Sudanese Christian Woman Gives Birth While On Death Row

UPDATED: May 30th 2014

The Telegraph news report that Daniel Wani, the husband of Meriam Ibrahim spoke for the first time at his delight of seeing his baby daughter for the first time. From the information obtained, Mr. Wani reported that his wife and their two children were holding up well and that his wife’s psychological problem seemed to be slightly better.

He said, “The baby is very beautiful.”

Ms Ibrahim named their daughter Maya – when asked why, Mr Wani said: “Her mother chose the name.”

He added: “She is OK. She does not look too bad.”

Reports are that Mr Wani and his lawyers have appealed against the convictions against his wife and are waiting to hear the outcome. If that appeal fails, they will take the case to Sudan’s High Court.

There is hope as it is understood the judge ruled that Meriam would not be executed for two years after the birth of the baby and they are also desperately hoping that it would not be long before the verdict can be overruled.

“She is not going to renounce her religion, though,” he said. “She told me that.”

And Mr Wani said that they told her that the world is talking about her plight.

“We let her know,” he said. “She really appreciates that and is thanking people. She wants people to support her and pressure the government to reverse the sentence.

He added: “I really hope they do.”

_________Previous report below:

Meriam Ibrahim, a 27 year old Christian woman sentenced to death by hanging for her faith, has reportedly given birth to a baby girl in a Sudanese prison.

Meriam’s baby girl was born early Tuesday morning in the Khartoum  prison where she is being held, and it is unclear how mom and baby are doing.  Her American husband, Daniel Wani, and his attorney were barred from visiting her, and newborn baby girl and their 2o month old son who has also been languishing in harsh prison conditions alongside his mother as she awaits her final fate.

Miriam is on death row for being a Christian. Sudan has ascribed the Islamic faith of her father to her even though he abandoned her and her Christian mother when she was still a very young girl.

Under Sudan’s imposition of Shariah Law, the court said she “abandoned” her faith and is an apostate for becoming a Christian.  The reality is that she has always been raised Christian.  When the judge in Sudan demanded she recant her Christian faith, she refused.  She said, “I was never a Muslim and continued, “I am a Christian, and I will remain a Christian.”

According to her sentence, now that she has had the baby, she is due to receive 100 lashes for marrying an American Christian.  That sentence in and of itself could in fact kill her.  Yet after that sentence is carried out, she will then later be put to death by hanging.

According to Sudanese law, her sentence could be delayed as her attorneys in Sudan appeal her case.  Yet, according to international law, her conviction itself, purely based on her chosen faith, is illegal.


EMB continue to follow this story and will keep you updated as the fight for Meriam and her American children continues.

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2 Comments on Sudanese Christian Woman Gives Birth While On Death Row

  1. This woman’s story is so heartbreaking all around. What courage and faith she has! My problems look smaller every time I read of it. God bless Meriam and her family. Continued prayers for them all…


    • Indeed it is heartbreaking. We rise up and called her blessed for as the word of God says, “Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Mat 5:10) Even so as Christians, we have the power through our voice (speaking God’s word) and our prayers to overturn/overrule whatever judgement that was taken against her.

      Thank you for letting your voice be heard and for joining in the prayers for her. God bless you!


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