When God Arise….

When God arise, He can either arise to kill or to save. His action will be determined by Him and He alone appoints and chooses the time in which He does so. God renders mercy and by the same token He executes judgement. Proverbs 16:7 says, “When a man’s ways please the Lord, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.” It seems to suggest then that it is your relationship with God, and the decisions that you take each day of your life that would determine God’s action concerning you. 

Whatever a man does, it is first preceded by his own thought and the origin of the thought is directly related to the master in control of the thought process at that particular given time. Therefore, in every decision a man takes, God being a just God will test you to prove your loyalty and your faithfulness to whom you have chosen to serve. If a man choose to take side with the Devil, [sin] same way he must be tested to prove his faithfulness to the Devil. Why? James says, “Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man.” [James 1:13] 
It is on the basis of the foregoing that I am led to believe that the Christian life can be a struggle, and it is a constant warfare as we see how the flesh battles with the spirit everyday. Unless we begin to see it as such, and learn, then practice the techniques of overcoming the mastermind behind the thought processes that leads to sin and eventual death, then we are going to live a life of defeat. Far too often the child of God can allow Satan to bluff, bluster, and coerce him into submission and defeat when God Jesus already arose on our behalf to kill and destroy the power of the enemy of our souls! 
As I searched the scriptures in preparation for this article, I was led to a very peculiar case that involved two specific men, in the persons of Uzziah and Isaiah. It began with the death of the king Uzziah who sadly, died in a leprous state in an hospital. [Isaiah 6:1] As I researched the matter further, I realized how Uzziah, who became king at a very tender age of sixteen years, [2 Chron.26:1-3] and once he remained humble and did right by God, had the favour of God, [2 Chron. 26: 4-7] But then he fell into temptation and sin. He became lifted in pride and idolatry, and destruction would soon visit him as the outcome for betraying the trust placed in him and for transgressing against the Lord. [2 Chron.26:16] 
A careful note of caution, is that pride would lead many to look for answers in the wrong places and would even lead people to consult and take instructions from other gods other than the true living God. [Isaiah 8:19; 1 Sam.28: 8] And within the context of this message, if one is not careful, pride can become a Uzziah in your life. It has the tendency to act as though you cannot live without it, or can do nothing without it. Its’ words are enticing on the one hand and on the other, it speaks doom and gloom to your life. That Uzziah can lead you, if allowed, to look to kingdom systems of the world for answers to problems rather than putting all your trust in God and the economy of God’s Kingdom where God supplies all of your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. 
It was not until Uzziah died that Isaiah saw the vision of the glory of God upon the throne. I believe that God purposely presented Himself to Isaiah in that way at a time in his life called pre-commission, when quite frankly Isaiah himself was not in a much different state to that of Uzziah. For by his own admission of guilt, he says, “Woe is me!” He further described himself as a man undone; a man of unclean lips who dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips.[Isaiah 6: 5]
But the message of hope that I present to you today is that, if you be willing and obedient to humble yourself before God, then God will arise on your behalf in mercy and compassion and breathe His life giving breath into you again.[Isaiah 6:7-8]
When God arise, He arise to save or to kill! When God arise, all the evil wall of hindrances in your life shall not stand but fall. When God arise, there will be deliverance for his people and the enemies will be pursued. When God arise for your sake, your enemies will be defeated. When God arise, even the worst of sinners shall be saved! When God arise for your sake, every destiny altering spirits and the alters housing your destinies will be uprooted and burnt by fire. When God arise, every evil foundation will be demolished and the plans of God for your life would be made manifest. 
Anywhere the Lord arise, there will always be mercy for His people and judgement will fall upon all of His enemies. Whether you win or you loose the battle of life that you may be facing today, depends on the power that is backing you up! 
If you have made that choice today to be on the side of power from above, please join me in prayer for you today.

God bless you abundantly and may He empower you to live your life victoriously!
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