Mothers Who Rock Series 1 – A Praying Woman by Latreece Christopher

Evangelist Theresa Felix
I think that this has absolutely been the hardest thing that I have ever had to do as far as writing goes.  I mean what words do you put on paper to describe someone who has truly been there for you, someone that you can call your mother.

The woman I am describing is not my biological mother, but my spiritual mother.  It is only those who have a connection with God who would know how precious a relationship is, like the one we have with our spiritual parents.  I say that because it is inevitable that once you are a person called by God it often seems as though you are going against the tide and we often look for, need and cherish that early connection, with someone who understands us for us and it is something wonderful to find that in a person you can call your spiritual parent.

I am not a mother as yet, however, I would have always imagined that it is much easier to love a child that came from your womb as opposed to a child that belongs to another person. However, after the experience I have had with her, experience has taught me otherwise.

When I met her, I saw her to be someone so fine, so dainty, organized and well put together.  Affectionately known as T, she is a praying woman, a strong woman, someone who knows how to be happy for others and push others forward.  A woman of layers, who loves the Lord and through her many struggles in life has proved that she will not let anything or anyone get in the way of her fulfilling her God given assignment. But my favourite thing about her is that, she is a woman of love.  She is my spiritual mother and just as she loves me I love her also.

Just this morning I was listening to a motivational speaker and he said one of the greatest experience in life is when your name ends up in someone else’s testimonial.  That person who when you look back on them you can say if it was not for this person I would not be where I am, or this person never let me quit, they kept pushing, kept encouraging, never for one moment was selfish and thought only of their own self.  In my history book, in my book of testimonials she is that woman.

I could go on and on trying to find the right things to say about her, but honestly, the real reason why I love her, my spiritual mother and love her so much is because she is one of God’s gifts to me.  She helped to lead me to Him when I needed Him the most, she took the time to love, nurture and care for me.  She helped me to find me, to identify me and to connect with purpose.

Regardless of how far I go in life I can honestly say she has been a mother to me, and she ROCKS!

This article was written and submitted by Latreece Christopher. She is a wife, a born again believer who loves the Lord and has the heart of a servant as is demonstrated in her various roles in her local church in St.Kitts. She is a young and aspiring entrepreneur and, among other things is the owner of Glam Destination Weddings – a destination wedding company whose primary purpose is to assist couples with the design, implementation and coordination of their big day leaving bride, groom and families stress free and with a day to remember for the rest of their lives. For more information you may write to her at Connect with her also on social media via Facebook

Latreece Christopher is my first biological daughter with whom I have a great loving mother-daughter relationship. The young lady who was chosen for this post is a family friend whom I thought is so deserving of the honour. I discussed the Mothers who rock series with my daughter and allowed her the opportunity to celebrate her as her spiritual mother as one who truly rocks. 
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  1. It's amazing how God will place spiritual leaders in roles in our lives. Latreece, I can so relate to this. The woman who God placed in my life as a spiritual mother is such a phenomenal person – inside and out. She's been a blessing to me and my children (who, also, call her grandma!) over the years. Our families are interconnected and she respects the role of my mother and never oversteps her bounds. In fact, the both of them have a great relationship and often double-team me when I need correcting or a little nudge in the right direction!

  2. I agree with Latreece! her spiritual mother happens to be my friend and sister in the Lord as well. She is truly someone who encourages, always wears a warm smile and pushes for new heights in God. You go girl!!!! Evangelist Theresa you truly Rock. Blessings!!!!

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