Keep On Going Until You Make It [Motivational Video-Les Brown]

With my hands outstretched, I began to look up towards the greater power than myself. I call Him Abba Father. At times I call Him my daddy, but most of all, I call Him my Heavenly Father.

Although I knew before hand what I was about to confess was no secret to Him, deep within me, I just needed to hear His reassuring and comforting voice to let me know that it was okay and that I was going to make it in spite of the limitations and challenges that I was faced with.

This is what was whispered back to me.

‘You are destined to win! You will succeed in life! There will be road blocks, and obstacles will come, but it’s possible that you are going to make it! Keep pressing your way forward, have faith in God, your dream will come true.’

I became even more ‘fired up’ of the promise and the prospect of what was awaiting ahead for me as I began to listen to this motivational speech by the great Les Brown.

Here is what he said:

Here are some key takeaways

“If you are going through hard times, it has not come to stay, it has come to pass!” ~ Les Brown

No matter what, have faith

We must have faith to believe that we already have whatever it is that we envision for ourselves in life. It is that kind of faith that will cause you and I to rise up from the hard times and begin to call things that have not yet come into existence as if they already did. (Romans 4:17) Believe that there is a higher power who already know that our outcome is going to be successful.

Remain patient 

Too many are looking for instant gratification but know that not everything is going to happen the same time we want it to. Everything takes time. Still we must not give in or quit. It will happen. Remain patient while we learn the many facet in life, and even learn about ourselves and others.

Your actions must be consistent

Every day we must do something that will move us forward in the direction of our goals. Our consistent actions must also be positive and be in harmony with our thoughts.

Believe in yourself

We must believe that our dreams, ideas, our goals are possible and also believe that we have what it takes to make them work in our favor. Write down each goal, surround ourselves with people that are supportive and be ready to take personal responsibility to make it happen.

Q: Did this video motivate you to take action? What if any of these key takeaways can you fit into your life? 

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2 Comments on Keep On Going Until You Make It [Motivational Video-Les Brown]

  1. Hi Yvonne,

    That was an inspirational video post indeed 🙂

    Yes, Les Brown is a great speaker and I’ve seen a few of his videos. I don’t think you can just pick one or two from the ones you have mentioned as they ALL are some things that I can relate to, which are part of my life.

    You need to always keep the faith, more when the times are tough, that’s what my Mom used to tell me. She’d say that’s the time He is testing what you are made of – tough times don’t last, tough people do, and I truly believe in that….always believe in yourself and be patient.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    • Hi Harleena, yea, I’ve always enjoyed Les Brown’s motivational speaking whether through his videos or books… This one came at a time when I ‘slipped’ and just began to doubt in some things that I had been believing God for.

      True it is important to keep the faith and now that I’ve got my ‘bounce’ back, I am seeing that trial of my faith as a means to get rid of the negative committee that was lurking around in my mind.

      Blessings! Have a great weekend too! 🙂

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