20 Quotes From Women Leaders On Hillary Clinton’s Run for Presidency


We can all agree on one thing about the US Presedential election 2016 and that is, Hillary Clinton has left her mark in history as being the first woman in the USA to have reached the highest glass ceiling ever of any woman’s dream. She may not have shattered it but we can also agree that she was able to crack it and make it well beyond the mark, further than any woman has ever been able to do on her quest for presidency.

I am even more confident as my belief is that one day the glass ceiling will be shattered and little girls and women of all color, race, ethnic background, religiouis or political party affiliation will realize that the sky is never the limit and regardless of the circumstances, you continue to dream – for one day that dream will become a reality.

Needless to say that women everywhere have been empowered and inspired by her bravery, her courage and tenacity – taking every shot and rocks pelted at her with such grace and for standing tall despite the numerous assalts on her character from every direction one can think of. She may have lost out on becoming the first woman President of the USA but life goes on.

Many have voiced their opinion and in this post, I just want to share with you quotes from women leaders on their thoughts about Hillary’s historic status:

1.) “Clinton’s candidacy confirms the art of dreaming.” ~Uzo Aduba

2.) “I supported and celebrated Hillary Clinton as a presedential candidate not only because she is a female human being, but because she stood for the right of all women in the world.” ~Gloria Steinem

3.) “I think most will agree that Hillary Clinton has already succeeded. Hillary has cracked the glass ceiling. She may not have broken it, but she has paved the wayfor the little girl who will one day soar through it.” ~Hana Ali

4.) “Women and young girls will not be discouraged by today’s results. We will continue our country-old fight for our proper seat at the table.” ~ Janet Murguia

5.) “Making history is not an easy responsibility, it’s a constant challenge and when you truly believe in the cause, you never walk away from the fight.” ~Billy Jean King

6.) “The most important challenge in life is our ability to compassionately imagine the lives of others – all the ways their struggles and joys are different from our own.” Jennifer Finney Boylan

7.) “I salute you, Secretary Clinton for becoming the first woman to be one of the major parties nominee for President. You have broken a glass ceiling that desperately needed shattering and it is my hope that as a result many women will show the country what a difference a woman can make.” ~Christie Todd Whitman

8.) “Role models are hugely important, particularly in industries like tech where women are so vastly underestimated.” ~Reshma Saujani

9.) “As an adult orphan, I witnessed the first woman run for the most powerful office in the world with dignity and class as she fought the forces of bigotry, ageism, intolerance, rancor, untruths, and wanton sexism.” ~Judy Gold

10.) “The candidacy of a woman revealed how sexist we still are. We will have to work hard to change the deep prejudices against women, but at least they will be out in the open for the first time.” ~Erica Jong

11.) “No matter our political views, the achievement of Hillary Rodham Clinton have set a new standard, both symbolically and literally, for the heights to which women can rise.” ~ Dr. Paula A. Johnson

12.) “Despite the outcome, Hillary Clinton won the nomination and has had such an incredible fight to the finish. It speaks volumes about the power of women and our innate ability to nurture, to lead, to love, and to last.” ~Debbie Allen

13.) “Today, we have suffered a great wound. Not just as women but as Americans. However, the legacy of Hillary Clinton, along with her unparalleled accomplishment of being the first woman to receive her party’s nomination for President of the United States, shall forever remain a powerful symbol of hope for women, young and old, everywhere.” ~ Carrie Keagan

14.) “The movement for gender parity in leadership has just become more important than ever.” ~Gloria Feld

15.) “This campaign has been a reminder that women have to support each other in the face of sexism and prejudice and that when we share our strength with each other, anything is possible.” ~ Grace Bonney

16.) “It’s time to join the ranks of other countries who have entrusted women to lead.” ~Lynsey Addario

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