The Week That Was Series 5: My Breaking Moment, My Turning Point

This past week was a very interesting one for me. Most of it, I’ve had some very high and proud moments and then the in between, what I would call my breaking moment when I had to quickly surrender myself to God, give Him the situation once again and say, ‘Daddy, will you take care of this for me?’ 

I walked away from sitting at His feet, feeling comforted by His word that this too shall pass, stay focused my child, what they meant for evil watch God work it out for your good. The pit that they dug for you to fall in, they are setting up themselves for them to fall into it. Not you.

Now that’s a real Dad! That’s the Father every child should have and must long for in their lives.

Do not get me wrong. God do not let me have my way at any given time and when there is need for it, He corrects me in love. But speaking of who He is and what he stands for – He is a just God and He rules in your favour not because you are His child, but because, He sees and He knows what goes on in the heart and mind of man that we cannot see, and therefore rules according to the standard of His word.

But the light that signalled my turning point was when I came across this quote today which says:

There’s a place in you that you must keep inviolate. You must keep it pristine. Clean. So that nobody has a right to curse you or treat you badly. Nobody. No mother, father, no wife, no husband, no – nobody. You have to have a place where you say: Stop it. Back up. Don’t you know I’m a child of God.” ~ Dr. Maya

I’ve really had enough with some people, who as my spirit has discerned, they are dream killers and spiritual abortionists. They pretend they are with you, and for you, but then they turn around and do everything they could to manipulate policies and processes, to undermine the system and  hinder work flows and to oppress and bring pain and affliction to humanity. They are folks who are not about kingdom building but who have that anointing to kill others with their words that shoots out the arrow covered with a toxic lethal dose of poison to a man’s soul.

And so, in the words of Dr. Maya Angelou I say, “Stop it. Back up. Don’t you know I’m a child of God.”

My prayer for you that are having your breaking moment and hoping for a turning point

Dear God, this day you have made is beautiful and we will rejoice and be glad in it. You have made all things new, that says to us old things are passed away and that we do not have to look to the former things nor the things of old. God give to us strength, courage, and guidance to face this and every new day we are given. Download into our spirit new ideas and strategies. Give us the winning plan. Open the door for us that will cause our purpose to marry with our destiny, and we call forth into the earth our kingdom assignment and the resources to accomplish the tasks to bring glory and honour to your name. [continue reading]
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Kingdom blessings!
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4 Comments on The Week That Was Series 5: My Breaking Moment, My Turning Point

  1. Hi Salt
    I am not that easy to break, but that situation was attempting to get the best of me until I surrendered it to God. When He led me to that quote from Maya, it was a Rhema word, and food for my soul! Within moments, I was standing strong on my feet again.
    Have a blessed and awesome day!

  2. Stop it! Back up! Don't you know I AM A CHILD OF GOD!!!!!

    Love, love, love this! You see, this is why I love Maya Angelou!

  3. Thanks for the feedback Janelle. Happy that you were blessed by this post.

  4. Love it! A great blog post Yvonne. I believe it's in the book of Psalms where the word of God says, 'touch not mine anointed and do my servant the prophet no harm.' Folks tend to forget that there is a true living God watching our every move in the earth beholding the good, bad and the evil and to see whose heart is really turned towards Him. God will stand up and fight your battles, you just need to trust Him.

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