Joel Osteen Tag Teamed with Pastors at ‘America’s Night Of Hope’ in NYC

Joel Osteen at America’s Night of Hope  held Saturday night June 7th, 2014 – inset showing him making declaration

New York – More than a dozen pastors were invited by Joel Osteen and tagged teamed with him on stage at the New York Yankee Stadium to declare God’s blessings over the thousands in attendance this past weekend at “America’s Night Of Hope” event.

As the audience cheered, Osteen said, “You know , we believe it makes a difference to speak words of faith and speak words of victory, so I’ll ask some of the great pastors of the New York area to join me tonight..I’ve asked them to take a moment to just make a declaration by faith over our schools, over our government, over our firefighters, our police force, teachers, nurses, everything about the city, and not only that but about your life as well.”

Among the many pastors who took the mic and made their declarations for a minute or two were, Pastor Carl Lentz – Hillsong Church NYC; Bishop Hezekiah Walker – Love Fellowship Tabernacle, Brooklyn NY; Rev. A. R. Bernard – Christian Culture Center, Brooklyn NY; Pastor Ron Lewis – Every Nation Church NYC and Pastor Todd Bishop – The Point Church, Long Island NY, just to mention a few.

night-of-hope-via facebook

Praise and worship singers at America’s Night of Hope Saturday June 7th, 2014 – photo Joel Osteen Ministries public profile

 Prayer declaration

“And we declare the supernatural favor of God over your finances so that from the glorious riches of our Father every need is met and you are out of debt and your best financial days are ahead of you, in Jesus’ name!” ~ Pastor Trevon Gross, Hope Cathedral, Jackson, New Jersey

“We declare a power and authority on every church here in this area. We declare that (unintelligible) to the pulling down of strongholds. Every member of every church, we declare a prosperity miracle upon your life and on your pastor, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we pray. Amen! ~ Bishop Hezekiah Walker, Love Fellowship Tabernacle, Brooklyn NY

“Lord, I receive what these gentlemen said. Lord (unintelligible) of all our hearts. Not only those here, but those that are watching, those that are listening. Lord I pronounce this declaration in the name of Jesus that right now that you are releasing us from defeat into victory, releasing us from sickness into health, releasing us from depression into joy, releasing us from addictions into freedom, releasing us from debt and lack into abundance, releasing us from everything that’s holding us back into victory. I declare that every chain is being loosed, every stronghold is coming down. You’re going to step into a new level of your destiny, in Jesus’ name. If you receive it, can you say amen!” ~ Pastor Joel Osteen


Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria Osteen are the leaders of the Lakewood Church, one of America’s largest Christian congregation that attracts more than 52,000 worshipers weekly and a following of over 7.0 m on their ministry’s facebook page. “America’s Night of Hope” is a two-hour praise and worship event that includes encouragement, testimony, message from Pastor Joel Osteen, prayer, and an alter call for those in attendance who want to make Christ as their Lord and Savior.

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