Mothers Who ROCK Series 1 – A Woman of Substance by Andria Flax

I am delighted to kick off this blog’s series starting today under the theme: “Celebrating The Life of Mothers Who Rock.” In addition to the entries that were submitted, and will be published over the upcoming days, I just want to say how spectacular our Mothers are all over the world. And whether you have given birth to a child/children the natural way, you adopted them, or you are a spiritual Mother, know that you are loved, honored and celebrated. In that regard, I thought it appropriate to dedicate this poem to ALL our Mothers. We love you, appreciate you and say, you Rock! And you are truly 


A Woman of Substance 
Brimming with confidence and tenacity,
Driven, determined yet always happy
These qualities have always appealed to me;
That’s the kind of woman I would like to be!
One who doesn’t dwell on shortcomings
Or rest on her laurels and fame
But forges ahead to accomplish her goals
And build for herself a great name.

A woman the whole world admires
Is one who can fend for herself;
Who doesn’t give up when the going gets rough
Who doesn’t crawl up on a shelf.
But instead she learns from misfortunes
And would never repeat past mistakes
She picks herself up and dusts herself off
No matter how long this step takes.
She is a friend to all she encounters
She never frowns, clams up or cries out
But she eagerly turns to the Master in prayer
And words of praise pour out of her mouth.
She is helpful, courageous and loving,
She is humble and kind and sincere.
She trusts in the Lord and His wonderful love,
She is sheltered by His tender care.
A strong woman with all these good virtues
Is indeed a true gem of great worth.
Though she’s so hard to find, one should never lose hope
For there are many remaining on earth.
Author – Andria Flax
photo credit: scarrmooch via flickr
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  1. I am just as excited Michelle! Some of the tributes have brought much memory about my own mom, my ROCK who passed away in 2002. Blessings my sister!

  2. Love this! Excited about your first series!

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