The Story Of How 5 Preachers Were Kicked Out Of Atlanta’s ‘Magic City’ Strip Club

Wherever possible, this blog will bring to you Christian related news of interest, news on religion and the difficulties and issues faced with modern day evangelicals and modern day evangelism. Christ commanded the church – pastors, ministers, members of the body of Christ, and all who believe to “Go into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, but he that believeth not shall be damned.” [condemned] Mark 16:15-16

It has been recorded in scriptures how Christ hung out with sinners. It was a huge part of His ministry. He declared it Himself, “I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” (Luke 5:32) It was His strategy I believe to reach out to those who were lost, rejected and cast aside as outcasts to show them a better way of living that He had planned for their lives, if only they would believe and follow after Him. The evidence is there in scriptures to prove He was successful. The blind was made to see, the deaf made to hear, the dumb was made to speak and the lame was made to walk again.

We as Christ’s disciples and followers have been charged with a responsibility, and empowered by Him to continue His work through the ‘Great Commission” as found in Matthew 28: 16-20. He has given His grace, His authority, His Spirit and His anointing to do so and with the assignment, it’s for each one of us to seek Him to know our scope, our region, our sphere and area into which that grace etc will carry us. Conversely, knowing you and I have been given the grace to do what we’ve been called to do, He also said, “If people do not welcome you, shake the dust off your feet when you leave their town, as a testimony against them.” (Luke 9:5 NIV)

So with all that being said, which I believe clarity was necessary, here is a story EMB obtained through of how 5 Preachers were kicked out of Atlanta’s ‘Magic City’ strip club.

[5 Preachers from the Atlanta area say they were kicked out Saturday night from the renowned Atlanta city night spot, “Magic City,” after attempting to pass out biblical materials to customers.

Rev. Miller Kingston, who is originally from Tampa, Florida said, “When I relocated here, I couldn’t believe how many preachers frequently visit strip clubs for pleasure.”

Rev. Kingston is known throughout the Tampa, Florida area as the “Stripper preacher” because he visits area strip clubs frequently passing out biblical material to whoever is receptive.

He claims he wanted to bring his same habits from Tampa to Atlanta because no one else is ministering the area strip clubs.

However, Saturday night, his reputation as the “stripper preacher” from Tampa didn’t get him far with Atlanta’s popular nightspot, ‘Magic City.’

Rev. Kingston claims he paid admission like everyone else and did nothing to draw attention to himself. In fact, he claims he “dressed down” from the usual Sunday service attire to fit-in better with the crowd.

He claims when security heard about his methods of evangelizing in their club, they immediately surrounded him aggressively and demanded he leave immediately. He informed security he did nothing illegal and paid admission to attend until closing. He says security again demanded he leave immediately and would not allow him to go any further into the club. Rev. Kingston claims he informed security there were 4 other ministers in the club also, he said security laughed and told him if they do not leave immediately they would be charged with trespassing.

Rev. Kingston said he left but not before leaving his 1000 Jesus flyers in the men’s room.

Rev. Kingston says he will not stop evangelizing in strip clubs and plans to attend 4 this upcoming weekend in Atlanta.]

Your turn….

What are your thoughts on this? Did it help to clear up any grey areas that you may have had as it relates to your assignment? What is your area of ministry that you’ve been called to by God but is afraid to pursue it for fear of rejection and persecution? What type of difficulties have you encountered thus far as you evangelize to the lost souls?

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4 Comments on The Story Of How 5 Preachers Were Kicked Out Of Atlanta’s ‘Magic City’ Strip Club

  1. Hi Ava, that's what I thought initially when I came across this story but God used it (a) as a reminder of His word and (b) to help me to see that area of ministry from His perspective, one which I had not thought about in recent times. He says the harvest is ripe and plentiful but the labourers are few. So many He says are still ministering to those already saved when there are so many lost and dying souls out there.
    Blessings and have a great day!

  2. Hi Kalley, surprisingly, those preachers are not the only ones who have such an unusual call in the ministry. Just recently, I read on another blog of a Pastor's wife who wrote about her unusual call in the ministry to go and minister in an area to the many women who are there into prostitution, drugs etc. God called, she obeyed and even have the full support of her husband to do so.

    Have a wonderful day my friend!

  3. This preacher was brave to head into the lion's den. But he was right for doing it.

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