Power Up Your Day – 26 Awesome Facts On Gratitude

Power Up Your Day

These facts on gratitude are taken from EMB’s blog archive and are simple reminders and principles that I do my best to follow and adhere to. They are remarkable and will power up your day to live in the realm of happiness, optimism, peace and without a doubt, increased blessings.

1.) We must realize that God is the source of all goodness and the more we give thanks to Him, the deeper our love and appreciation grows for Him and all that we have or have hopes of getting.

2.) The practice of gratitude in marriage bring about a stronger bond and raises the positivity ratio to a far higher level than if one is not grateful.

Taken from: Gratitude Begins Where The Feeling Of Entitlement Ends, EMB, May 22nd, 2015

3.) The thought of gratitude being described as a real treasure to find is exceptional! There is a reason that God says in everything we are to give thanks, even when we are at out worst and is having a hard day.

4.) Gratitude has the ability to transform a simple ordinary day into a harvest of thanksgiving. A routine day’s job can be turned into one of joy and an ordinary opportunity can turn out to be your greatest blessings.

5.) Learning the art of gratitude and applying that healthy habit is not that easy for everyone. But having a mindfulness about gratitude each day will definitely allow for optimism to increase by you giving thanks every time a negative thought pops up into your mind.

6.) A mind focused daily on gratitude sees significance in everything and takes nothing for granted.

Power Up Your Day - 26 Awesome Facts About Gratitude

7.) What makes the difference between a privilege and entitlement is gratitude. None of us are entitled. The idea is to practice humility alongside gratitude and remember that whatever we have, or the opportunities that present themselves to us are considered privilege.

Taken from: 10 Amazing Facts About Gratitude That Will Change Your Life, EMB, August 8th, 2015

8.) Share with children each day the things you are grateful for. Help them to understand that it is not the size of the gift or the good fortune that matters, it is the thought that counts the most.

Taken from: Gratitude: The Importance Of Teaching Children The Value Of It, April 11th, 2015

9.) Gratitude sees what is good and right with the world and usually find something meaningful in nothing. [The] leaders who see their followers through the lens of gratitude will always see the untapped potential in people and inspire them to achieve what others think is impossible.

10.) Having an attitude of gratitude can help to balance out the negative effects of the challenges and stresses. Gratitude also lead to optimism, better perception and improved health. it is about the little things as well as the big things.

11.) Being grateful not only enriches our lives with appreciation and joy for the present, but by appreciating what we have and who we are today, will enable us to see new opportunities moving forward.

From post: Ways In Which Gratitude Can Transform Your Leadership And Influence, November 23rd, 2014

Awesome Facts About Gratitude - Empowerment Moments Blog

12.) Of all the attitudes we can acquire, the attitude of gratitude is the most important and by far the most life changing.

13.) Life is the most precious and valuable gift. It should never be taken for granted and it is something to always be grateful for each day.

14.) It is part of our human nature to constantly look for and desire more than or better than what we have. However let’s not forget to give thanks to God for what He has already blessed us with and to take the uttermost care of them.

Taken from: 7 Ways Gratitude Changed My Life [And Can Change Yours Too] August 4th 2014

15.) Be grateful for your life each day and breathe with awareness. Give thanks to our Creator for giving [us] life and for allowing us to breathe consciously.

16.) The practice of gratitude builds blocks so that the resultant mindset begins to generate optimism, hope and peace.

17.) Not only should we give thanks in the situation in which we find ourselves, it is better to gently embrace our emotions rather than resist them. Only then can we begin to feel more at ease within ourselves.

Taken from: 6 Habits Of Gratitude That Build Inner Peace, EMB, October 4th, 2014

Power Up Your Day With 26 Awesome Facts On Gratitude

18.) When you practice saying thank you, you not only gain the respect of others, but there is a sense of respect that you yourself have towards others. There is a level of exuberance that flows which causes everyone around you to sparkle with enthusiasm and gratitude for life.

19.) Where there is gratitude and respect, there is community and people are happier with themselves and more content with what they have. There is love and laughter. It’s a bond that keeps a family together.

20.) Successful people practice gratitude. Gratitude becomes the staple that they cannot live without. It may not be a drug, but it is worth the while to invest your time and energy in the habit of living a life of gratitude.

21.) Gratitude attracts respect! The more you say thank you for what you already have, the more respect people have for you, and the more success lives at your doorsteps.

Taken from: Gratitude Attracts Respect, EMB, April 10th, 2014

22.) Gratitude goes beyond words – it is very powerful when expressed through actions by some kind deed we do for another human being.

23.) Gratitude goes beyond race, color, culture, education, ethnicity, government and political affiliation. And while it is a conditioning of the mind, is a miracle that allows you to see God through every person you encounter.

Power Up Your Day - Facts On Gratitude

24.) The smile on your face, the smile of a child infects the universe with a spirit of gratitude and reminds us of the outpouring of God’s grace upon us in the earth each day.

Taken from: 9 Uplifting Gratitude Quotes To Live By, EMB, March 20th, 2014

25.) Gratitude must be viewed as an expression of quality, rather than an everyday cliche’

26.) A lifestyle of gratitude allows us to give thanks more for the things we already have, as opposed to believing and thanking God in advance for the things that we do not yet have.

Taken from: Gratitude Is An Expression Of Quality And An Improvement To Life, EMB, March 13th, 2014

Final Thoughts

We all have a free will and the power to make choices in life whether they be good or bad. The more I think about gratitude and the awesome benefits that comes with living a life giving thanks daily, the more I am convinced that living a life of gratitude is a choice that is worth making.

Give thanks not just for the big things but the little things that you have. Never take anything for granted. Give thanks unto God for He is the giver of every good and perfect gift. Give thanks for it is God’s will for you.

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These 26 awesome gratitude facts are excerpts from various posts on EMB. Gratitude is both an expression and an experience, the combination of which brings happiness and peace in one’s life. Check out all our posts on gratitude here


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  1. The soul is dyed the colour of its thoughts. You have helped me to have better quality thoughts today. Thank you!

  2. Hey Yvonne,

    Like is full of surprises but if you show the gratitude then the life would be more happy. The relationships would be stronger.

    We all should thank the God for giving such a wonderful life. You have mentioned some great points here.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Have a great day.

    • Hi Ravi

      Pleasure as always when you stop by and actively participate in the discussion. I am with you that life is full of surprises – it’s what I often call the trials and temptations and things that come to steal our joy and peace.

      But key to overcoming or rather to get through life a lot easier is to maintain an attitude of gratitude. It is not so much what happens to us but how we respond to the various challenges we face.

      Life was meant to be enjoyed and to live it abundantly. Yes we must thank God for giving us a great life. Have a wonderful day. Cheers! 🙂

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