Healed and Restored

[by Beverley Wright]

A few months ago I was listening to a call in program on the radio. The topic of discussion was whether or not a person can be healed by a spiritual healer or does all healing comes from God. I believe that they define a spiritual healer as someone who channels the healing energy that is within an individual. In other words a spiritual healer believes that the body is able to heal itself when certain specific energy is sourced. So they use methods such as chants, aromatherapy, reflexology, crystal therapy, acupressure, meditation, and audiovisual therapy.

Spiritual healers considered themselves non- denominational or not specific to any religious affiliation. However, it is believed that their practices are based on Buddhism, Hinduism or other spin offs of theses religions. ( healers also encourage people to maintain a balance all natural diet and to treat themselves with herbal medicine instead of the general pharmaceutical medications.

Many people both Christians and non-Christians have visited these spiritual healers and many have testified that they received help from them. The question is not whether these people are actually healed but whether their healing was actually from God instead of the methods that these spiritual healers administered to them. There are so many people who are confused in their mind about the power of God simple because they lack knowledge and relationship with God. Where there is lack of knowledge the people will perish so if anyone lacks wisdom he/ she need to ask God for it and he will grant it unto him.

Healing is possible and does occur using the various methods of these spiritual healers. God who is our Creator is our ultimate healer who guaranteed healing of our bodies and soul from the beginning of Creation. However, there is a difference between healing which is directly from God and healing from the spiritual healers. When God heals you, he also restores all the years that you had lost while you were ill. When the spiritual healers or the medical doctors heal you they cannot restore all the former years that you had lost.

I can testify of God’s healing and restoration in the life of my son (In the eyes of a child) and also in my personal life. I had a turbulent marriage from its inception. Finally separation was the only alternative for us in order to receive help. I suffered from a broken heart because of the lack of love and unity in my marriage. I became a bitter, angry and resentful woman who hated all men.

After the separation, I returned to God for answers and he healed me. He removed the pain, anger, bitterness from my heart and swept it clean. Then he filled me with his love and compassion. I was happy and contented with those wonderful things that God did for me but the Lord went even further. He restored all the years before and after my marriage that the enemy had stolen from me.

When I was a child God gave me the gift of writing poetry and stories. I gave up the gift when I began my career in radiography at age nineteen. I am currently working twenty six years in that profession. Later the enemy stole my joy and my talent. I gave up on my talent but God never did because he had a plan for my life from before the foundation of the world. After the Lord healed my brokenness he restored my talent and all the poetries and writings that he had intended for me to write during those empty (dry) years of my life. The Lord restored them instantaneously in my life. He gave me far more than I could ever ask or think of him.

Do not get perturbed or distracted by the many healing avenues that existed in the world today. Just remember when God heals he restores.

Healed and Restored 


Calamity strike without warning;

Illness possessed and dispossessed.

But a cry unto God will receive his attention.


Broken heart and alone?

Be not disheartened;

The Lord will bind your wounds until they are mended.


Imprisoned by the pain of your past?

Cast down by oppression?

Never fear! God is the great liberator!


He will absorb your pain;

He will heal your afflictions and infirmities.

He will remove the reproach of your past.


Wait, there is more!

Restoration is the overflow which will

Seal your complete deliverance.


For the Lord God will restore all the years

That the swarming, crawling, consuming and

Chewing locusts have eaten.


You shall eat plentiful and be satisfied.

You will praise the name of the Lord

Because he is wonderful to you.


The Lord is in your midst;

He is the Lord your God!

He heals and restores!

References: Joel 2:25-27


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Beverley has been serving the Lord since she was a child. At an early age, she recognized that God had a special plan for her life, but it was not until in her adulthood that she surrendered her total life to God and accepted the mandate that God placed on her life. The Lord called her into His Kingdom to be an encourager, intercessor, teacher, scribe, priest, and to proclaim the Word of God. Since then, Beverly has established a blog to teach us to become the oil and wine. The oil and wine are purified and mature products, which is the advanced level that the Lord expected of us. In 2017, Beverley published her first book, Harm Not The Oil And Wine. In it, she described her trials and how God helped her to overcome them, and to live more victoriously. The book also exposed the enemy of our souls with detailed information about his past defeats and future extinction. Wright spents most of her time studying the Bible to know the truth of God’s Word. She believes that only God’s truth can expose the deception of the enemy, and uproot and tear down spiritual strongholds. You can learn more about Beverley’s life and testimony on her website You can also find her on Facebook and Google+ under the name of her blog, and on Twitter as @Theoilandwine.

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