Nugget of Wisdom – The True Essence Of Who You Are

“No matter how painful your experiences were in times past, the true essence of who you are cannot be harmed.” 

Many of us have gone through a lot of painful past experiences. At the time they occurred we may not have fully understand why or even what those things were all about but still somehow learned to trust the process. In hindsight, the pain was the birthing of our spirit to reveal itself and to become the masterpiece we were designed to be.

There will always be an occasion in life where you experience pain, hurt and disappointment but the good news is, the essence of your true character cannot be harmed.

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About Yvonne I. Wilson (774 Articles)
Yvonne is a positive thinker, a catalyst for change, and a conduit through which holistic healing takes place and destiny is fulfilled. Her ministry through her blog, Empowerment Moments, came at a very low point in her life and was born out of much adversity, persecution, physical abuses, and rejection to the point of her being suicidal. She was left feeling defeated and shrunk back by fear. But through some miraculous means, God has given her pain purpose and a unique voice through which He speaks to touch the untouchable, to reach the unreachable and to empower, inspire, motivate, encourage and uplift the hurting and spiritually wounded to bring about healing and wholeness - mind, body, soul and spirit, one person at a time.

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