The Leader In You by Ava Baird

“Ye are of God little children and have overcome them because greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.” ~ (1 John 4:4)

New Year greetings to all!!!

It is a great joy and a precious privilege to be given this opportunity to share on Minister Yvonne Wilson’s Blog, Empowerment Moments. She has been an inspiration to readers around the world and has indeed touched lives, pointing them in the direction of our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Author and Finisher of our faith.

As we watched the old year rolled by and faded right before our very eyes, it is amazing to behold and witness this brand new year opening up like an enormous door, with its path leading to an undetermined future of the next moment, day, month and even our lifetime. The thought of what will be the outcome of this year brings a flash of visions, hopes and dreams and for some, fear and anxiety.

With that said, have you ever had a burning desire within the recess of your heart to do something big which will cause such a positive impact on society, but do not know where or how to start, that when you tried to make the first step forward, the spirit of fear would grip your heart? Well, in our highlighted scripture, God said “ye are of God…” Just because we are of God, the first thing to know is that there will always be opposition in the spirit realm to whatever we try to do.

When David as a little boy, took care of his father’s sheep, his family pushed him aside. They overlooked and despised him and saw him as the little shepherd boy, smelly and untidy. But I dare to tell you that God saw him as a king! There was a leader in him that was being developed in the backside of the desert which no man could have messed with, not even the bear or the lion. There in the pasture lands he composed songs of praises to the Most High God. It was in that very place of loneliness and discouragement, that on a daily basis, his strength in the Lord was developed. As he learned to encourage himself in the Lord, he found out that there was a leader in him that was God ordained.

You see, my friend, knowing who you are is vitally important in this Christian walk. Man may want to push you aside, knock you about, talk negatively about you, mentally stab you in the back through unkind words leaving you to die, but man cannot curse whom God has blessed. The leader in you is called to stand out from the rest rather than trying to fit in. God has already given us the success story. He said we have overcome them, not shall overcome, but have already overcome the adversary. The reason we have overcome is because the Holy Spirit who is in us is greater than the adversary who is in the world.

When all of David’s brothers were brought before Samuel, the prophet asked David’s father “are these a;; your sons?”  Hmmm..something does not look quite right here. The father answered, “there is a little one left at the back.” Samuel said he will not sit until the little one was brought in. You might be considered as insignificant as little David was, being pushed to the back, but I want to tell you there is a leader in you that is about to breakthrough this year. You will stand out tall! You have already overcome fear, just take a step of faith, submitting yourself to God, resist the devil and he will flee.

What is the call of God on your life for this year? Walk in your purpose! Stay in your lane! Like the eagle, use the storms of your life to help you to soar higher in God this year.Forget about the things which are behind and reach forth for what is before you. Let the leader in you come forth this year. Walk by faith and not by sight. A good leader envisions the end results. It is not about where you have been, or who you are, but it is all about where you are going. That is what he enemy is opposing. As a leader in the army of the Lord, we are the head and not the tail, above and not beneath. We take our commands from the Chief Commander who is God Himself.

The leader in you that is awaiting to come forth is like a baby that is about to be birthed. When you experience the pain of rejection, criticism and negativism, be sure to understand that pain (contraction) is a sure sign that the baby is on its way and it is time to push. Cry if you may, scream if you may, but PUSH! Do not abort the leader in you and do not allow the leader in you to die without coming forth this year. All good things are worth pushing for.

Let the leader in you come forth to its fullest potential. May God bless you and strengthen you as  you walk in God’s perfect will for your life.

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Yvonne I. Wilson is known for her prolific, dynamic leadership style with over twenty years in the healthcare industry. She is a trailblazer and a catalyst for change; a positive thinker and someone who is very passionate and optimistic about life. She is mantled as an end-time Apostolic Prophet with an extraordinary spirit of discernment, an exceptionally strong prophetic and healing anointing and a unique gift in prophetic intercessory prayer as she navigates through the realm of the spirit and as she ministers to the nations. With the Agape love of God and His undeniable purpose for which He has called her, God has given her a Prophetic Deliverance Ministry to bring deliverance to His people, to heal the wounded, rejected and emotionally scarred/broken in spirit, to break barriers, old paradigms and false teachings and to rebuild, establish and plant the things of God.

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