Don’t Compare Yourself With Anyone

Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world…if you do so, you are insulting yourself.” ~ Bill Gates

Comparing yourself to others can lead to many things, among them unhappiness and ungratefulness. It blocks your ability to focus inward on the positive. In addition, comparing yourself to others makes you bitter, and that bitterness imprisons your life.

So no matter what the situation may be, make your life work with what resources you have available to you and do not compare.

Instead, look into your own garden and attend carefully unto it. Water it, nourish and cherish it and watch the fruit of righteousness that comes as a result.


About Yvonne I. Wilson (774 Articles)
Yvonne is a positive thinker, a catalyst for change, and a conduit through which holistic healing takes place and destiny is fulfilled. Her ministry through her blog, Empowerment Moments, came at a very low point in her life and was born out of much adversity, persecution, physical abuses, and rejection to the point of her being suicidal. She was left feeling defeated and shrunk back by fear. But through some miraculous means, God has given her pain purpose and a unique voice through which He speaks to touch the untouchable, to reach the unreachable and to empower, inspire, motivate, encourage and uplift the hurting and spiritually wounded to bring about healing and wholeness - mind, body, soul and spirit, one person at a time.

4 Comments on Don’t Compare Yourself With Anyone

  1. Hello Yvonne,

    So true. Every single line in this post speaks volumes. Why compare? we all have something unique to provide to this world. We have the capabilities to do whatever we want. All we need to do is go ahead with our plans without comparison.

    Thank you

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    • Hi Hema

      So nice to see you again and glad the post was meaningful to you. One of my favorite mantras is ‘be yourself.’ I am seeing the link with not comparing with anyone else. I agree we all have something special and unique about us as individuals that no one else will have. The power is within us first to identify that gift and use it to bless everyone around us with.

      Thanks and have a great day/week.


  2. Great words of encouragement. As a new blogger on the block, I need those words to stay focus.


    • Beverly I can attest to the fact that the temptation is there to look at what someone else is doing and to make that comparison with others. So every now and then I have to give myself that nudge to attend to my own affairs and not that of anyone else.

      Stay blessed! Stay focused!


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