Finding Strength and Courage Through Tough Times -Part 1

strength in hard times

No one is invincible. No one is larger than life. No one goes through life without losing something they once treasured. There are those who would have something that they though was meant to be slip away, never to return again. We will lose loved ones. Circumstances and situations will come our way and that’s when we are forced to make hard choices.

It is then we can choose to let go and let death take its’ natural course on the inside so that we become a new being, a new creature and a brand new version of ourselves or we can choose to hold on and suffer more pain and misery hoping for a breakthrough which may never come.


Over the years I have had to deal with my own times of brutal hardships. They were things that left me torn, to the point where I though there was no return and I would have been better off dead. I lost the most trusted person in my life, my rock, my confidant and a source of strength at the passing of my mom. I have had to deal with betrayal from people who I least suspected. The loss of my innocence as a child through being molested, left me feeling worthless for years…

Marital infidelity pushed me to the brink of a failed attempted suicide. I have been shattered by a painful separation and eventual divorce after being together for nineteen years in marriage that produced three children. I stood on the banks of bankruptcy and was later thrown into the river of a shameful eviction and was left with no where to go. Poverty has plagued my family and I for most of our lives. 

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I have endured some times of physical and emotional abuses that mortified my spirit man, and in the process, destroyed my self-esteem and self-worth. I have lived through the pain of losing my only son, who after carrying him in my womb for nine months, and not having the opportunity to hold him in my arms, died just five hours after my giving birth to him…

I need not say more, because by now I believe you’ve gotten a good portrait of someone who had to find strength and courage through the years of some brutal and harsh times on this journey called life.

An aside note…

Forgive me if my sharing these things have evoked emotions of a) pity for me and b) opened up some old wounds of things of things from the past that you can identify with here….

But my point of sharing was not for any of the two reasons above, rather it’s to show you that you and I could have gone through hell and back, gone through the fire and the flood, been through the deepest and darkest valley, but you know that the chain of shame of your past is BROKEN when you can talk about your past without guilt or shame.

So until next time when I bring you part 2 of how to find strength and courage through tough times, join me in meditating on this word below from Isaiah 40:31


What is your main take away from this post? How has it helped you who are going through difficulties at this time? What other scripture comes to mind that will bring hope and encouragement to others?

Isaiah 40 v 31

photo by: Chris Ford

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6 Comments on Finding Strength and Courage Through Tough Times -Part 1

  1. We need people to listen to us and to accept what is real When I helped others, I found further recovery. I have learned that God will take the broken pieces and find some good out of it for others. Blessings!

    • Great point you’ve made – I agree. God works together for the good of them that love Him and are called for His purpose. He takes the good, bad and in-between and work it so that He can bless others with it. Blessings in return. 🙂

  2. Val Frania // February 14, 2014 at 3:53 pm //

    I’m glad you are still here to use your experiences to help others. I too have lived through a lot of pain and think it has made me more compassionate and definitely stronger. Blessings to you. God is good.

    • Blessings to you too Val. We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the words of our testimony. Thank God that you are here too to share with others your experiences and to be a source of hope and encouragement.

  3. We relate to honest sharing so thanks Yvonne for being so open with us and letting us get to know you better. Our experiences is what people can relate to and what God wants us to share with other. You can read some of my past here.

    • Great testimony Vernon! I pray that God will continue to use you to win the loss over to Him through your own experiences. He is mighty to save, heal and deliver. God bless you!

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