Body and Mind Detox – 5 Steps To A Healthier You

Steps To A Healthier You

The world we live in makes us wear out our bodies and minds, leaving us with health problems or with the feeling of complete exhaustion. Always in a rush, we sometimes fall into living our days on the auto-pilot mode, not being truly present, whether it’s with our family and friends, on our jobs or in the church on Sundays. Self-care is necessary in order to live a healthy balanced and fulfilling life. In order to start repairing the damages your body and mind have suffered through, consider detoxifying.

Here are five easy steps you can try to a healthier and more energized you – inside and outside.

1. Nutrition is important

Releasing toxins from your body starts from within, with a healthier nutrition. Making smarter and healthier food choices isn’t as hard as you would think – it just takes a little practice and you will easily incorporate your new diet into your everyday routine. Dieting doesn’t necessarily mean you want to lose weight. It means having a clearly structured eating schedule: from the time when you’ll eat to the choice of types of meals. Your goal is to put your body back to balance. Experts say you should avoid fast detox diets, as they may be beneficial for the weight loss, but are overall ineffective for your cleansing.

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When it comes to your food choices, here’s what you should opt for: quality organic food, good fats (e.g. coconut and olive oil), larger amounts of fruits and vegetables, liver-healthy foods (e.g. egg yolks, beets, artichokes). Increase your water intake and choose other healthy sources for hydration (e.g. green tea, or fruits and vegetables rich in water – watermelons, cucumbers, strawberries, etc.). Avoid processed sugar and fast food and make smarter choices (e.g. don’t fry meat – rather grill or bake it).

2. Fresh juices

Fresh smoothies are a great way to complement your nutrition, especially if you’re not prone to eating a lot of raw vegetables and fruits. When making a juice, consider the ingredients that your body will have the most benefits from: bananas (rich with potassium that betters the digestive system), grapefruits (help with handling fat tissue), almonds (provide biotin, fiber, vitamin E), honey (powerful immunity booster), etc. These juices are delicious and there are many recipes you can try out.

3. Put your focus on daily fitness

Exercising has various benefits and it plays a major role in detoxification. When you work out, your body experiences increased perspiration, which helps the releasing of toxins through the skin. Moving your body leads to better functioning of the liver and the lymph, and it increases the speed of your blood circulation. Your digestive system works better if you’re regular with your training. Because of the increased heart beat, you tend to breathe more deeply and focused, so the oxygen levels are increased.

Exercising helps you to reduce the amount of fat tissue, one of the main causes of increased levels of toxins in the body. All of this helps your organism to filter harmful toxins better.

Put your focus on daily fitness

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4. Take care of your body on the outside

We’re unaware of the impact chemicals in our cosmetics make on our overall health. Some of the products contain harmful substances (e.g. paraben), so an increased number of people turn to natural formulas. Consider the safe alternatives, such as the nourishing organic skin care products your body will enjoy.

Natural products are a much healthier way to go when it comes to taking care of your skin and they give you a more pampering feeling on your skin: just think about the beautifully scented body  butters such as orange, coconut, lime, eucalyptus, and lavender.

5. Cleansing your mind

When you’ve taken care of your body (inside and outside), you have to think about your mind, too. Although the two are closely bound and you’ll notice that you feel much better and think sharply clear after your body is freed from toxins, there are ways you can cleanse your mind, too.

Consider Christian Devotional Meditation. It is a misconception that meditation is exclusively reserved for Buddhists. Christian devotional meditation is simply the time you focus on God, Scripture, and Self. This is merely a moment of silence you devote to yourself and your connection to God, with focusing on feelings of trust, confession, surrender, and grace. Other than prayers and confessions, this is a great way to find serenity in your heart and gratitude in your every day.

Cleansing your mind

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Body and mind detox are really useful in order to free yourself from harmful toxins and feel at peace. However, you should not consider it as an easy on-demand remedy. You should take good care of your body and mind every day and use detox for an extra-good feeling. Healthy nutrition and exercising, as well as living in touch with your true self and God – are essential for a peaceful life. Only with this healthy and pure lifestyle, you can be there for your family and friends and live a respectful life.

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