Know Your Personality Type And, To Thine Own Self Be True

Quite recently, to be exact, October 29th – 30th 2013, I attended a Leadership & Management Development Training. I was quite fascinated with the training and what it entailed as I was about to be refreshed once again with the MBTI or ‘Myers-Briggs Type Indicator’ instrument and about my own personality type. Before I reveal to the world what my results were, I would say it did not really surprise me as much as it made me a bit uncomfortable in my skin to share with others the not so positive things that were revealed.

I had my reservations about sharing. I doubted whether or not anyone would care about this. Perhaps it was not such a big deal after all what my personality type or strong preference turned out to be.

With the test though, I had a first hand encounter with my own self. The real me! The beautiful person on the inside and the not so beautiful person cloaked inside this flesh. I could take it being in my own world, in the solitary confines of my bedroom or any quiet place for that matter, but certainly not the crowd and the ‘madness’ and loudness that the world often brings. I often do not feel like I fit in or I belong! I tend to feel like the outcast at other times, even the one others tend to pick on as the ‘scapegoat.’

Some weeks ago too, my eldest daughter went so far as to refer to me as having obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) traits! Really? To have that said about me was a real shocker and an eye opener. It was time to do some self-introspection. Could that be really true?

But doing the test MBTI again, everything is making sense. It’s a scary process, but one that I love since I am getting to really know me and why I often think and behave the way that I do. It’s a lot about discovering self, and finding creative and authentic ways to be true to thine own self. To love me unconditionally first before I can love others. One is capable of loving another by the same proportion that is equal to how much he/she love himself or herself.

It is just like Viktor E. Frankl says, “Love is the only way to grasp another human being in the innermost core of his personality.” 

My objective in sharing however is not to give you a lesson in the MBTI and all the 16 different types there are because there are lots of Websites that will do that for you. My sharing is to bring a greater awareness and to have a better appreciation first for yourself and then for others. If only we understood ourselves and each other better, no doubt society and the world at large would be a better place to live in. So briefly what is the MBTI?

Definition of MBTI

The Meyers-Briggs Testing Instrument is a personality test used thousands of times worldwide by counselors, coaches, psychologists and management consultants to help individuals and organizations understand themselves better. The MBTI places persons into 16 ‘Types,’ based on the different combination of 4 pairs of letters.


The four pairs of letters from which the 16 personality types originate from are as follows. Don’t get stuck on the single-word name that goes with each type, the brief explanation is more important.

  • I/E: Introvert/Extravert: Where do you get your energy? From people and activity or from solitude? Introverts focus internally for their energy and inspiration. Extraverts focus outward. 75% of the public are E
  • N/S: iNtuitive/Sensing: How do you gather information? Sensing people look at things happening in the present; intuitives project to the future. 75% of the general public are S
  • F/T: Feeling/Thinking: How do you make decisions? Feelers rely on their values and subjective view; thinkers use logic and objective analysis. The general public is split 50/50
  • P/J: Perceiving/Judging: How do you like things to be? Perceivers like to keep options open; judgers like things to be planned out. The general public is split 50/50
From these 4 two-letter choices comes the 16 four-letter ‘Types,’ ISTJ, ISTP, ESTP, ESTJ so on and so forth. My own type is an ISTJ  personality (Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, Judging) 
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Some of the hallmarks of ISTJs
Quite frankly, I am still internalizing and getting to understand the result of my test in an in-depth fashion. Aside from that though, ISTJs are thorough and responsible administrators. They are faithful, logical, organized and sensible. Typically, reserved and serious individuals who are well guarded and regulated in their lives. They are strongly linked to the compulsive personality.  [Do you recall that OCD mention earlier?]
They remember and use facts and want things clearly and logically stated. They are thorough, systematic, hard working, careful with particulars and procedures. When they see something needs to be done, they accept the responsibility. They lend stability to projects and persevere in the face of adversity. They are dependable and follow through with things in a careful, methodical, and timely manner. They bring painstaking detail to their work and do not rest until a concept is fully learned or a job is well completed.
Despite their dependability and good intentions, ISTJs can experience difficulty in understanding and responding to the emotional needs of others. They hold a tremendous store of data within themselves, gathered through their Sensing function. Most comfortable working alone and tend to be less sociable than other types.
They may have difficulty valuing a theory or idea that differs from their own perspective. They have a tendency to repress extroverted intuition function, meaning they sometimes resist change and view ingenuity with skepticism. They resist putting energy into things that don’t make sense to them, or for which they can’t see a practical application. They have little use for theory or abstract thinking. In preference, ISTJs are very passionate and intimate, especially when it comes to the relationship with their significant other. The flip side of this last bit is going to the other extreme when things do not go their way.
For more on ISTJs HERE. Get a short online version of the MBTI test at no charge HERE
Additional resources: The Myers-Briggs Foundation, CAPT.
Like this article? Have any comments? What about you, do you already know your personality ‘Type and wish to share with others?’ Where to go from here? Find out your personality ‘Type,’ and to thine own self be true!
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  1. Hi Janelle
    Happy to know that this post brought awareness to you. Thanks for your continued support and encouragement. God bless you!

  2. Thanks EMB for this enlightening post and for the level of transparency you demonstrate each time through your blog. It brings the blog to life each time. God bless you and your ministry. May He continue to show favor towards you and give the grace and the anointing you need to carry our His Kingdom assignment here on earth.

  3. Hi Kalley thanks for sharing with us – for your transparency with the personality type for your mom and also about yourself and your husband. I felt the compatibility and the connection with you from the very beginning. I really appreciate the people who take the time out to do these extensive research so that we can all benefit from. I have the task of also trying to find out the personality of some persons very close to me. It would be very interesting the results. God bless you!

  4. I love this post! So detailed! I love that you are an ISTJ–my mom is one too, and we get along great! One of the thing about these quizzes, is that they DO give you a different kind of insight as to who we are. Sometimes we do need an external push to know what's going on inside, and quizzes like these helps a lot!

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