Your Make or Break Moment and the 5 Key Indicators That You Are On The Verge Of A Comeback

We’ve all had one of those moments in life when one single decision was all that it took and we were brought to that make or break moment. You got the email or the telephone call that said, hey, you got the contract – signed, sealed, delivered, it’s yours or, on the other hand, a business deal that just went terribly wrong and you lost out on a fantastic offer. Maybe one of those moments when he/she fell more deeply in love with you and wanted to get closer or he/she was no longer attracted to you and considered leaving you. 
How about when folks suddenly start acting differently with you even though you know deep within your heart you handled the situation extremely well – going by the rules, dotting all the ‘i’s’ and crossing all the ‘t’s’ and saying all of the right words. 

What kind of service or experience did your customers have today? Maybe the majority walked away extremely satisfied because of the excellent service you gave or, were they completely turned off and vowed never to return your way again. 
Your business partner summon you to an emergency meeting and the reason he called you was to say to you, you have been promoted to one of the company’s top executive positions or was it that what he said fell upon you like a ton of bricks by these words, “you’re fired!” Going through such an ordeal right now perhaps? Is it really a good or bad experience for you or anyone else to have? Why me? The answer might surprise you.

Who says you deserve what you got?

As awful as it may feel, there is absolutely nothing wrong with what you are experiencing and what I call an emotional meltdown. Matter of fact, it’s good to have  meltdowns like those every once in a while. It is essential to your personal development and for the process in your life to move forward. You do not deserve what you got, but the great news is, you had an experience. 
It is experiences such as these that points you to your inner beauty, the potential for greater things and the evidence of your courage and confidence to begin connecting  and getting down to earth with the real you. 
While we don’t always get what we want, we get unforgettable experiences and historical moments that we can always use as a reference point of something to compare it to. Through our experiences we also discover the greatest teacher in our lifetime. It causes us to re-think our strategies and to shift the game plan from loosing to winning.

Finding The Key Indicators

God’s word as read in the bible gives the glorious hope of the great calling as His children and heirs to the promise: “to whom God made known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery….which is Christ in you the hope of glory. (Colossians 1:27) To whom then can we attribute our comeback? The answer, Christ the hope of glory and all our rejoicing. 
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  1. The CALLING of our hope is that Christ Himself is the only foundation, the gospel being revealed with the hidden truths, declaring to us the nature and the methods of obtaining this great phenomenon. (mystery, treasure)
  2. The JOY in the hope we have is that things will get better for us regardless – our faith will not fail, not according to Luke 22:31-32. Satan desires to have us that he might sift us as wheat and that all the more through the weapons of his own choosing persecute us. But such the bible says will not prosper. (Isaiah 54:17)
  3. The STRENGTH of our blessed hope is that we have the treasure in our earthen vessel called the Holy Ghost. We can be assured of  the promised power and strength that comes from God Himself. (2 Corinthians 4:7; Acts 1:8) 
  4. The WITNESS of our hope of glory is that what the enemy meant for evil through whatever bad experience we may have had, at the appointed time, God will turn it around and work it in our favour. (best ever comeback)
  5. The EVIDENCE of our hope of things turning in our favour, is that Jesus already overcame darkness, sin and death to give unto us the victory. At the utterance of His final words, ‘It is finished” the power of darkness was silenced forever and our victory was announced. 

Making your best ever comeback

The scenes of life will constantly change. There will be empty optimism as a result of broken promises. Life will continue to have twists and turns, ups and downs but that is not to say because of one bad experience, you should remain at the curb. Make it a declaration of intent, you are going to make your best comeback! 
The harsh reality is that not everyone is going to like what you have to offer. It’s a known fact that you will not be able to please everyone all of the times. But those that you can, be sure to leave a lasting impression upon them and make their experience with you and you with them, an indelible mark in history, more so, a lasting legacy.

Let’s talk about it:

What are your thoughts? Have you ever had an emotional meltdown experience that left you feeling hopeless and even doubtful that things will change for the better for you? 
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4 Comments on Your Make or Break Moment and the 5 Key Indicators That You Are On The Verge Of A Comeback

  1. Hi Janelle:
    Thank you. We will be mindful to give God all the glory that is due to His name. Continue to be encouraged. God bless you!

  2. I so agree with the previous comment that this is an excellent post! It grabbed my attention immediately – just by the title alone and almost immediately after I began to read it, I knew this word was for me. Just yesterday, my experience was one where a trusted person suddenly began acting funny with me and it bothered me why so much that I found it difficult to function on my job. I got clarity today once I read this article. Keep up the good work that you are doing. God bless you!

  3. Hi MzLolaBabs:
    Firstly thank you for taking the time out to visit my blog. I am happy that you were ministered to and blessed by the contents of this article that helped you to win today's battle. I've had my own share of troubles and like yourself have had first hand experience with God's power to deliver and help me to overcome by my faith. Continue to stay strong. You are definitely not alone! The battle belongs to the Lord and sure enough, He will fight it for you to the very end! Just remember, you are already the winner!!!!

  4. Excellent post that spoke directly to my heart! I recently experienced a disappointing, quite public break up, and it's been a daily battle to continue keep my faith and not lose hope. This post has definitely helped me to win today's battle! Thank you, and God bless you. Will come back for me!

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