8 Effective Ways To Turbocharge Your Memory

Have you ever lost the train of thought midway through a sentence? Imagine you are a stand-up comedian or news reporter and that happens midway a live show? Did I spell disaster? Hell yeah I did. In fact, Bill Connolly (70 years old) admitted that he suffers from bouts of memory loss on stage and most times forget his punch line of gags! Perhaps his heavy drinking during the early years of his career are catching up with him.

Absent-mindedness is not a problem of senior citizens alone as neuropsychologist Dr Joanna Iddon admits. “In a recent study of healthy adults, the average number of memory slips, like putting the coffee jar in the fridge, was around six per week, irrespective of age, gender and intelligence,” says Dr Iddon. “In fact, it was the younger, busier people that were the most absent-minded,” she continues.

Remembering is a continuous active process and if you will make the most out of your memory then it will involve paying better attention, planning and organizing. Luckily, there is me; a former absent-minded banker, now a CEO of a well performing startup. I have some tips and tricks that will help you banish those thingumabob moments and also to improve memory.

1. Associate the memory with the environment: How? If for example, you learn something new in the presence of a specific sound, that same sound may cue the memory for that thing learnt. For students, visualize the place in which your revising as cue to memory. You will find that you will recall things that you had associated with the subject matter.

2. Clench your fist: Some study that would pass for a myth suggests that clenching up your right fist and squeezing it tightly may actually make it easier to memorize numbers and simple lists. I have tried this but I can’t really tell you the results coz I am already good with memorizing numbers. Later when you want to retrieve the information memorized, clench your left fist and booyah.

8 Effective Ways To Turbocharge Your Memory

3. Learn something before bed: if you are studying for an exam or interview, perhaps the best way to consolidate something you learnt is to go through the information just before you sleep. This is simply coz there are fewer new memories you would expect to interfere with your memory

4. Say the alphabet: when you have memorize the name of something but you cannot recall it when you are needed to, use the alphabet search method, i.e. going through the alphabet to find the first letter of the word or name you are trying to recall in order to jog your memory

5. Drink more milk: Scientists issued questionnaires to more than 972 people asking them to fill detailed information on their diets and then subjected them to eight rigorous tests to check their memory, concentration and learning abilities. Guess what? People who consumed more dairy products did far better in memory tests compared with those who rarely did.

6. Exercise more: this is out there. I know you know that exercises improve cognitive function and are particularly enhancing memory. Exercise is also thought to encourage the growth of new brain cells in the hippocampus – an area of the brain important in memory and learning.

7. Take memory boosters: Provasil is perhaps the best memory enhancer out there. It scores highly due to its unique blend of vitamins and natural ingredients. The supplement is readily available in most online retailers and drug stores all over the world. I personally use it for more than six times a week

8. Forget the nightcap: Avoid alcohol. It might get you to sleep but it disrupts your night’s rest – and has negative effects on concentration and memory. Instead of alcohol, why not take milk.

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  1. Hi,

    Thank you Yvonne..!! For giving me a chance to contribute some great ideas to lovely audience. I am very happy that the tips given by me in this article are more worth to the people getting more benefits from it….I am very thankful to you Yvonne for the glad chance….

    Thank you ikechi, your comment motivates and inspires me to write more ….Luck for your future. 🙂

  2. This is a great resource to turbocharge your memory. I remember a time when I had issues with memory loss. I had to learn to exercise my brain and have not suffered from such issue again.

    I love your tips as they are spot on. Thanks for sharing a wonderful post. Have a swell week/.

  3. I agree that memory loss is not limited to a specific age group or even gender for that matter. I can attest to the fact that I have had situations in the past where I lost my train of though – in the middle of a sentence, yes and also in cases where I left one room in the house to go to another for something and I completely forget. Lol! I would then have to revert back to the room I left from and bam, the thought comes back and I am like ;Oh yes, so and so is what I went for.’

    I love the tips – very practical, even though I have never associated drinking of [more] milk with boosting memory. Memorizing something at nights before bedtime have worked wonders for me especially where I have to do an exam or to give a presentation the following morning.

    It’s good that you mentioned staying away from the night cap ie alcohol. That should be a huge no, no simply because of the damaging effects it has on the body more so the brain cells. The use of alcohol n general is harmful to other areas of the body such as the liver – if not in the short run, definitely in the long run.

    I enjoyed the short video – it is a value added piece. Thanks for sharing this post with our audience. Have a great day/week ahead.

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