12 Truths You Are Living in An Illusion

This is a guest post from Vernon Layne, another winner of our #BloggerSupport Guest Post Giveaway. He is very passionate about sharing his stories and insights with others. In his post today he takes us through what it means to have an illusion, he shares some truths about it and what one can do to live in reality. Here now is Vernon..

I’ve always been fascinated by illusionist and my favorite; David Copperfield. When he made the Statue of Liberty disappear I sat in front of the television shocked then wondered how did he do it. I became determined to find out.

I discovered the trick wasn’t in making the Statue disappear; it was in turning the chosen participants and the television cameras on a platform away from the Statue. Both the participants and the millions watching from their homes had a good view of the Statue of Liberty through fixed curtains when they were open.

But when the curtains closed the platform slowly turned and when they reopened the Statue was gone. With two sets of lights, one on the Statue and another set beside the Statue, it was no more than turning lights on and off.  Then they added some smoke and you could see a helicopter hovering shining its lights over the empty area. The Statue of Liberty appeared to have disappeared— creating an illusion.

What is An Illusion?

Webster’s New World Dictionary and Thesaurus describes an illusion as a false idea or conception and as an unreal or misleading appearance or image.

We know Dave Copperfield uses misleading appearances as part of his acts, but what about false ideas? We all have ideas so how does someone’s idea becomes an illusion?

During my research I learned that there’s a close relation between sensation and perception, perception and illusion.

We have sensory receptor in our bodies that detects different things like smell, pain, sound and temperatures that sends signals to our brain. The brain receives these as sensations.

human brain - intelligence concept

The way the brain interprets sensations is called perception but it don’t always interpret them correctly. Memories, beliefs and other things can influence the brain’s perception of these sensations causing it to become distorted and causing it to develop a false idea or illusion.

That’s why it’s hard to argue with a person whose perception is distorted because to them it’s their reality.

We all can be illusionist at any given moment. Just like David Copperfield slowly turned his participants away from what was real, we too can slowly turn away from reality when we justify, deny and rationalize the truth.

12 Truths About Living In an Illusion

Here are twelve common truths that you’re living in an illusion:

1. You see the present through your past. Your past plays an important role in your life.  It’s there to teach you what you could have done differently or what you need to continue doing. THAT’S ALL.  It’s not there for wallowing in or condemnation. We fall short of His Glory so it’s important you learn to give yourself a break. Let go of your past and not become its prisoner then it will be easier for you to put things in its proper perspective.

2. You believe you can control things that are uncontrollable.  Stop trying to control people and situations. One of life’s most important lessons is learning to give up the illusion of control. You may wonder how you suppose to give that up, but the fact is you were never in control. The moment you think you’re in control is the moment you’re out of control.

3. You only see the bad in yourself and others. If you ask someone to list things about themselves most will list liabilities. People have a hard time seeing the good within themselves.  Not finding the good in you makes it impossible to see the good in others.

That’s why it’s important to take a complete self-assessment and list your access along with your liabilities and accept what you find. When you do this everyone wins. You win because you begin to grow and others win because they are encouraged to grow from watching you.

man living an illusion

4. You believe everything you feel and think. Imagine being judged inaccurately by two people who don’t know you. Believing everything you feel and think is just like listening to two people gossip. Your feelings aren’t facts. Don’t believe everything you think and feel because they can influence you to make unwise decisions. Learn to make decisions from facts and not feeling.

5. You search for fulfillment through things. The only person you can’t run away from is yourself. There’s nothing wrong with trying to get things in life but don’t lose yourself in the process by not understanding why you’re doing it. When the chase for things becomes more important than your family and your health, then it’s a destructive rush that’s causing harm. Most of the time you’re trying to fill a void or block a feeling when you’re searching for fulfillment in things.

6. Your self-worth comes from social media. All your life you wanted to belong and fit in, so you spend a lot of time on social media– yet never quite measuring up. The more likes you get the better you feel. The reality you need to hear and afraid to admit is when you’re not getting those likes you think you should be getting, you feel down almost depressed. Depending on social media to feel relevant is an illusion many people believe.

7. You think your happiness is your mate’s responsibility. It’s not fair to your mate when you expect them to be responsible for your happiness. They’re there to add to your happiness. It’s your responsibility to see that you’re happy. It’s not healthy and it doesn’t work when one partner isn’t responsible for his own feeling, thoughts and actions.  A healthy relationship is when a couple can grow in unity while at the same time growing as individuals, so take ownership of your own happiness.

8. You’re convinced everything supposed to go your way. Self-centeredness is at the core of self-deception. It can create an illusion that you’re right and the world is wrong base on a feeling or an idea. You began to see yourself as a victim. Understand that everyone experiences life challenges and that you’re not the only one. To see things clearly bring your attitude in line with reality.

9.  You think you don’t need help. Most people, myself included, believed at some point in their life that they could do it all bystart living a new life themselves. This kind of thinking doesn’t work very well. The only guarantee you will get is being frustrated and exhausted.

We are here to help and support one another. Your life will be enhanced when you’re able to see people as a gift from God. Take the time and get to know the gifts God have given you by learning to trust others, reaching out to others, and admitting your need for others.

10. You believe you can’t change. It’s important to examine this false belief because it may not be yours. You could have picked it up from your parents. I know this may sound a little harsh but some parents tell their children self-defeating things. Not all illusions come from you. Some are created by others.

11. You think your success is because of the work you’ve done. Don’t become a legend in your own mind. As you begin to experience success in life it’s important to give credit where credit is due. Selfishly claiming what belongs to God is the quickness way to lose it all. Pride usually comes before the fall so give the Glory to God.

12. You feel you’re alone. I call this the ultimate illusion. The next time you’re by yourself look around you. Feel the air. Go outside and watch the squirrels chase each other. Look up and see the clouds move gracefully. God’s presence is all around you. You are never alone.

Foolish dreamers live in a world of illusion; wise realist plant their feet on the ground (Proverbs 14:18..MSG).


Living in reality is a life-long process that starts with truth. The truth about self.

William Shakespeare says it best with his famous quote, “To thine own self be true.”

Planting your feet on the ground is a continual process of ego-deflation, removing masks and letting go. It’s developing a new vision and finding a new path to a better life and to a better you.

You no longer will believe everything is about you. You no longer will live in a world of illusion.  To reach this destination, however, you must first be willing to tell yourself the truth.




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You can find Vernon at his blog: Self Reflection

About Vernon (1 Article)
Vernon loves to reflect on life and God's word. He's an inspiring motivating speaker and writer who uses his painful truths to help others. With this blog his hope is to share with you those experiences and possibly influence those without direction to take another look at themselves through biblical principles.

23 Comments on 12 Truths You Are Living in An Illusion

  1. It is true we live in an illusion, and not one but several of them. I like the point where you revealed that people believe in their illusions. Illusions have led to suffering and they have made people to approach life in the wrong way….I read an interesting website that expands more on the types of illusions we live in….

    • Hi Bishop,
      Yes we do live in several illusions.
      That’s why it’s very important we learn to live in reality if not, then we make plan in life that’s keeping us off track.
      We will never grow living in an illusion.
      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Wonderful post-Vernon.. I can also relate to your 9th point (You think you don’t need help). I have also realized that we are neither independent or dependent, we are interdependent.

    • Welcome to my blog Yatin. It’s good to see you here in this neck of the woods. Your comment is greatly appreciated and I totally agree with you, we are interdependent and the more everyone realise this, the more loving and stronger our people will be.

    • Hi Yatin,

      I’m glad you liked my first guest post Yvonne blessed me with the opportunity to write. 🙂

      Yes we all need each other. We are each others eyes and ears. That’s why we must stay open-minded and teachable and remember that no matter how far we get in life we didn’t get there by ourselves. We can go a long way the the spirit of humility.

      Thanks my friend!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS Vernon! Upon reading your post I’ve seen how much I have grown because at one point I was really living the illusion life. You have touch on some keen insights throughout this post, TRUTHS that everyone need to be aware of.

    This is EXCELLENT! It’s a pleasure to connect with you my BROTHER and I do enjoy what you have been sharing.

    • Thanks Richard! I wrote this from experience so can can relate to what you’re saying.

      Self deception is cunning that why we need accountability partners to share what we’re thinking so they can help restore us to sanity. Thanks for the blessing!

  4. Hi Vernon,
    This is my first visit and really got so impressed while I use to read your informative blog.
    I am agree with all real living truth of illusion.
    Thanks for sharing…..keep posting such interesting post.

    • Thank you and I’m glad you enjoyed this post. I apologize for responding so late it’s something I’m trying to get better at. I’m not living in an illusion about

      When we live in truth it shine light on the darkness of illusion. Thanks for visiting!

  5. Hi Vernon sir and Yvonne ma’am,

    Firstly congratulations for your first ever guest post. Happy for you. 🙂

    Your presented a nice example of illusion at the beginning of the blog. It felt like I was there when that happened. I searched for that video on YouTube and found it. That was a shocking scene.

    Coming to the points, we should also be positive and optimist no matter what. Seeing the good side often hides the bad side. Every time we see or think/feel something does not mean its true or the fact.

    I liked your point: Your self-worth comes from social media. Nowadays I have seen some of friends discussing their social media followers and forgetting some real life friends. No one is self made. Everyone needs someone’s help at some point of the time. And also we are never alone. In fact, if no one is with us still we have God with us whose unconditional love is always upon us.

    Thank you for sharing this great post with us. This will help me a lot and keep me sane all the time. 🙂 Have a great week ahead 🙂

    • Thanks Rohan! It’s always a pleasure when you come by. I’m glad you was able to watch the video.

      When it comes to social media many people are lost. They try to find their worth by sounding intelligent and being relevant. But what’s happening on the inside of them can’t be fixed intellectually. It’s only can be fixed spiritually.

      Like you said true love and friendship is slowly fading away because of it and families are being broken. We must get back to the basic and spend time we people in real life more than on social media.

      Thanks for visting!

  6. Hi Vermon and Yvonne

    Congratulation and this is most certainly a wonderful post.

    I never watched the video on how the Stature of Liberty disappeared and I wish I could because It would be so cool to view.

    I love the way you tied illusion to practical daily living. There are some many people today who sadly are living in an illusion and the reason is because they have held on to thoughts either past or present without facts.

    Looking at the whole article, one thing is very clear, it is painful and so sad to be living in a LIE Thank you for the inspiring post.

    Yvonne. Thank you for letting Vermon bless our souls. Have a nice weekend

    • Thanks Ikechi! I think you can find that video on YouTube. It is really something to see.

      You are correct when you say people hold to beliefs that’s not base in facts. There’s this false sense of security from holding on. But letting go and living in truth and facts are the beginning of a new way of life.

      As I was reading your post today I could see the similarity between the two posts. Everything you said from being an impostor to loving only yourself is an illusion.

      It’s good to see that I’m not the only one who knows everything starts with perspective. Have a blessed day!

  7. Hi Harleena,

    I finally found some time to respond it’s hard sometimes working 12 hours swing shift. Yes it’s a honor to be one of the winners. I know it’s wasn’t easy for Yvonne to pick because everyone is so awesome. I honestly can’t find the words to thank her.

    I believe most of the illusions we live with comes from the resistance to change. We believe and see what want so we can remain the same. But like you stated, change is how we move forward. It’s how we grow.

    When we are caught up in self we create a storm of self-deception and rationalization. That’s why it’s important we be honest with ourselves. But for that to happen we first have to stop lying to ourselves. We need that kind of honesty if we’re to continue to live in truth and not illusions.


  8. Lea Bullen // November 22, 2014 at 2:47 pm //

    So true, you’re feelings aren’t factual. They are actually an emotional reaction to your perspective. That’s why when you come to realize what is really going on they can change quickly.

    Making decisions based on feelings is a counterproductive trait I think we all learn. It seems right because your feelings are so strong but you have to be mindful of where they are coming from. I’ve learned to allow myself to calm down before reacting. You get better outcomes that way.

    I personally hate it when people people use social media to gauge themselves. You don’t need other people’s approval to be happy and feel good about yourself. The quality of your day should not be directly linked to the number of likes on your picture or status.


    • Hi Harleena,

      I finally found some time to respond it’s hard sometimes working 12 hours swing shift. Yes it’s a honor to be one of the winners. I know it’s wasn’t easy for Yvonne to pick because everyone is
      so awesome. I honestly can’t find the words to thank her.

      I believe most of the illusions we live with comes from the resistance to change. We believe and see what want so we can remain the same. But like you stated, change is how we move forward. It’s how we grow.

      When we are caught up in self we create a storm of self-deception and rationalization. That’s why it’s important we be honest with ourselves. But for that to happen we first have to stop lying to ourselves. We need that kind of honesty if we’re to continue to live in truth and not illusions.


    • Lea I couldn’t have said it better. Our feeling change too much for us to make decisions from them. And you mentioned finding out what’s really going on. I like that because most of us have issues deep within that’s never been addressed. That’s why it’s imperative we give one another time to come to our own truth.

      Social media can make someone feel really good about themselves all because of likes and followers. Study have shown they are lonely people searching for acceptance. Sadly it will take them a long time to find out what’s really going on as long as their followers and likes continue to increase.

      Thanks for your insight!

  9. Awesome Blog! Thanks for stopping by mine so I could find yours! 🙂

    • Hi Lilka

      Welcome to my blog! 🙂 I am so happy that we connected. It’s a blessing! God bless you and continue to have an enjoyable day/weekend.

    • Good to see you here Lilka! Yes this is an awesome blog that’s ran by an awesome person. You will always find uplifting spiritual awareness here. It’s like my second home.
      Have a blessed day!

  10. Hi Vernon, and welcome to Yvonne’s blog 🙂

    Congratulations on being one of the giveaway winners and to write such a wonderful post about illusions.

    I never knew the details about David Copperfield and Statue of Liberty, so that was something interesting to read! You are right in all the 12 truths you shared about living in an illusion. Letting go is the toughest I’d say, but if you don’t learn to let go of the past, you cannot move ahead.

    We cannot control things and people that are beyond our control- that’s just an illusion when broken, leaves you broken too. I liked the point about social media and very true, the moment you realize that those likes aren’t the real likes or from real people who don’t bother to visit your blog or read it, you feel bad.

    Oh yes…expectations from our mate to keep us happy, not realizing that happiness lies within us and we are the only ones responsible for our happiness, not anyone else.

    Change is constant and you live in an illusion for sure if you feel you don’t need to change, or even ask others for help when required. Or you tend to feel so proud of yourself with a massive ego, which again is nothing but an illusion.

    We need to remove the masks we tend to put on often and come out from the world of illusion, and be real, which happens when we become who we really are.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

  11. First I want to thank you again Yvonne for allowing me the opportunity to share with your readers something that took me some soul searching to discover about myself. I will be the first to admit that I lived in an illusion most of my life.

    Low self-esteem was at the core of it and pride made me think I was more than I really was. Learning to live in reality was difficult practicing a life of self-seeking behaviors.

    But God!

    God told me to look in the mirror and the first person I see in my problem. I’ve learned to accept life and people as they are. I hope this post will help someone shatter their illusions.

    Thanks my friend for having me. God bless.

  12. Hi Vernon,

    Welcome to EMB, this time as a guest blogger. You emerged as one of the winners of the #BloggerSupport giveaway and you were also featured recently as one of the ‘STARS’ blogger. I am glad that you won as you are able to share with us an in-depth knowledge on the subject of someone having an illusion, the ways in which it can be identified and what one can do to begin to live in reality.

    From your definition of an illusion, I can clearly see that there is a link between that and perception. And what do they say, perception is truth right? 🙂

    There are many in the world today who continue to be illusive. They rationalize things their way and operate from that perspective and there is hardly anything that can be said or done that would change their mind. They search for fulfillment from the wrong things and from people who instead of bring them more peace of mind and happiness only set out to complex the situation even more.

    The twelve truths you’ve given are spot on which helps anyone to identify if they are living a life in illusion and one that is far from reality. What’s left to be done is to seek help and to be true to his/her own self.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post. Well done! 🙂

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