that is formed against my marriage (spiritually or physically) shall be able to prosper against us in any way. Every word that is spoken against us shall fall to the ground and die and will not take root in our lives.

9) I confess that neither my spouse nor I shall accept or receive any thoughts of the devil of infidelity or unfaithfulness of any kind; and neither will we ever take any thoughts of separation or divorce. We will only take the thoughts of God towards one another of love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness and meekness.

10) I affirm it is the Lord who has joined my spouse and I together in marriage. Therefore, since God has joined us together, I decree that no person, spirit, force or power shall be able to separate or divide us.

11) I confess that my spouse and I pray together each day, and that our love for each other is like a tree that is planted by the rivers of water, that bring forth blessed and prosperous fruit in its season.

Live well! May you find peace and fulfillment in your marriage. May God grant you the desires of your heart as you grow and glow in the light of His truth. (word)

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