The Tongue Has Plenty Power – It Can Kill You!

“The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it ill eat its fruit.” ~ Proverbs 18:21 NIV

Yesterday evening, Saturday May 23rd, 2015 as I stood in the check out line at one of our leading supermarkets on the island, I over heard a very interesting conversation between two gentlemen.

For the purpose of anonymity, I will call them by the names Johnny and John Doe.

Johnny – “John Doe, I goin’ vote for you this election man.” [election slated for June 8th, 2915]

John Doe – “Hey, that’s you man. Long time no see you.

Johnny – “I could say the same too, I saying you must be up Balsum Ghut.” [on the island, Balsum Ghut is where Her Magesty’s Prison is located.]

John Doe – “You see dey now! Boss, tongue got plenty power, it can kill you! How you could say that?” [by then, he was no longer smiling and he actually began to walk away from Johnny

Johnny – “No man, the tongue can’t do you nothin'”

John Doe – “That’s wha you think, boss. Is wha you say out your mouth does kill you.”

Johnny – “Okay, well tomorrow, I goin’ win 1 million dollars. How about that now?” But John Doe kept walking away. His mood was different by then.

Johnny’s response, “You see dat, you playing me man. You don’t want hear I goin’ win 1 million dollars so you gone.”

Now to me, there is a serious side to that conversation, yet one cannot help but find humor in it as well. 🙂


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To begin with, Johnny knew fully well that John Doe is not a candidate for the upcoming elections so there is no way possible that he can cast a vote for him in an election that he is not competing in.

He also knew that even though he may not have seen John Doe for a while he was not in prison. Why? Because here on the island ”everybody’s business is everyone’s shop talk.” It would have been headline news!

He used his mouth to cast negative words and a curse into the atmosphere [death sentence] over John Doe’s life.

In the end, although he apparently got the understanding of what it meant to use his mouth and tongue to speak positive things into other people’s life, instead of correcting his early error by telling John Doe that he wish for him to win 1 million dollars, he wished the 1 million unto himself.

John Doe in turn killed Johnny’s dream of becoming a millionaire, not so much by what he did of walking off on him, but by his unspoken words.

The are a few lessons we can learn from this story

  1. Dreams, hopes and plans come alive when we speak positive things about ourselves and others and have the faith to see it come to fruition
  2. Dreams, hopes and plans die when we speak negative things about ourselves and others.
  3. What we do not want for ourselves, we should never wish it or speak it into the lives of others.

Beyond that, the bible says in James 4:3, “When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with the wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.” (NIV)


Do you think that John Doe did the right thing by walking off on Johnny? If you were in John Doe’s place, what would your response have been?

Do you believe that if John Doe had corrected Johnny from early on that he was not contesting in the upcoming elections that the conversation would have taken a different turn? What other lessons do you believe we can learn from this story and apply to our daily lives?

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Always surround yourself with dreamers and positive thinking people who will let you do everything better than negative thinkers do.

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5 Comments on The Tongue Has Plenty Power – It Can Kill You!

  1. Because we who are in Christ have learned far too well about this simple yet profound subject: Words are spirit and they do have much rule and dominance in the spiritual realm. God created the earth with what he said and we are created in his image and likeness and yes we have the same authority. The Bible speaks all too well about this subject and you can change your life by changing what you say because what you say really matters.

    • Hi Maureen

      Always a pleasure seeing you. Your comment is of great impact and indeed valuable. You made some very good points.

      Everything you have said is truth and comes directly from the word of God. I think many people, Christians especially, underestimate the power that we have. No circumstances is too great to be resolved as long as we stand firm on the salvation of our God and utter the solutions out of our mouth by what we speak. But then again, the words that we speak starts with a thought in our mind and if it is not a good one therein is the problem.

      Have a blessed week. Thanks for stopping by.

      • Renewing the mind to God’s Word is and will always be a lifetime duty and love for all who believe in Jesus is what I’ve learned and still learning each day. I confess each day that “I am an overcomer”; “God loves me and I matter to Him”. Yes they work!!!

  2. Hello Yvonne,

    I am so glad I found this post on my very first visit! Great to share my thoughts in here!

    Well for the topic and if I were on the place of John Doe, I’d do the same thing by walking off from the scene.

    As we know that not everybody who is a dearest friend or a relative, be into the happy mood all the time and then an instant joke or taunt can often lead into heated exchanges of sentences better say “mouth fight” or quarrel.

    For Johnny, he would have met with John Doe without cracking anything bad or a joke but with a smile and a hug. He would have asked about him in a nicely gesture.

    And for John Doe and even Johnny did that, he would be polite enough to make a smile and hug him but wouldn’t had to say anything bad in return to make a bad thing an equal.

    But personally, I beleive leaving the scene without getting further into quarrel is the best thing. Who know if they meet up in furute and become friends or acquaintances like they were used to be?

    Just my thoughts! 🙂

    Thank you for coming up with this, feel so good to contribute!

    See me often!

    ~ Adeel Sami

    • Hi Adeel,

      So good to see you here in the EMB neighborhood. Welcome to my blog and thank you for giving feedback on this post! 🙂

      I appreciate your honesty in how you would have dealt with the situation. I agree with your approach – the peacemaker attitude for sure and I love that. Those who make peace, forgive and work on reconciling differences with others are indeed blessed.

      Walking away was of course the best thing that John Doe could have done, especially I sensed that his feelings were hurt and even more so, that he seemed a little angry with Johnny.

      We will always find people like that in life but the best thing is not to argue with them but try to make peace and forgive. The relationship may never be the same after that but forgiveness would release the perpetrator and the one who’s been hurt can move on and find healing and happiness once again.

      Look forward to seeing you again. Have a great day/week! Cheers! 🙂

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