Bishop Gene Robinson’s Decision To Divorce

Recently retired Bishop Gene Robinson, the first openly gay Anglican bishop has announced his decision to divorce his partner and husband Mark Andrew after being together for 25 plus years. The union dates back as far as 2008 when both entered a civil union and later married in 2010 after New Hampshire legalized same-sex marriage. [CBS reports]

In a post on The Daily Beast explaining his decision, the recently retired IX Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire expressed that he still believes in the importance of marriage.

In this excerpt he said:

As my marriage to Mark ends, I believe him to be one of the kindest, most loyal and generous human beings on earth. There is no way I could ever repay the debt I owe him for standing by me through the challenges of the last decade. I will be forever grateful to him, and as I tell couples in pre-marital counseling, “Marriage is forever, and your relationship will endure – whether positively or negatively – even if the marriage formerly ends.”

He further stated, “It is at least a small comfort to me, as a gay rights and marriage equality advocate, to know that like any marriage, gay and lesbian couples are subject to the same complications and hardships that afflict marriages between heterosexual couples. All of us sincerely intend, when we take our wedding vows, to live up to the ideal of, ’till death do us part.’ But not all of us are able to see this through until death indeed parts us.”

[The Daily Beast]

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1 Comment on Bishop Gene Robinson’s Decision To Divorce

  1. Shame, Shame on Bishop Robinson for his filthy perversions and sin and defilement. This is just some more sin dumped into the world to contaminate it. God help us. Come Jesus, Come.


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