The One Struggle We Face Daily

the one struggle we face daily

There is a reason that I do not advertise a schedule on my blog of what I would post on the days that I do. Today’s post really should have been on gratitude but obviously that is not going to happen. Hence the title of this post…‘the one struggle we face each day.’

I am already guessing, my struggle may not be yours and your struggle may not be mine. And that is a fair assumption. We are different in our own way. You earned the right to be so since that is the way God created you. But one guarantee is that individually, we each have something/s that we struggle with daily. I became very much aware of a few of mines as…

My eyes barely parted open at approximately 3:32 am this morning as I slowly regained full consciousness. The room was pitch dark, except that is, for the few short seconds that my cell phone lit up to give me the time. Almost immediately, it dawned on me that I had transported my office work home on the laptop and my intention last night was to rest for a short while and then get right into completing an assignment, the deadline being tomorrow Friday 28th February 2014.

I quickly rushed to the bathroom to freshen up and right after getting back to my room, I got down on my knees to pray. Believe me, it was the shortest prayer  I’ve prayed in a while. Because, for some reason, the words were just not flowing. Those that did come through my lips, lacked depth and precision. For a while, it made me feel like God was no where near me even though I desperately needed Him to give me some hint that He was.

Romans 12v2

I forgave myself for feeling like I had failed in my prayer life today. I needed His forgiveness too. It was in my asking for it that I felt His presence in me and around me. I got up off my bent knees and my last words to Him were, “Lord, I thank you for your mercy and for your grace.”

So therein you find my struggles. As you can see, the night hours passed as my body gave in to tiredness and my entire being drifted off into the unconscious state called sleep. The work did not get done as I had planned. My body, mind, will, emotions and my spirit were out of alignment with each other. One part knew what it wanted to do, needed to get done while the other parts battled with the other of what really should be done and what the priorities should have been.

Struggling or more like juggling between the office work, running the affairs of your home and having a life of your own personally to enjoy is often not an easy thing for me. It often leads to chaos. I have a choice yes. Work related matters should not be in the home – these things belong at the office. The time at home belong to me. The time for me to unwind, rest and relax, meditate upon God and His word. I had mixed up priorities and suffered the consequences as a result.


Can you identify with anything from this post? What are some of the things that you find yourself struggling with daily that this post has motivated you to end? Leave a comment and share your thoughts below..

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