7 Ways To A Happier Healthier You

“It is the tears that have got us through the darkest days and the hardest times. Many of us have been able to float on our tears to a new and better understanding of ourselves. Through our tears, we get in touch with those experiences that we have forgotten, hidden, or buried away in the pit of our souls.” ~ Iyanla Vanzant

Don’t you wish that you could go through life smoothly without any sort of trials, testing, pain and affliction? Why couldn’t life be more simple and stress free and we can all get up each day and not have a single problem to solve? Why do we have to ever face a ‘dark day’ or a ‘hard time’ in our lives?

You may or may not have asked yourself any of these questions before but there is nothing that could ever replace the truth that we would all face challenges of varying degrees in our lives. Christian and non-christian alike. Saved for one day or saved for forty years, you will have experiences that will challenge your faith and cause you to question God.

A Testimony Of His Grace

Not long ago, I came to another one of my darkest days – more like a low point in my life. Everything froze! My mind suddenly became like a blank slate. I compared the experience with the accidental pressing of the delete key on the keyboard and the beautiful picture of my life was erased – gone in the twinkling of an eye with no way of retrieving it.

Although the temperature for the day was a bit on the cool side because of the intermittent showers we had during the week of Thanksgiving, I refused to equate my ‘feeling a bit under the weather’ with the cool breeze that day.

It was difficult to focus on tasks that were of high priority. My heart felt the burden and it became heavier as the day progressed into night. Once I got home from work and finally made it into bed, I recall how I laid there in the dark like a fetus in her mother’s womb. I could feel the pain, like that of a surgeon’s scalpel as it pierced into the four chambers of my heart.

I began to bleed on the inside – I needed to stop it before I completely bleed out and perhaps, hemorrhage to ‘death.’ I though about applying some pressure to stop it, and even wishing it was external that I could apply the tourniquet. Instead, the light on the inside of me went out – like a power cord was pulled. Meanwhile, the tears saturated my pillow to the point of uselessness.

I had flashes of death as I saw some of the faces of those who had sunk into a state of depression and seemingly to them, saw no other way out but to end their life by a method of their own choosing. In that moment, there were no words that I could find to pray.

The more I stared in the dark, the ground became level by my thinking that God had turned His back on me. Likewise, I felt empty and had nothing whatsoever to offer Him. Part of me was being selfish because all I cared about was for me to get out of that terrible place and to feel better.

And just when I asked myself this question, why would God withdraw Himself from me, that’s when my turning point came. I heard His voice and this was all that He said: “I never left your side in spite of what you may think.”

You see my awareness of His presence presented me with my first opportunity towards my healing. I began to repeat the words of Psalm 23 and lines of Psalm 91. Almost immediately, I was confronted by my ‘issues.’ One by one, they were named. I had a first hand encounter and realized how necessary it was for me to stop doing all of the things that had pushed me into such a dark and desperate place.

Journey To A Happier, Healthier New Life

1.)  Stop whatever you are doing
Pain is never natural for the body. It is to get your attention and awareness to root causes to problems that must be eliminated sooner rather than later from your life.

2.)  Do some self introspection
Focus on centered themes and goals. Stretching yourself too thin can bring more harm than what good. You can lead yourself into a brown out and a place where you are unable to think rationally or to process your thoughts effectively.

3.)  Stop trying to please everybody
Pleasing others should never take precedence in your life to the extent where it comes into conflict with pleasing God. It is the will of God that pleasing Him is your first priority – to obey is better than sacrifice.

4.)  Recognize that you do not have all the answers
Stop trying to be super man/woman. There is nothing wrong with saying ‘no.’ Without setting clear boundaries, people will take from you for as long as you continue to give to them. Connect with people who will reciprocate and pour back into your life.

5.)  Get rid of the dead weights
Dead weights are things, places and even people who are in your life that draws your strength, your energy and resources, but add no value whatsoever to you. You must get rid of them – clean out the closet of your life.

6.)  Quit living in the ‘basement’ 
Living in the ‘basement’ is a concept/terminology used to describe ones’ problem solving approach. Many persons encounter a problem and never go beyond the ‘freeze, fight, flight‘ stage. But the longer you live in the basement, the more you are unable to critically think your way through and come up with the appropriate strategies to move your life forward.

7.)  Find fun things to do to spruce up your life
Constantly following a set routine in your life can eventually become boring. You loose your zest for life and your view of life becomes narrow and ‘one track.’ If possible, travel or go out shopping. Get a new hair style or simply add a new piece of clothing to your wardrobe. Do fun things with your family such as having a home cooked dinner date together or go out to the movie.

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Your turn….

Can you relate to this post, a testimony perhaps that you would like to share with us? What would you like to add to the list of things to a healthier, happier new life? Let us hear your thoughts in the comment form below.

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  1. Janelle, happy that you were blessed by this post. I totally agree – God will not give any one of us more than we are able to carry. He knows our strengths, likewise our weaknesses. Whatever comes our way it is always to strengthen and build us up and never to destroy us. God bless you!

  2. I found this to be a very great column. Loved the points you shared about the journey to a happier, healthier new life. I especially love #3, 5 & 6 = they resonated in my spirit. We must understand that all of us will go through varying degrees of challenges but God do not and will not give us more than we can bear. Tests and trials are often given in proportion to ones strengths and not his/her weaknesses.

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