#Prayer – Give Me Direction, Please Guide My Steps

How do we distinguish the voice of the Lord from the noise of the world? How do we receive God’s guidance in our lives? Pause with me for a moment and let’s think seriously about this. I believe this post entitled Insight Into God’s Word Must Become Top Priority is also relevant to this prayer topic.

Have we become so caught up in the affairs of the world that we are missing out on hearing the direction in which God want us to go or even what’s most important to our spiritual well being?

For those who have asked the question, “how do I hear from God or know His voice?” Here are some different ways that you can hear from God:

  • Through the word of God (Bible) – David wrote in Psalm 119:105, “Your word is a lamp to my feet, and a light for my path.”
  • By way of the Holy Spirit – God’s promise as found in John 16:13 indicates that the Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth.
  • Through others – by way of someone praying for you and receiving a word from God on your behalf, through prophecy when God’s prophet bring you a word, a random or chance encounter with a stranger. (God is not limited to speaking through just Christians)
  • Through God’s creation and the beauty of nature – Psalm 19:1-2 testifies about this, “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork. Day to day pours out speech, and night to night reveals knowledge.”


Lord you promised in your word that you will instruct me in the way that I should go and that when I seek you with all my heart, I will find you. So everything that I feel on the inside of me [fears, doubts and anxieties] Lord I give them all to you. Bring peace to this troubled and wayward mind. Let your light shine where there is darkness, bring hope where there is despair and clarity where there is confusion at this time,

I cannot do this on my own and I will never be able to figure out this problem all by myself so I cast all of my cares upon you. Give me an understanding heart to judge and discern between good and evil, right and wrong and what your will is for my life.

Grant me discretion, and with your wisdom, preserve and keep me from making the wrong choices and decisions. Cause my understanding to become enlightened in things I do not know, do not understand, and in things that I cannot foresee.

Help me to discern your voice as the Good Shepherd and follow you and not the voice of the adversary. In every situation and circumstance of my life, give me instructions and direct my path.

I choose each day to talk with you and hear you speak with me, amen.

Prayer based on scrip. ref. Psalm 32:8; 1 Kings 3:9; Ephesians 1:18; John 10:5; John 16:13; Proverbs 2:11

About Yvonne I. Wilson (774 Articles)
Yvonne is a positive thinker, a catalyst for change, and a conduit through which holistic healing takes place and destiny is fulfilled. Her ministry through her blog, Empowerment Moments, came at a very low point in her life and was born out of much adversity, persecution, physical abuses, and rejection to the point of her being suicidal. She was left feeling defeated and shrunk back by fear. But through some miraculous means, God has given her pain purpose and a unique voice through which He speaks to touch the untouchable, to reach the unreachable and to empower, inspire, motivate, encourage and uplift the hurting and spiritually wounded to bring about healing and wholeness - mind, body, soul and spirit, one person at a time.

5 Comments on #Prayer – Give Me Direction, Please Guide My Steps

  1. christopher jeffrey // January 11, 2017 at 7:03 pm // Reply


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  2. Enow Tambe // March 1, 2015 at 4:35 am // Reply

    Let our God continue to strengthen her


  3. keijo leppioja // August 18, 2014 at 1:38 pm // Reply

    Yes we love to be sure that the ways in faith are very well quard of the Holy Spirit daily and be thankful for rich life with vision and alot prophecy to knowing will of God in to the future with life in blessing and exciting a journey in grace with joy and in peace,thanks and bless,keijo sweden


  4. This is something I am teaching my children. /There is so much “noise” I want them to know how to really listen and discern and your list of ways is a great reference for me. Thank you for blessing me today! ~Blessings, my friend~


    • Amen. That is such a wonderful thing that you are doing with your children Rebecca. We all need guidance and direction, especially the young ones and the teenagers. Keep on doing a great work, God will reward you in due season. God bless you too. 🙂


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