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“No one puts new wine into old wine skins or else the wine skins break, the wine is spilled, and the wine skins are ruined. But they put new wine into new wine skins, and both are preserved. (scrip.ref.Matthew 9:17) And he spake also a parable unto them; No man putteth a piece of a new garment upon an old; if otherwise, then both the new maketh a rent, and the piece that was taken out of the new agreeth not with the old.” (Read Luke 5:33-39)

As I approached the end of what I considered another long tiring day from work today and was about to head out of the office to pick up my daughter from college, someone called me and said, “Greetings on to you woman of God.” I quickly replied, “Greetings to you also. I’ve had a long day at work so I am heading out in a few.” Then came the response, “Ok, amen bless God! How are you doing? Can I ask you a question? I answered, “Sure, no prob. Will try my best to answer.” Then the person on the other end of the line proceeded to ask me, “What is the difference between prophet and prophetic to you?” My answer honestly, was brief and to the point.

I explained that the prophet is the one who speaks for God and serves in the office for a specific time and purpose under His guidance whereas the other is the gift itself in actual operation. The response that I received was this, “Okay  thank you. What is God saying concerning me for 2012?” Quite frankly, I did my best not to be rude in answering and by that time I thought, this person who by the way I seldom see or hear from could not have been paying attention to the fact that I said at the beginning that I had a long day and would be heading out in a few. Also, the boundary I thought by then had been crossed. Why? The person said at first, “can I ask you a [singular] question?”

It was quite obvious that the response I gave to the second question was not pleasing to the person by this exclamation, “Ohhhh yeaaa hmmmm loool loool! Say yesss hmmmm loool! Can we talk down to earth if that’s okay with you?” I politely ended that discourse! What did I say to the individual that sparked that answer? Among other things I said, “The gift do not work in that way! I personally do not give a prophetic word unless the Spirit of prophesy itself is upon me…….In case that you did not get the answer that you were hoping to get, seek the Lord in prayer and ask Him to reveal to you what He is saying about you.” Should you be wondering why I did not give the person a ‘word’ here is the reason why. I tested the spirit according to the word of God and I discerned that it was not the spirit of God in the person speaking to me. That was a spirit of divination. (recall Acts 16: 16-18 the damsel possessed with a spirit of divination) Secondly, a true prophet would not just give a word like that especially the angle from which the individual approached the matter. That’s like calling up a psychic like Ms. Cleo or some other who does that for money and saying, read my future or ‘read my palm for me tell me what you see.’  That if you ask me, speaking about the way psychics work, is ‘prophe-lying.’ On the contrary, I am responsible and accountable to God for every word that I speak!

To you my friends, associates or even if you just happen to come across this article, it was no accident that you did. What is the lesson to be learned? It is found at the beginning in the scripture text. What does new wine into old wine skins mean? Why is it important for us to abandon the old wine skin? The Apostle Paul said, “…if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold all things are become new.” ( 2 Corinthians 5:17) It is difficult, if not impossible to turn ‘inner junk’ into instant new wine of the Holy Spirit if one is still entertaining the ‘old man’s’ way of thinking, doing and saying things. Dr. Ralph L. Wilson in an article “New Wine In Old Wine Skins” from his [Jesus Walk Bible Study Series] stated, “the fermentation is eventually so great that the inflexible old skin ruptures, and the new wine gushes out onto the ground and is wasted.” I believe what he meant by this was, if you are a true Christian believer and you hear God’s voice, you know right away not to use an old skin to fill with new wine. If you and I were to go above and beyond that call, we would be doing ourselves and others an injustice, because as the scripture says, the new wine will burst the old skin and what a waste or a disaster that would be. 
Christianity Oasis also, in their on line article on the subject of new wine in old wine skin said it this way, “Jesus couldn’t give His disciples a copy of the Ten Commandments (the old garment and the old bottles) and expect them to teach the world about grace (the new cloth and the new wine) What Jesus was saying was God is putting a new promise into new hearts and both are saved.” [end quote.] New cloth represent the fact that you cannot mix the New Covenant of grace and salvation with the Old Covenant Law. 
It is like playing an old game. The game have rules, but if you want to play a new game applying the same rules as the old game you will end up with chaos and confusion and somebody will end up getting hurt. It is also attempting to solve today’s problems with yesterday’s mindset that created them in the first instance. My encouragement to us as I close is this, as we continue this journey together in restoration, we must abandon the old wine skins. It may mean parting with some folks who are hindering your progress, who are negative both in their thinking and speaking. Whatever it may be, it is time to let it go, and embrace the new. The old life is a life full of sin, sadness, hopelessness, shame and guilt that comes with a normal daily life. But the new comes to us and it is filled with joy, peace, and love of the Lord. ‘Crack’ is the world’s (old man’s) high but a life lived under the complete guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit is the new way that causes one to bubble over into euphoria and ecstasy.

God bless you!
Minister Yvonne I. Wilson
Ministry CEO/Founder

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