Start Each Day With A Grateful Heart

Okay, February 14th is celebrated in many places around the world as Valentine’s Day. It is nice to know for those who observe it, especially that candy, flowers, gifts, greeting cards will be exchanged between friends, lovers and loved ones. There will even be candle light dinners and some on romantic getaways all in the name of St. Valentine. But who is St. Valentine and what makes him such a legend that even after his death so many years ago, people still carry on his memory by observing this day as Valentine’s Day. Here are a number of suggestions to this age old question.

And while many look forward to the day, there are many more who dread the day somewhat, simply because of the annoying pressure of constantly having to explain ones status of singleness to the enquiring minds. You wear the color red, and folks immediately try to make some association or connection to Valentine’s Day, love and more so the lover. They want to know who the lucky guy or girl is. Not to mention the office buzz and the gullible stories from friends of how their day was spent…..who got gifts and who went for dinner and who the date was. It is nice to know people do all these things in the name of love. For those who will spend the day without the flowers, the chocolate and all the fanfare and the overrated Valentine’s Day ‘love’ hype, take the time today to be grateful. Spend the time loving on the one who is the source of love.

Encourage yourself in the Lord. Think of your first love and your one true love who anxiously awaits your return to His loving arms….”because thou hast left thy first love.” (Revelation 2:4)  You are no less of a person if you do not have a date, or you are without a boy/girl friend or a husband/wife. God’s love is all powerful! Nothing can take its place. Take a moment to reflect on the words in this article I shared recently “The Power Of Love.” You cannot depend on anyone else to love when the source and fountain of true authentic love flows through you.

Start each and every day with a grateful heart. Pat yourself on the shoulder. Give yourself a big bear hug, look to the hills from where all your help and strength comes and say, “Lord, I thank you that I have life and good health.” There are so many reasons you can think of that you need to be grateful for. Most of all you have life! You have got to love yourself! Be cheerful! Strive to be happy! 
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  1. Have an enjoyable day and thanks as always for your kind words of encouragement!!

  2. I am indeed grateful to God for life being given to me as a gift each day and His everlasting love which flows unconditionally to me and every other human being. The love of God is truly authentic,unadulterated and everlasting. Good post. Keep up the good work Minister Yvonne

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