In Spite Of It All, Dare To Be Different

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There is hardly anyone who have achieved greatness in their life who have not gone through much difficulties. Persons considered to be truly great have endured persecution, criticism of some sort, opposition, and challenges but they had the grace of courage to rise above them all.

Truth is, you and I may never make it to the front page of The Huffington Post, People Magazine,  CNN Headline News, or even The New York Times Best Seller list. Our blogs may never appear on WordPress ‘Freshly Pressed’ or even get to the Top 100 Blogs list.

Additionally, there are those who no matter what good you have done, will still try to judge you based on your past. They will even look at your flaws and your faults to magnify them every opportunity that they get. They use such things as the yardstick by which to measure your character. But guess what, greatness comes after you have endured the pains, trials, and suffering.

Therefore, have faith in God – have faith to endure the humiliation of the critics and the haters and rise above them to continue doing what’s right, as you dare to be different. There can only be 1 authentic you. So stop comparing yourself to others. Realize that you are proportionately gifted and talented to do what you have been chosen to do. Embrace your distinctiveness and stop making apologies to anyone for who you are in Christ and what He has chosen you to become in and through Him.

proverbs 18 v 16

God knew you well in advance of you being here on this earth. He knew exactly what you would face in the paths of life and He knew all the things that you would have to go through to bring you into your purpose. With that foreknowledge, He went ahead with His plan and chose you, and set you apart to become like His dear Son Jesus Christ, so that His Son in you would be the first born among many believers. (Romans 8: 29)

God is more interested in your character and your loyalty to Him than He is in your position, your title, your past, the order of your birth or even who you were born to. Contrary to what some may think, God has always been willing to use the less than perfect people to accomplish greatness. That’s right! That’s you! YES you and me.

There are times you will feel uncomfortable in the crowd but you were made to stand out, not to fit in. You are an original masterpiece, not a copy or an imitation. God deliberately shaped and formed you so that you serve Him in a way that is unique, special and different to any other. No one else can do your part the way that the grace of God in your life have equipped you to do.


What thoughts resonated with you as you read this post? How has it helped you in your understanding of your purpose, and uniqueness? What would you add or have said differently? 

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  1. Daniel Silas TOCHI // July 4, 2014 at 7:43 am //

    You are indeed a great woman of God. You are always in our hearts and prayers. i would like to ask you one thing. Would you like to visit our little church in Tsevie,Togo? I would like to plan women conference for you. Pray and plan for it.
    Pastor Daniel S.Tochi
    Bible Life Christian Church
    Bp 214,Tsevie, Togo
    West Africa
    Tel:(00228) 90227923 / 98569942 /

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