The Week That Was Series 10 – A Lesson Learned On Being First Class

On ‘A Minute With Maxwell’ for yesterday June 28th 2013, the challenge word for the day was “First Class” In the short inspirational video message, John Maxwell said these words, “You want to be first class, you got to do first class…don’t just expect that you get a ride in the first class of life, do something that earns you first class. It’s not an entitlement, it’s not something that you are entitled to be or to do, it’s something that you earn.”

So my question, is first class really for everyone? Are most people willing to do what it takes so that they can earn that spot in the first class of life?

This concept for me is not one where you go to some event and because you have the money, you bought your way into a first class seat while everyone else sat in couch. It is not like the frequent flyer programs, when you flew first class because you purchased a ticket first hand for hundreds of dollars.

The concept of first class holds true to form when you can confidently say that you flew thousands of miles overtime, and when opportunity presented itself you were upgraded to first class position. What is the difference? You earn first class by your patronage so that when the upgrade do come, you are treated special. You get what I like to call ‘exceptional service.’ You did not buy it, you earned it.

Things you can do to earn first class

  • Do something you’ve never done before
  • Don’t be afraid to take risks and to step outside the box of your comfort zone
  • Run the race with patience while you stay in your lane of assignment so that you may earn the prize
  • Reach out to people you would not ordinarily have done
  • Value people and what they are doing to make a positive impact in the lives of others
  • Esteem others more than you do yourself and when yo do, someone else will elevate you into first class position
  • Don’t just tell others that you care about them or that they matter to you, but do something to show them
  • Keep away from the dead end street called ‘pride’ and stay on the highway called ‘humility.’
  • Treat each other with love and respect – love covers a multitude of faults and positions you for a first class one way ticket to heaven.

To be first class then and to get into first class position, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Sometimes the fruits are not visible right away but if you persevere then one day, your hopes and dreams will become reality.

Blogs, bloggers and tweets that fits the title of first class

In one of his blog posts this week entitled, “Security Comes From Who You Are, Not What You Have” Barry Smith had this to say, “Life happens and we all know that what we have can disappear overnight. So where do we really find security? I believe we find it within. True security comes from knowing that outward circumstances will not control the world you live in.”

This statement was a quick grabber for me simply because, it showed me how important it is to find security from within as the one you are and were created to be and not from the tangible possessions you have garnered to yourself over the years. They are material things that have little or no value at the end of the day and do not get you to being first class.

This thesis is further supported in the synoptic gospel according to Luke 12:15 that says, “Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.” (NIV)

In other words, your earthly possessions cannot give your life worth and ultimate value. No matter the number of property, businesses, diamond, gold, silver, jobs, vehicles that you may have, it is NOT your true value nor does it give the right thought towards the condition of your soul. So be on your guard against greed and earn yourself first class by doing a first class deed to help the poor, the needy and those that are less fortunate in the world around you today to lift them out of poverty.

Bloggers and tweets

I am grateful, more like fortunate to be connected to some wonderful people from different parts of life through the internet and social media. They are ordinary people, but with an extra-ordinary mission who by their work, their blog/s and what they blog about continue to impact the lives of many others around the world. That for me makes them special and have earned them the title and honor as first class. Today, I decided to select the ones that really stood out for me this week:

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Your turn…

What can you add to the list of things to do in order to be first class? Do you believe that first class is really for everyone? Why, why not?
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  1. Thank you Barry for your generosity and for the vote of confidence. It is really a blessing to be connected to you in this way. Have a great week ahead. Blessings!

  2. Hi Janelle, love this addition to the conversation and you are so right about the point you've made. Well taken! Have a fantastic weekend/weak ahead!

  3. Thanks for the recognition Yvonne and for a great post. I love your list on ideas on how to become first class. As far as I am concerned you have definitely achieved the rank. Well done!

  4. Truth and integrity are fundamental to a man's character. To earn the title of being first class, one must have them They may not be action verb but are pillars/foundation upon which everything that one does will rest.

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