The Week That Was Series #4 – Light To My Path From Around The Web

Here are my favourite reads of this past week

1) On Leadership

Dan Rockwell of Leadership Freak wrote a very interesting article called Confronting Toxicity in which he alluded to the fact that ‘toxic environments are the result of tolerating toxicity.’ It challenges us as leaders to do some introspection, not just about us as individuals but the organization for which we work.

“Average leaders feel successful when they get things done.”

“Exceptional leaders feel successful when they build exceptional places of work.”

“Average leaders fix and do. Exceptional leaders build.”

“Exceptional leaders define “the way” things get done. Courageous leaders challenge back-stabbing and office politics, for example. They say, “That’s not the way we do thing around here.”

Saying that organizations that neglect how things get done become lousy places to work is for me a very thought provoking nugget piece. My questions, do you have toxicity within your work or home environment? What are the cause/s and what are you going to do about it?

2) Building successful blogs

Over on Side Income Blogging with Larry Deane, once again he shared his expertise with us on “How to Build a Successful Niche Website That Actually Makes Money” Key pointers for me were – finding a niche with little competition, trick to finding keywords that get typed into search engine frequently, structuring your keywords to make them SEO friendly and blog sustainability.

3) Get out of your comfort zone

Barry Smith of Building What Matters took on the fear factor through this article “Overcoming Fear – Jump And Build You Wings On The Way Down” He struck the nail on the head when he said, “I am no longer afraid to step outside my comfort zone with the intent of becoming more, becoming that person I was meant to be. I believe part of this process has been the development of a mind-set that says it’s ok to fail but equally important has been an increased awareness of what opportunities are out there.”

4) Relationship matters

On Romance Meets Life with Myne Whitman some great tips were shared on how wives ought to treat husband and vice versa to build stronger and better relationships through this post “10 Great Things To Say to Your Husband or Wife.” These tips I believe can also transcend into our every day lives of how we treat each other in general on a daily basis.

5) Definition of a righteous man

Christopher Jennings Penders of Wisdom and Life in an article “Bless Those You Wish to Curse” reminded us of two actions that comes out of throwing light each day ie – it keeps the discourse civil and it creates a better atmosphere where darkness can’t survive. The one who uses this approach is deemed righteous and correct by his actions

6) Trends and updates

Right here on Empowerment Moments Blog with yours truly Yvonne I. Wilson – one of the articles that I’ve written that generated the most hits within 1 day and made it to the top ten within 24 hours as having a direct positive impact on the lives of others was “10 Life Changing Positive Affirmations” For those of you that missed it, check it out and yes, be blessed, be inspired, driven to succeed, re-activate your dreams and plans and be fuelled to change what you say by first changing what you think.

And here is the big one – the series “Celebrating The Lives of Mother’s Who Rock” kicked off this week May 1st 2013 and will run right through to Sunday May 12th 2013. It is my hope that you’ve been tremendously blessed thus far.

We’ve seen her as the ‘woman of substance,’ ‘superwoman,’ ‘mentor and cheerleader,’ and today May 4th 2013, she is being celebrated and honoured for her natural gift to love/of loving through a poem entitled ‘The Love of A Mother.”

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Kingdom blessings!

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  1. Hi Barry, pleasure and an honour for me as well! You have been such a great source of inspiration and motivation to me – giving me an even deeper desire to learn and grow by what you share on Building What Matters! Thanks again for the encouragement you give! Have a blessed weekend.

  2. What an honor to be included with this great group of contributors. Thanks Yvonne! There was a piece in Dan Rockwell's article that resonated with me and that is the idea that “exceptional leaders build.” I love that – they do build and they build what matters – people. Great post!

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