7 Most Absurd Cheating Excuses Made By A Partner

Absurd Cheating Excuses Made By A Partner

Cheating is one of the most absurd activities of a relationship which is usually done secretly without the notice of other partner and when the Pandora opens the situations get worse. Excuses can be extremely lame at times just to hide the fact that they are cheating on you. A partner can cheat purposely or sometimes it is just unintentionally. Some people have an uncontrollable flow of emotions for which they cannot do anything. Men and women usually cheat because of many reasons that can be because of weak relationship and lack of interest.

If one is cheating in a relationship, they will never tell the other the right reason rather they will start making some lame and absurd excuses that are sometimes hard to digest. Let us see 10 of the most absurd excuses a partner can make in a relationship while cheating on the other:


The time two people start dating each other, is the time when they start falling in love. This love for some can be the looks r the character whatever attracts the other person first. But one shows the best behavior during their phase of courtship or early phase of their love relationship. Partners invest time to look good and stay polite just to hide their flaws. Over the passage of time, the things that use to attract originally starts to fade away. The looks may change as she may gain weight or stop dressing up good. He may stop romancing the way he used to be or start acting impolitely. In some of the cases the other partner may change completely. Such a situation the way partners use to attract each other fades away and they start to take interest some other person where they find more qualities their partner had once.



Having SEX is the healthiest part of a relationship but that’s not all which should be considered to make your relationship healthier. There are other factors that too must be considered. Some partners are so obsessed with SEX that it’s their very first priority. Sometimes it is the sex for which they start doing cheating. They no longer find their partner attractive for sex which is their main need. They start looking it in some other person and find a way to cheat on the one committed. This can be extremely painful for the one going through it and the one cheating may start excusing that he is no longer interesting in having a sex as he is doing all this somewhere else and tries to convince the partner if he/she is not having sex with you, he/she is still committed to the other.



Some men and women in a relationship become unaware of what they are doing and become unfaithful just because their emotional needs are not met properly. A man may feel too much nagging from their female partner and a woman may feel something uncared and unheard. The most expressed needs of a man are the fulfillment of sex, physical attraction, companionship, admiration and domestic support. On the other hand women’s needs are particularly different, they mostly look for love and affection and when they don’t get that it means there is something fishy. Relationship is all about taking care of each other and when one is not doing that it means it has started shown interest at some other place. Even in a long distance relationship emotional barriers cannot restrain and there is no concept left for long distance relationship gifts.



A relationship has a lot to do with love and feelings. It is the strong bond that can make you feel better. If we talk about an excuse where the needs are not met, we also talk about because one is not feeling better in a relationship. Some people find it different because for them new love, motivation and energy can make them feel much better. The older partner feels disgusted just because you feel interest in the new one. New is new but old is gold, you can never replace the one with which you had great times once. It is you who have changed not the other person.



Love is what that keeps two people together in a relationship. The demands for owning a house, raising a family and doing a good job can literally suck out the romance in a relationship. This may result in less appreciation and complains that may lead to a weak relationship. The partner may start complaining that the “Relationship is not moving the way it use to be”. Failure in communication often leads to emotional distance and problems in the bedroom. The love interest changes and the partner might find other ways to get new sort of love.



Comparison is what can make one relation in a disaster. Comparing your partner with someone else can be one absurd treatment. This thing only lets you down in front of your partner and will dissolve your love life. If you think that the new person you met is much better than the one in your relationship then you are doing wrong. Every person is not perfect. There are flaws, good and bad in everyone. You cannot judge your partner just by his/her looks or character. There are many other things that count too. So stop making such excuses that you found someone better than your partner.



In older days, cheating was just having late-night calls and there were some creative excuses to come home late. But because of the new technology, people can stay engaged with the other through internet, smartphones and many other adultery websites where they can easily flirt and have a good cybersex time, just a click away. Their excuse would be doing some important job on the internet or having a talk time with a friend. Isn’t that absurd? Yes it is this is how relationship ends after some inexcusable excuses.

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8 Comments on 7 Most Absurd Cheating Excuses Made By A Partner

  1. melissa // June 8, 2016 at 2:06 pm //

    Hi, my name is Melissa. I have a question? My husband has been acting weird for about almost a year. He is always on his phone at work at home never gives my girls and i family time. He just left for one week to go to mexico to see his family we really did not have the money for him to take a trip for one week to mexico. He said he needed this time to see his mom and brothers grandmother grandfather it would help his mind to gey straight again. I help him to make this trip he wanted so bad he said he would be more relaxed and promissed to take a trip with his two daughters 10 year old and 14 year old. The whole week he was in mexico he did not want to talk to me or his girls. When he got back he has been acting weird ever since. He has been downing me a lot saying im no good i need to lose weight im lazy i dont do nothing . even our 14 year old daughter see’s how he has been treating me. It was my daughter’s birthday i spent a little money at the mall for her birthday and then my phone broke. He started to tell me im no good because i spent too much money on my daughter’s birthday and i had to spend money on grocery while he was gone. He is always on the phone with one lady from mexico he saids is his causin. He tell her everything and talks to her when she is feeling stressed out. He has never talked to me about stress when i am down and stressed. I just want to know if he is cheating on me. I have asked him many times if he is cheating on me. He tells me all the time that i am crazy.

    • Hi Melissa

      Welcome to my blog and I thank you for your courage to share such personal a public forum. Based on the information that you have provided there are many red flags. I want you to know you deserve better treatment than that of having him put you down, disrespecting you and calling you names.

      You have to make a choice of what you are willing to accept. I still believe that your husband owe it to you to tell you the truth.I pray you find truth in this situation.

  2. Hey Emma / Yvonne,

    Great points. As I get older I have more of an understanding of humans. I can tolerate a number of behaviours that I don’t necessarily enjoy or admire. But the affairs is where I draw the line.

    When you enter into a partnership you have made an agreement. Years ago these talks were business deals. An agreement, a hand shake and business deals worth millions were created. And yet you have two people who started out loving one another treating each other worse than anyone else would.

    Honesty and communication are not guarantees to keep someone from straying but they certainly would keep those excuses you write about at bay. Relationships aren’t easy, but I find this affair business a real assault on the soul of another. It takes years to get over and the person was the victim. I could talk endlessly about this.

    Being the person who has strayed (many many years ago). Being in a relationship where I have been hurt. Had friends where their partners have cheated and I know about it (oh this is a major dilemma). Friends who have strayed and put me in this predicament. Affairs are just horrible all round. Thanks for the reminder.


    • Hi Rachel

      Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it. Hope your week has been good so far.

      Solid contribution from you. I believe many of us are at that very same place where we can tolerate certain type of behaviors from people around us. That is by no mens saying that we agree with it. But I believe in living peaceably with all men/women for the sake of the gospel.

      Now when it comes to cheating I have ZERO tolerance for it! No amount of excuses for such horrible action by a partner can letting that person off the hook. From a biblical perspective, the cheating spouse must receive our forgiveness – which for me is one of those situations in which I have a hard time applying that principle. Cheaters are selfish and egotistic people who think only of themselves. It is sad though that so many people get hurt in the process and lives destroyed as a result.

      I totally agree that if people are honest with each other and the lines of communication are kept open then those are things that can help to fend off cheating // excuses

      My storiy about my experience with cheating partner/spouse will take this discussion to another level but let’s just say, I would not wish that on anyone at all.

      Have a great day and enjoy the rest of the week. Cheers!

  3. Hi Emma and Yvonne

    Yeah these are great points.

    it is strange that people would use this reasons to cheat. However, as technology has become sophisticated so has cheating.

    Thanks for sharing and thumbs up Yvonne for inviting Emma.

    Take care

    • Thanks Ikechi for sharing your thoughts with us. I can see how technology has changed the way people do things, morso how it has aided people to go around cheating on their spouse or significant other. My prayer is for change.

      Be blessed. Enjoy the rest of the week.

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