The Week That Was Series 14 – A Moment Of Reflection And Relaxation

This picture was captured at the end of my work day/work week yesterday evening as I sat in my car inhaling the oceanic breathtaking view on Wicham’s Cay. It’s a very popular spot here on the island of Tortola, Virgin Islands. During the weekday, many persons, myself included, would come here during the lunch hour to relax while we also feed our hungry appetites before rushing back to the office routine. Others come here and use their time for meditation, reflection and just simple relaxation. Some to read.

It is my understanding that even lovers have also found it to be their special secret place as they bask in the sunset and the darkness of the night. The large sea gulls, they too hang out there – after all, it’s a part of their natural habitat. They chirp loudly. They dance their way around on the rocks as if they understand they have us as their audience. They take an occasional dip into nature’s over sized bath tub and they even come close enough and wait patiently to get their share of your meal – amazing isn’t it?

So this past week being as mentally challenged and hectic as it was, it was really an exciting moment when the thought occurred to me, to come to this favorite place of so many us and just spend a moment to reflect, unwind and to relax.

The sound of the small waves  as they brushed up against the rocks was truly a liberating moment. I felt the cares of life draining from me and then washed away into the ocean. I looked up at the heaven and saw how the glory of God was being declared. The coconut and palm trees waved their branches as if in honour and praise unto God.

The sea gulls themselves made beautiful company as I watched them compete in the race to see who would get the first bit of chicken that I sent their way. It caused me to reflect on this – they have no cares, no worries, yet they are well taken care of and provided for. How much more then shall our heavenly Father prepare and provide for us who are far more significant and important to Him? Who am I and what is man that he (God) should be mindful of us who He has made us a little love than the angels?

The peace of God surrounded me and resonated within me. Apart from the occasional bird chirping, the place was peaceful. No hate. No anger. No malice and confusion, just peaceful. The lines of cars spanned along the entire stretch, each with their own occupants. I even saw a little baby being playfully held up high in his/her father’s hands, while the other rode around on his tricycle. Blissful!

It was a time well spent. This quote says it all –

“The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.” ~ Neil Gaiman

What about you? Do you have a favourite place you go to when you feel the need to unwind, reflect and relax? I would love to hear your thoughts…
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