9 Useful Tips For Motivational Staying Power

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One of the biggest challenges in meeting our goals, is finding the motivation to start the process and then stay with it until we reap the rich and rewarding fruits of our labor.

Ongoing motivation is the key to success, but how do we do it? Let me share what I have learned with you over the many years of personal and business success, big and small accomplishments and forming of new worthwhile goals.


Motivation is what drives you to achieve your goal. That internal voice and force that move you forward. Positive motivation cannot be bought, traded, stolen or borrowed, but if you have it, it can lead to huge person breakthroughs.

How do you get yourself to want to do something? Create goals that are meaningful to you and not someone else. Create goals that will change your life. Create goals that may be for the bigger good of others in your life as well. Let your goals speak to your heart and take it from there.

Then imagine the scenario. You are passionate about it. You feel the enthusiasm and are ready to go. You choose your goal and then…the clock goes off and you have to get up early to get to a morning class, you have to keep feeding the puppy you wanted even though it is a grown up dog now, you have to keep making the right choices on the menu when you go to dinner with your friends and still want to achieve your goal weight, and so I can continue. What now, what next?

Find ways that will inspire you. Keep in mind the picture or vision you had when you started out.

Close your eyes. Imagine the outcome of the goal once it is achieved.

  • What will you see in your mind’s eye?
  • What will you hear when you are there?
  • What might you smell?
  • How will you feel inside?
  • What will you be saying to yourself?
  • How will you be celebrating your success?

Take a moment and create the vision or even better, create a movie with your exceptional outcome and play the main role in your own movie. Experience your movie. Be in it, be there, and be in the moment. Take the time and walk and talk and live your movie. Make it as bright as you can, turn up the volume, the crowd is cheering and congratulate yourself on your achievement.

Useful tips for motivational staying power

1. Single minded, single goal – Many people make the mistake of starting with several ambitious goals at once. It can be draining and can steal your focus from any one particular goal. Choose your most important goal and make it happen!

2. Have a compelling reason for achieving your goal. Know why you want to achieve your goal. What will it mean to you and your loved ones and the people you care most about?

3. Be specific. Outline your goal in very clear terms. It is too vague and uninspiring to only state you want to obtain your diploma or degree. Be very specific. Where will you enroll? Will it be on a full time or part time basis? Think through the options. By when will you complete it? How will you ensure that you that you study sufficiently to achieve the marks you want? How will this help you achieve your dream job?

4. Milestone. Kick off and build momentum by dividing your goal in chunk sizes – milestones. Take your goal and create various milestones between the beginning of the goal and the end (achievement of the goal). If you want to be able to run 5km, start by walking 500m and have a plan to build on your goal and increase your distance, and then your speed, as you progress.

5. Commit publicly. Tell someone about your goal and then, tell even more people. They will be checking on your progress and none of us wants to look back in front of others. Once others know about it, it is hard to back down.

6. Write down. Get a punchy “tag line”. DO you want to run and become fit and complete a marathon? After being very specific and writing down all the detail, choose a punch line that will stir your heart. That will summarise your intention or outcome. That you can use as a short succinct reminder of your ultimate goal. For example, Tony Robbins coined the phrased: I want to be a lean mean running machine. Even repeat these words to yourself as you start running rhythmically on the treadmill or on the road and see how you soar!

7. Create a vision board. Look for pictures in magazines, on-line images and even photos that represent where you want to be. Paste it on a big poster or create an on-line vision board. Use inspiring words and phrases and and look at it often to keep yourself reminded of where you want to be.

8. Celebrate. Take a moment. Look back at the effort and achievement. Pat yourself on the back. Savor the moment and enjoy!

9. Choose your next life changing goal and repeat

Useful Tips For Motivational Staying Power


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  1. Hey Yvonne,

    I always hunt down motivational posts. They get me going and reiterate I am headed in the right direction. Have a single mind, single goal. I understand that now. I knew the theory of it before – but I did not comprehend it. Well that was until I stumbled on what it was I wanted to build.

    I had always been motivated but I did not have the passion to go with it. Once I identify where my passion was – everything changed. It was like the theory then became something I had practiced right throughout my life. It is my movie and I intend to write it by taking charge of the direction.

    When I first started on this blogging journey – every thing was up in arms. No routine, too many things on my to-do list. Now it appears have if everything has settled and I have a steady pace. I am always grateful and do celebrate my victories. When I read a post like this I recognise that the motivation and determination to stay the course is easy because when the passion is found everything falls into place.

    Thank you for an amazing post.


  2. I’ve blogged on this topic more than once and I like yours better! :). Goal setting is huge for me, a key component in my lifelong weight management achievements. Great job!

    • Hi FitCoach

      Welcome to my’s a pleasure having you visit and to give your feedback/review on this post. I’m really glad to hear you enjoyed it. Goal setting is also a key aspect of my life. It is something that can be applied to most things we do on a daily basis and which helps to keep us motivated and on the move.

      Appreciate you stopping by. Have a great day. Cheers! 🙂

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