Commentary: Our Kids Are Dying, Are We Doing Enough To Protect Them?

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The loss of a young child is something no parent should ever have to experience, but unfortunately it happens. It is very bad when the death is as a result of illness or perhaps a traffic accident, but far worst when someone knowingly and deliberately take the life of  that child.

It is a very traumatic experience. It is every parent’s worst nightmare.

Today as I browsed though the news again, I could not help but notice that we are facing an epidemic of gun violence on young children, and parents themselves have even resorted to taking the life of their own child in violent and barbaric means.

We are inundated by the reports of these senseless shootings and violent deaths. Like an epidemic, they are sweeping through our nations and sadly, some see it as just routine and are even exhibiting an aloofness and a matter-of-fact attitude towards the whole situation while many on the other hand are left heart broken.

Still the question must be asked, are we doing enough to protect our children?

A sample of the headlines over the past days:

What does the bible say about hurting the children?

No doubt about it, children have a special place in God’s heart. And clearly it is written in Matthew 18:6 (KJV) “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and [that] he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

The perpetrators will not only have their day in court, but they have an appointment with God the righteous judge to whom they must give an account for what they have done to these innocent and helpless victims.

As Christians, our only hope is in God. While we are hurting and no doubt angry, remember vengeance belongs to God. We must continue to pray [it’s our major weapon] and believe God for the victory over the powers of darkness and every diabolical and wickedly planned devices of the enemy.

We can never let our guards down. We owe it to our children to protect them as far as is possible to do so in the physical realm and spiritually through our prayers and the confession of God’s word over our children’s lives. Having done so, rest assured God will take care of the rest.

Editor’s note:

Follow up for part 2 of this post when I will share with you specific prayer points that you can pray and confess over your children’s life in order to better safeguard and to protect them.

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2 Comments on Commentary: Our Kids Are Dying, Are We Doing Enough To Protect Them?

  1. Hi Yvonne,

    Yes indeed, the news nowadays are full of such events that makes your heart miss a beat and one wonders as to how people can be so brutal. One just prays that the Almighty gives them some sense – after all they are just children and we are no one to bring them harm, or anyone for that matter.

    Good to be back after a long break as well. Thanks for sharing this with us – have a nice weekend 🙂

    • Hi Harleena,
      As events such as these happen, we are lost for words. We ask questions why this or why that, yet never really getting the answer. But we know for sure there is a God and He will never give us more than we can bear. While things like these may have been meant by the enemy to weaken us and to cause us to lose faith, we must remain strong and rally as a people through our prayers and before long, change will come.

      I hope you had a wonderful break. Welcome back and know that you were missed.:) Have a great weekend also.

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