The Fear Factor|Is It Blocking Your Blessings?

Did you know that we can look so much at the negatives and all that is wrong with the things around us that we miss the positives and all that is good?

It also goes without question that we will not always get things exactly the way that we want them to be. We live in an imperfect world and so perfection in anything is not something that we will ever achieve in this life.

The good things around us are the blessings, yet many of us experience delays in getting them. It starts on a positive note with a prayer of faith but not long after the unwelcome guest of fear arrives.

She [fear] is up in your face and each thought slowly begin to interlock themselves into a tight woven blanket. You are now afraid to make the move that will see the thing which you prayed about manifest in your life.

You internalize every thought to the point where they begin to spin out of control. All of a sudden nothing makes sense and you begin to see yourself as a failure.

It happens every time I am about to make a decision about the things that could change the course of my life forever. Initially my mind would race with thoughts of ‘what if?’ ‘how will I?’ ‘What happens next?’

God wants to do a new thing in you

It’s the point at which I feel most vulnerable. And rather than focusing on the positives, I find myself tangled in the web of fear.

Here I am at the crossroads once again with the only weapon I could think of to turn for help. I opened my bible and this is what faith echoed:

Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert. ~ Isaiah 43:19

Change is about to take place and God is definitely doing a new thing in my life as well as in yours. You feel vulnerable yes, because every opportunity for growth and increase begins with a change.

Change we know is never easy as so many are comfortable in their old element and in their cradle of convenience. But God wants to do a new thing in you and it shall spring forth!

  • New and increased divine favor
  • New place spiritually and physically
  • New hopes and dreams
  • New ideas and strategies
  • New connections
  • New health
  • New financial opportunities
  • New breakthroughs

God wants to break you out of your comfort zone and to do something miraculous in your life.

Are you ready to go to new heights and new levels in God? There is no limits to what a limitless God can do in your life. Believe and receive this truth today!

Song: I Will Do A New Thing In You – Gary Fowler Sr.

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About Yvonne I. Wilson (793 Articles)
Yvonne I. Wilson is known for her prolific, dynamic leadership style with over twenty years in the healthcare industry. She is a trailblazer and a catalyst for change; a positive thinker and someone who is very passionate and optimistic about life. She is mantled as an end-time Apostolic Prophet with an extraordinary spirit of discernment, an exceptionally strong prophetic and healing anointing and a unique gift in prophetic intercessory prayer as she navigates through the realm of the spirit and as she ministers to the nations. With the Agape love of God and His undeniable purpose for which He has called her, God has given her a Prophetic Deliverance Ministry to bring deliverance to His people, to heal the wounded, rejected and emotionally scarred/broken in spirit, to break barriers, old paradigms and false teachings and to rebuild, establish and plant the things of God.

11 Comments on The Fear Factor|Is It Blocking Your Blessings?

  1. hi yvonne, fear block blessings. I am ready to change positively and i have faith in God

    • Hi Temitope

      Welcome to my blog and I am so happy for your input. 🙂 Definitely fear is a hindrance in our lives and something we have to work hard on removing. With God’s help it is possible. He did not give us the spirit to fear, but of power, love and a sound and peaceful mind.

      Take care. God bless you.

  2. Hey Yvonne,

    A very relevant post for me. I took last week off as a planning week. All that meant was no writing – I had made sure I was a post ahead, so I could glide through my week and nobody would know the difference. As the week went on and I started to get back into my thinking about writing – that fear you write of starts to whisper negatives and doubt. But Yvonne, this time I recognised it – I was familiar with the boring, same old crap (pardon me). This time I refused it. I have been stopped because of this thing trying to stop my progress, I have procrastinated for years, but this time, this time I refused it. And I feel powerfully balanced. I am not saying I am rid of it. But this time I did not even entertain something that has whispered to me for so many years.

    Years ago I always used to fear fame and fortune going to my head, actually I thought it would be my demise. However now I see it as nothing more than I am already doing. Nothing changes with a couple of dollars extra or a little bit of credibility coming my way. But I do say this – it is because of prayer or meditation in my case. It balances me to end. Decisions are nothing I fear, but I know exactly what you are talking about Yvonne. But grab that bible and find that verse that will make you rise above the old enemy doubt. Its time to do the work that we were born to do. Thank you for an amazing lift. Welcome back, it is so good to see your posts are back. I have missed them.


    • Hi Rachel:

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 and it is good to be back. I have to work on my schedule though as I also have a full time day job.

      Yes, powerful words of encouragement! I totally agree with your approach, your boldness and confidence to stand up and speak back to the giant of fear. By that you’ve already overcome your greatest hurdle in life.

      Once you’ve passed that hurdle where you are no longer intimidated by fear, then you don’t look back and the results you will begin to see in your life will be astronomical. You will not have to fear fame and fortune getting to your head as long as you continue to be humble in your approach and to be yourself in whatever you set out to do, giving thanks always.

      Have a blessed day and enjoy the rest of the week. Cheers! 🙂

  3. Yvonne, I face fear when I’m going through change too. Isn’t it amazing how we find just the thing we need to quiet the fear when we ask? The world is beautiful!


    • Hi Jenn,

      I am so encouraged by your comment. It is something that most of us seem to have in common – having to confront fear whenever we reach to a point of making changes in our lives. And then the thing is, once we get past fear, we are unstoppable in God. It is through HIs Son we can do all things. Blessings and have a wonderful day/week.

  4. Hi Yvonne,

    It is so good to see you back.

    We serve a great God. Just this morning I’ve had a discussion with my wife concerning this very same subject. She feels the need to start working on a specific project (providing in a need for elderly people), but doesn’t know where to start or (especially) where the finances will come from.

    At the same time, I can get excited about projects I am currently working on…..but what next?What would the next one be about? Where will the ideas come from? This was when the words echoed in my mind that I recently heard from YOU. I should get out the way. More of Him and less of me.

    If the task at hand is God inspired, we shouldn’t be concerned about where the finances will come from. We shouldn’t be concerned about what we will do when this project is done. There is nothing wrong with planning, but it should start with asking God what He wants us to do next, and I believe He will reveal the next step at the right time.

    And then I came to your site, and found this post. Need I say more? God will make a way…..for you, for me…and for everybody who trust in Him.

    Thank you for sharing this with us, Yvonne.

    Have a blessed day,


    • Hi Jaco,

      It is so good to be back here on EMB and to interact with you and all of my other valued readers. God wrought many changes in my life and there are more to come.

      As was revealed in this post, yes fear is trying to intimidate me on moving on some things. Of course the lack of finances to execute the plan is the biggest hurdle that I need to get over right now. But like you said, if the task is God inspired then I really should not worry about where the finances will come from.

      God promises to make a way – whether in the desert, in the wilderness or just on our normal journey through life. He is faithful.

      Another of my challenge is sharing my ideas, and my plan with persons who instead of backing me up, tries to find every reason on earth why I should not go through with my plan. Huge mistake to share things with persons whose faith is small or lacking.

      My plan though is to move on relying on God alone to see me through. And just as the word says, it shall spring forth!

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving words of encouragement. Have a great day/upcoming week. 🙂

    • You are absolutely right Jaco. Thanks for such kind words. Cheers! 🙂

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