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Alcoholism and having alcoholics in our families is something that one is not often very comfortable talking. In today’s post, guest blogger Kristy Jones will explore the topic and offer some tips on how to deal with such situation when we haves someone in our home battling that condition.


Having a drug addict among in your family affects and challenges all the family members. These challenges can be psychological, financial as well as emotional challenges.

Besides the family members, a drug addict can suffer from a variety of health problems including cancer, liver diseases as well as neurological damages. Mental problems such as anxiety and depressions are the most severe problems common with drug addicts. Supporting drug addicts is a major role of all family members as consequences are suffered by everyone involved.

There are several ways in which family members can help addicts to get rid of their dependency on substances.

This starts by understanding that addiction is a disease as well as learning ways to approach the addicts to avoid conflicts and arguments. Equip yourself with information about their addiction. Research on the form of addiction that is affecting your loved ones as addiction managements varies depending on the substance that they are dependent on.

Equipping yourself with the relevant information may be done through several channels including:

Online sources

Special programs

Addiction books

Equipping yourself with the relevant information will be essential as it will guide you through choosing the best ways of approaching your loved ones addiction.

  • Seek specialists and professional assistance for the addict.
  • Consult your local health professionals as well as detox centers on the best ways to cope with an addict in your family. A detox center can help an addict get rid of conditions that contributes to their addiction allowing them to permanently recover.
  • Attending support groups is also essential besides detoxification. Suggest this to your loved one and help them search for anonymous groups who hold regular meeting with substance addicts.
  • It is also recommended that you also engage a therapist or even a family counselor to assist stressed family members. Intervention.

This mainly consists of several stages namely:

Including a professional

Planning the intervention

Confronting the drug addict.

Having a professional during intervention increases the chances of success. These professionals have the experience which none of your family members may have.

Wisely make a plan of the intervention considering the activities that will be done, who should lead the intervention as well as choosing who will be there.

Ensure that those present are influential people to the addicts’ life. Withstand them but set boundaries. Even when you support your loved ones, ensure that you do not enable as well as encourage their addiction.

Avoid giving them money which could in return be used to purchase more alcohol or drugs. Concentrate on developing your communication with them as this will assist both parties express effectively.

Get time to attend their therapies together with them. Show your willingness to be engaged in their recovery and that you are with them all along the way to their recovery. Learn more about persevering drug addicts from, online sources, books, addiction specialists. Teach them about the general ways of managing drug craving.

Research on some of the common ways that can be used to control their drug cravings. Some of these strategies includes:

Engaging in a distracting activity when the urge comes

Set yourself goals that will guide you to recovery

Have a trustworthy person you can talk to at any time

Help them understand their conditions and accept them

Besides having the above strategies to dealing with addicts in your family, ensure that you have a European Health Card which will otherwise provide you with relatively cheap medical cover for you and your family.

I hope that you enjoyed this post by Kristy Jones. Please leave your thoughts and feedback below in the comment section.

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