6 Simplistic Ways You Can Dare ‘To be’ and Have Good Success

Go For It, It's Possible!

Simplistic Ways You Dare To Be!

Deep within each heart is a strong desire ‘to be.’ We all want to be something out of the ordinary or to be someone that is the envy of the neighbor next door.

While that may be true, many are yet to live up to their own expectations.  It’s a situation where you feel trapped in a system that somehow have already drafted you and already established how far in this life you will go.

You know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have a purpose and that you have been called to greatness. Yet you feel inadequate. The fear of the unknown and the fear of failure threaten the birthing of the idea that you can achieve far greater than the ordinary.

That’s why I want you to know that you have control over your destiny and who or what you become. You can be anything that you want to be. Your life is filled with endless possibilities!

“The vast possibilities of our great future will become realities only if we make ourselves responsible for that future.” – Gifford Pinchot

The Desire ‘To Be’ Starts at a Very Young Age

From a very tender age you begin to have those desires of what you want ‘to be’ as an adult.

It could be that while you were a little girl playing doll house with your many different dolls, you wanted to grow up soon so that you can be a mommy.

As a little boy with your fire truck, it could be that in your little mind you envisioned yourself growing up to be a firefighter.

You want to be a doctor. You want to be a lawyer. You want to be a preacher or even a teacher. You want to be a singer, a superstar or you want to be an actor.

You want to be the owner of your own multimillion dollar empire. You want to be a leader in your organization. It is all about what you envision for your future.

I recall in my early days I wanted to be an interior decorator. Although I did not pursue that path, I still have a strong love for interior decorating.

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” – Matthew 19: 26 NIV

The Desire To Be Means That You Quit Procrastinating and Begin to Take Action!

Many persons are dying and they never get to the point where they fulfill their childhood desires. Some have experienced sudden and tragic death, whether at the hands of others or through their own doing when they resort to suicide.

Research has shown that in the United States alone, on an average day 91 persons die from gun violence, this according to the US Centers for Disease Control. Read more here

Around the globe the number is also alarming. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in a statistical report revealed that there were 437,000 intentional homicides around the globe in the year 2012. Read more here and here

It’s really unfortunate that they died and were denied their chance to be. That’s a tragedy

What makes me even sadder though is the alarming rate at which people wander around in life without having a clear sense of direction of what they want to be in life.

Not only do they lack direction, they are without a plan and lack vision, goals, and have no clue what their purpose is. They speak one thing but their actions are completely opposite [negative] to what they are saying and have clearly set themselves on a path to destruction.

Others procrastinate and never take action to do anything with themselves.

6 Simplistic Ways You Can Dare To Be and Have Good Success

6 Simplistic Ways You Dare To Be and Have Good Success

Here are 6 ways that you dare to be. These ways are simple and take little to no resources to practice and adopt in your life so that you have good success:

1.) Dare to be a Dreamer

When was the last time you dreamed of doing something, being more than average or being at a specific place in your life?

When was the last time you had a burning desire about something or have a succession of ideas, thoughts, and images passing through your mind that just would not let you sleep – it keeps you awake day after day?

A dream don’t just come true, you must first have that dream and take action to make sure that what you dream about come to its full manifestation.

Dare to be a dreamer and as J.M. Power once said, If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.”

2.) Dare to be authentic

“I wish you the wisdom to know you’re better than what you’ve settled for…the desire for something greater…and the courage to get it.” – Steve Maraboli

I marveled at that quote by Steve Maraboli because looking around I observe that too many are settling for mediocrity and things that are far below what they are capable of. There are many copy-cats who outwardly, they give the appearance of being genuine and real but beneath the surface unquestionably they are false and cannot be trusted.

When you dare to be authentic, you give yourself permission and the liberty to allow your layers of baggage to fall away. You are able to self-realize, and be open to self-awareness and self-knowledge.

With those critical factors, you also give yourself the freedom to be you without having to feel the pressure to be someone else you were not meant to be. You have the courage to go after your own dream, and for authenticity to arise in you with standards and values that are exceptional and credible.

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3.) Dare to be yourself

I cannot stress enough the importance of being you. It is something that I have written about often times in the past. You get the world to know you and who you are, not as you think you should be or the label someone else has placed upon you.

Of course situations, circumstances and even your past experiences will always try to get in the way of you being who you were created to be in this world.

But you have a purpose that is waiting for you to embrace it so that you can begin to stand out. You were born to be great! You are wired to succeed. Dare to be yourself. Step up to the challenge!

“It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for something you are not.” ~ Andre Gide

4.) Dare to be confident

It doesn’t matter if you are a dreamer, you are authentic and you work towards being you, if you lack confidence it will be extremely difficult for you to be successful in this life.

Almost inevitably, confidence and success go hand in hand. Confidence has to become second nature to you which ultimately allow you to be creative, persistent and passionate about what you do.

You must dare to be confident and believe in your dreams when no one else will believe in them with you. When you dare to be confident it is you telling yourself that nothing is impossible or off limits to you.

You rely on your instincts and your gut feelings by living in the present while having the faith to believe that your future is bright with endless possibilities.

As you pursue this new level of confidence, talk yourself into focusing on your strength and not your weaknesses. Never be afraid to make mistakes along the way, to clam up, or step on other people’s toes. Instead you learn how to communicate in a confident and mature way.

Don’t be afraid of failure and view it as an excuse to quit, but look at failure as a stepping stone to success. Dare to be confident and fearlessly do anything you set your mind to do in order to succeed!

6 Simplistic Ways You Can Dare To Be and Have-Good Success

5.) Dare to be courageous

Nelson Mandela during his lifetime was a very courageous person. He dared to be courageous even in times of great adversity, imprisonment, persecution and where he could have been murdered for his ideology and beliefs.

He gave many speeches while he was on earth and stood out as an anti-apartheid icon of all time. One of his quotes that I love very much says, I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” ~ Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)

In your stance to be courageous, you will lose some things, and you may even lose some friends especially since there will always be folks who will challenge your thoughts, beliefs and your actions.

Being courageous also mean that you cannot and should not rely on your own strength but looking up to draw strength from God Almighty who is the source of it.

Just recently I had a conversation with a friend who shared with me about a relationship she was trying to get out of. The guy is married and is having an extra-marital relationship with her. She said that she really wanted to get out of it because not only does she want to return to God as a Christian but it was something heavy on her conscience.

I sensed in that conversation while she was saying she wanted to get out, she really lacked the courage to make the move in the right direction. Of course I shared with her what the Bible says about such and provided other resources to her with the hope of empowering and encouraging her to do what needed to be done.  At the end of the day however, it will still be up to her to dare to be courageous!

6.) Dare to be committed

Success takes commitment and therefore despite the obstacles that get in your pathway towards climbing to the top of the ladder, you’ve got to stick with it.

Life is not going to always have a smooth path and many times you will question yourself, your desires and your method of achieving.

You will meet those who will try to convince you that it cannot be done one way or the other. They may even try to talk you out of your plans and strategies because in their eyes, they or someone else they know tried and it did not work for them.

But whose report do you believe? Do you get out of the race because you had one mishap or a plan that did not work out the way you had intended or do you persevere in faith until you achieve your goal? The thing is goals take commitment in order for you to achieve them. Peter F. Drucker challenges us to stay committed. According to Drucker,

Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.”

Have a plan. Commit to it. When you commit yourself to anything where you find great conflict, rest assured you are also building for yourself a strong and resilient character.

Don’t be a loser who only makes promises that they themselves break. Instead be a first class winner by keeping the commitments that you make. Have someone to hold you accountable. Dare to be committed and have great success!

Your turn, let’s talk it over in the comment section below

  1. Which aspect of this post resonated with you the most?
  2. Which ‘dare to be’ do you think you need to work right now?
  3. What other ‘dare to be’ would you add to this list that you believe will help someone achieve success in their life?
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6 Comments on 6 Simplistic Ways You Can Dare ‘To be’ and Have Good Success

  1. Hey Yvonne,

    What a wonderful post. I must say I tried many things before I firmly committed to anything. I so wanted whatever I was trying to be the thing that would not allow anything to get in the way. I had seen it in so many others. Each option I took, I gave my everything. Hoping, wishing that this was right for me. Nothing for years. Disappointment, after disappointment.

    Then I stumbled on blogging and nothing gets in the way. The commitment is to myself first and then everyone else. I dare to be committed. I dare to be challenged by myself or from outside world. Either way, I owe both you and me, my expression. I really thought I was one of those give-up people. I swear I held onto the most boring of things, because I so wanted to be a stayer.

    The outcome, I thank the heavens above, I found it and at the right time. When doubt comes in, I’m strong enough to face it. Your number six resonated with me. I dare to be committed. What a great motivator. Thank you.


    P.S – I’m impressed by how you managed the woman you spoke to, who was having the extra marital affair. Using the commitment to yourself and the bible to share and guide. I get strong emotional feelings when I read of someone guiding rather than condemning. I have always tried to take your strength of faith and implement it into my belief system. Admirable indeed.

    • Hello Rachel,

      So good to see you once again. 🙂 I feel so connected, empowered and encouraged by you each time you share with us. I believe that all of us at some point in time kind of ‘wander’ our way around at first, meet with a few disappointments before finally getting our aha moments.

      I am so glad you found it through blogging and that you are committed to it every step of the way. It seems as if it’s your passion and I want to encourage you to pursue it. Write that book – it’s in you. You will be amazed at how many are out there just waiting for you to help them to unlock their blessing.

      Through the many years of my hardship and struggles I have learned not to condemn people. Condemnation to me is the open door that leads to rejection as well. My struggles have taught me that in order to lead people out of their valley you’ve got to meet them right where they are and then lead them. The results of that strategy is astounding. People just want to know that we care and want the best for them. The strategy worked with the young lady.

      Thank you for your participation in the discussion. Have a great day/week. 🙂

  2. Hi Yvonne,

    What an excellent post. You mention people dying, yet they never got to the point where they fulfilled their dreams. That reminds me of what I’ve heard someone saying one day. He said the richest places on earth are found in the worlds cemetries, due to all the unfulilled dreams of those people who never gave expression to their dreams. Sad, but true.

    I think this is the part that resonated most with me and it inspires me to work even harder towards my dreams with renewed energy.

    With regards to the ‘dare to be’ I think I need to work on; I think numbers 3 & 4 are equally important for me to work on. Dare to be myself and be confident in doing so.

    A ‘dare to be’ that I would add, is to believe God. That dream in your heart, I believe it has been placed there by God. And God says, “if I am for you, who can be against you?”. God also says that through Him that strengthens me, I can do all things. So if I make God’s Word the final authority, and I ‘dare to be’ who and what He says I am, success is guarenteed.

    Have a great day.

    • Hi Jaco

      Great contribution and as always you bring value to the community. I have heard that same saying about where the richest place on earth is. Not only do people die without realizing their dreams but think about the many others who never bothered to pass on the mantle to their sons or daughters.

      The bible reminds us in Proverbs 13:22 that a good person leave an inheritance for his/her sons, daughters, grandchildren but the sinners wealth passes to the godly.

      The context of the first part of the verse is saying that the blessing must be handed over to the children before the parents depart life.If that doesn’t take place, then the riches are then laid up in the cemetery. It is very difficult or rather impossible to man to retrieve it then. It becomes possible when we “Dare to believe God”

      Let us be encouraged to continue working hard on the areas that we struggle with.

      Have a great day/week. Blessings! 🙂

  3. Dare to be confident and loving yourself are keys to becoming successful. I battled with those two issues when I was younger, but God has given me the strength and courage to overcome.
    The younger generation is still battling with those also along with low self-esteem while the older folks are struggling with commitment.
    We need to stay focus and be committed to whatever task that God wants us to do. Great post! God bless you.

    • Hi Beverley,

      So good to see you. 🙂 Your contribution is valuable and offers even more insights. God is so amazing and it’s a blessing that He has given you the strength to overcome that you are confident and empowered to love yourself.

      Truth be told, I too struggled with loving myself for many years. I didn’t know or rather understand what it meant to do so. I always looked to others for validation and for their love, hence I made many mistakes along the way trying to get others attention and their approval of me. But today I can say confidently that I have been delivered! My confidence level has increased tremendously and for that I am also grateful.

      You touched on a key issue – that of the younger generation battling with low self-esteem and older folks struggling with commitment. Those are the giants they need us to stand with them and fight. It’s reaching out to them in a way that will point them to the one who can really help them to overcome these struggles. It may take a while but it is something that can be achieved.

      And just as you said, it is also about staying on God’s path and being committed to the tasks He has given us

      Blessings and keep up the good work that you are doing. Have a great weekend. 🙂

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