The Perfect Sextuplets

“They are more precious than gold, than much pure gold; they are sweeter than honey, than honey from the comb.” ~ (Psalm 19:10) We’ve heard of mothers giving birth to sextuplets. For whatever reason, God’s divine nature and His perfect plan causes one fertilized egg to divide itself into six independent parts, that becomes six lives. Before you know it, the forty week period of gestation comes to its’ appointed time of completion and twelve pairs of eyes as bright as the eagles’, looks up at you, and you at them as you beam with great exuberance. They are fearfully and wonderfully made, and in the eyes of their Creator, they are perfect little bundles of joy. But that’s not the sextuplets that I speak of today.
In God’s book we can find one of the most perfect six there ever will be. They are God’s written revelation to us. Imagine how our lives are transformed and change becomes everlasting when these six are birthed through the hearts of all mankind.

First comes God’s Law. (torah used 25 times in Psalm 119) She is not just perfect but she has the power to revolutionize our hearts, mind and soul. I love her says the Psalmist David. (Psalm 119:97) It is my meditation all day! It gives me revelation, or so it is implied. It’s a fact that the Law was given to us for our adherence, to keep us on the straight and narrow path, to bring an awareness to our inherent sinful nature, that without grace through Christ, we would live in condemnation for the rest of our lives. But here is a man, who loves the Law so much that nothing else can take her place. She is sure to bring you great peace. (Psalm 119:165)

The Statutes of God are even more irresistible for those who will draw nigh to God to discover them wholeheartedly and exercise themselves in it. They are right, and they give illumination to our spiritual eyes, and bring about understanding to our mind.

The Precepts, she is our God-given overseer! She stands in a sphere as our watchman, always looking closely into every situation and ready to take the necessary action. She cares about every detail of our lives. (Psalm 119:159) “See how I love your precepts;” was David’s song of meditation. It was his appeal to God. In your love Lord, consider me and preserve my life accordingly! Through God’s precepts we get our understanding. (Psalm 119:104) We all stand in great need of this level of intimacy with our Creator, by whom only we can be perfected.

The Commands, it’s her right to give each one of us God’s ‘orders.’ Her emphasis is to give clear, precise authority of what was said by Him. The Psalmist David once again says, “I run in the path of your commands,” (Psalm 119:32) God is more than willing to make our paths free from all hindrances that we may run and pursue the path of His commands!

“The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,” (Proverbs 9:10) It is a thing so lacking in our society today that no longer do people seem to have that level of respect, reverence, and godly fear of the Lord. Many have become bold and daring and with the absence of this sextuplet, man have a greater tendency to sin and rebellion against God. But indeed there is a great reward for humility and fear of the Lord…it is riches, honor and life. (Proverbs 22:4)

The difficulty often met with when it comes to understanding God’s perfect Ordinances is that they are often not clear which one is being referred to at the time since ‘law,’ ‘ordinance’ and ‘covenant’ are used synonymously with each other. So in the interest of keeping this from becoming a lengthy discussion, simply put, the word Ordinances means ‘law occurs seven times.’ In the NT the Baptism and The Lord’s Supper are clearly stated. God take these very seriously, He gave them for our keeping and our adherence to them.

The message of the Lord’s Supper is clearly one of self-examination first before partaking of it. It is making certain that things are in the right perspective between us and God and that there is no sin in our lives when partaking of this element. It is being judge of ourselves as individuals so that we escape God’s chastisement. The Baptism is symbolic of our being buried with Christ, that sin is mortified in our bodies and we are raised up unto eternal life with Him.

In all things let us keep these in remembrance and to desire the Word of the Lord (Logos) more than riches and fine gold. For the Lord, His Word, His perfect sextuplets are sweeter than the honey in a honeycomb.

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Yvonne I. Wilson is known for her prolific, dynamic leadership style with over twenty years in the healthcare industry. She is a trailblazer and a catalyst for change; a positive thinker and someone who is very passionate and optimistic about life. She is mantled as an end-time Apostolic Prophet with an extraordinary spirit of discernment, an exceptionally strong prophetic and healing anointing and a unique gift in prophetic intercessory prayer as she navigates through the realm of the spirit and as she ministers to the nations. With the Agape love of God and His undeniable purpose for which He has called her, God has given her a Prophetic Deliverance Ministry to bring deliverance to His people, to heal the wounded, rejected and emotionally scarred/broken in spirit, to break barriers, old paradigms and false teachings and to rebuild, establish and plant the things of God.

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