5 Values Of A Good Parent

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Your children are destined to be the future leaders of this world. Naturally, you want to be the very best parent you can be to give your kids a strong example of how to be a healthy adult and a stable member of society. Here are five values good parents cultivate to raise their children best.

#1 Honesty

We want our kids to be honest. However, a more important part of honesty is the trust that it builds. Set a policy to always be honest with your children.

Lies kill trust. Telling even little white lies can set a double standard for your kids, and can make them feel like they can trust you less. Establish the example by telling the truth even when it’s difficult, admitting your mistakes, and praising children for their bravery in honesty. It takes practice but the reward is children who feel like they can trust you with anything.

#2 Charity

Charity leads us to better health and happier lives. Charity is also an excellent lens through which we can raise our children to love and care about humanity. Teach your children charity by doing small service projects together, and talking about how good it feels to help other people.

#3 Forgiveness

It can be hard to balance forgiving our children with the frustrations we feel when they hurt us. However, it is vital for our children to know that our love is unconditional and that we will always be there for them.

If your child hurts you address the situation, talk about it, come to an agreement, and then let it go. Do your best to go back to normal, and keep the lines of communication open with your child. Forgiveness will help them build a stronger relationship with you, and it can influence your child to make better choices in the future.

#4 Respect

Showing respect toward your child can help you avoid power struggles, and help a child build their sense of self-respect and respect for others. Respecting your child also helps them feel a sense of capability and brings you both closer together.

Showing respect toward yourself will help teach your children to respect you. By showing respect toward other people can help your child also see the importance of respecting other people. Respect is a skill that will help your child succeed in all aspects of life, and it can give them for a healthy idea of how to treat others and themselves.

#5 Humour

Humour is a diffusing value. Being too serious can make your child feel pressured and tense. On the other hand, humour helps ease stress and gives your child the space they need to learn and grow. Humour also has the magical ability to bring you closer to your children, reduce stress, and help control conflict.

Parenting is challenging. However, the right values can help make your family successful and happy. Good values help children grow. These 5 tips will take your parenting to another level and ensure that your kids will grow up to be more positive and loving!


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Rebecca is an author, entrepreneur and most of all a wife and mother of 2. What she enjoys the most is helping normal people reach their full potential. Rebecca uses her ever growing skills in writing to inspire people and not settle for a normal life. As an entrepreneur, she has no shortage of failures and that is why Rebecca is the ideal person to talk about this.

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