Up Close And Personal With Mothers Who Rock!

My daughter Shoneece and a first time Mother

My family and I are celebrating Mother’s Day in an extraordinary special way today. We are celebrating the joy of motherhood. So why is this one so special? Because it’s the first! That’s right! There are first time Moms and’ moi’ yours truly, a first time Grandma in our household. The truth be told, nothing or no one on earth could have ever prepared us for this day. If someone had told us how our lives would end up to be this way, I believe our responses would have been, ‘you’re lying, that’s a joke right?’ But even before time begun, someone else knew. It was already established by Him, it was documented in our record in heaven by the one who gives life, the Creator of all things that knew on Sunday May 12th 2013, we would be enjoying such blessings in our hearts, our lives and in our home.

My youngest daughter Shivonne and a first time Mother

It was December 29th 2012 that I revealed to world up close and personal God’s idea of twins in an article entitled, “Empowerment Moments Year 2012 Review – From Tragedy To Triumph.” Here is an excerpt:

“Towards the end of September this year, God blessed me with my very first set of grand babies. It was such a remarkable event. And this is what made it so amazing, so miraculous and hence, my biggest story of all for 2012 – Two babies, one boy and one girl, two mothers giving birth exactly two days and six hours apart of each other, at two different hospitals miles apart from each other. While I was at one hospital with one daughter, the other called and said she had gone into labour.

I had to leave that one hospital with the first one who by then had given birth, and travel by boat for one hour to get back on the island to be with my other daughter for her delivery. Who came into the world first? The baby boy did. If it sounds like a miraculous story, then it is for me really. My daughters did not plan to get pregnant together – only God could have done that! First time grandma’s and grandpa’s on every side and the start of a new generation for all. God’s idea of twins and having them around with me this time, made my holidays most memorable.”

My Mommy Shoneece, she Rocks!

So here are reasons why I believe these Mothers Rock! They Rock because they are first of all my beautiful precious daughters, the fruit of my womb, a reward from God and one of a kind blessings that God gave to me. They Rock because God brought forth His first miracle of this kind like I’ve detailed it in them and made it manifest in the earth! They Rock because they love the Lord and more and more each day right before my very eyes they are being transformed and conformed to His will!

They Rock because they’ve been there for me all these years through the good times,the bad times, the hard times and some of my greatest trials in life! They Rock because they are rising daily above the obstacles, the setbacks and challenges in life – and while the older is already a College graduate and now in the work force, the other is well on her way to completing her degree as well. They Rock because I see the nurturer, the caretaker, teacher to their young babies, protector, and the praying mothers I’ve always hoped and prayed for them to be!

I thank God for them, as they grow more and more into womanhood and today into motherhood. They are

My Mommy Shivonne, she Rocks!

amazing as they give their love continually, selflessly serving others as they raise their family. They Rock because I see in them the many attributes of the Proverbs 31:10-31 woman – “Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.”….”Strength and honour are her clothing: and she shall rejoice in time to come…….” They are worth far more than rubies..who watches over the affairs of their household and does not eat the bread of idleness. “Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all.”

One day these little children will as they grow older rise up and call them blessed, but meanwhile, as their Mother, I say these Mothers, they  ROCK!! 

Happy Mother’s Day to you and All Mothers worldwide!

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  1. Hi Joy appreciate your words of kindness. We had an awesome time. My youngest daughter actually shared with me how special she felt on her first Mother's Day. Hope you all had a great time there too.

  2. Hi Ava
    🙂 Definitely proud to be a grandma and we all had a blast! Giving God all the glory.

  3. You've got a lovely family and you truly are blessed. I'm sure you had a wonderful mother's day.

  4. Those bright eyes!!!! I am sure you are a very proud grandma. This makes me remember when I first became a grandma. It is such a great feeling watching the next generation come forth. Happy mothers day to all the mothers out there and the grand mommas too.

  5. Thank you Ngozi, same to you and God bless you as always!

  6. Happy Mothers Day, Have a blessed Mothers Day celebration

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