Lord, Did I Forget To Say Thank You?

I am delighted on this Gratitude Thursday to debut Kalendy M. B. Chiu (KalleyC) as one of the contributors to my blog and to express my heartfelt gratitude to her as she writes…

thankful thursday

Dear Lord,

Did I say forget to say thank you for waking me up this morning?

I’m sorry, I was blind-sighted by the alarm clock and how late I started to run.

Did I forget to say than thank you for the food in my fridge?

I’m sorry, I was busy complaining about not having my favorite yogurt that I completely overlooked my full fridge.

Did I forget to say thank you for spending time with my children?

I’m sorry, I was overwhelmed with the amount of house work that keeps piling up because I never get a moment to start.

Did I forget to say thank you for providing me with work?

I’m sorry, I was busy complaining about my duties and how what I have is not enough.

Did I forget to say thank you for my spouse?

I’m sorry. My mind only focused on everything that they weren’t doing right in my eyes, that I failed to see everything that they did do–was with love.

Did I forget to say thank you for seeing me throughout my day?

I’m sorry, I failed to see how you held my hand in the morning, fed me, gave me the gift of happiness and laughter, providing me with a means to live, and giving me someone to love and to love me in return.


pic KC

Kalley is a writer, thinker, wife, mother and everything rolled into one. She writes about life, family, faith, love and anything else that makes her sane. But most importantly, she writes about her journey to know herself better. You can find out more about her over at Blogging While Nursing Follow on Facebook // Twitter // Pinterest

About Kalley C (7 Articles)
I am a Catholic, a wife, a mother and a woman. Everything rolled into one. I am a writer and thinker. I write about my faith and how it touches on family, life and love.

10 Comments on Lord, Did I Forget To Say Thank You?

  1. Gratitude is certainly something we all need to work on. I do believe that the more we show gratitude for our blessings, the more we will receive.


  2. This post really is a good reminder that I need to stop and be grateful for what I have. Thanks for writing it.


  3. Tonia @ The Sunny Patch // February 14, 2014 at 12:02 pm // Reply

    Beautiful post. A heart of gratitude is such an important thing to cultivate.


  4. I try and do this each morning and night or if something happens during the day that is an extra blessing or made easier. A wonderful post!

    #CommentLove #SITSBlogging


  5. This is beautiful, thanks for sharing the importance of gratitude and recognizing God’s blessings in every moment of our day. Stopping byfrom #SITSBlogging.


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