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Richard A. Cross Master Empowermentor, Speaker, Author and Poet. Leadership: The ability to work with and treat everybody with equal courtesy, respect and regard, from the person doing the most menial chore to the Chairperson of The Board. It doesn't matter - everybody plays an integral part. I am Self-Motivated, Self-Disciplined, and Able to Tackle Challenges, Energetic, Motivator and Able to take the Initiative. Training and Mentoring: Willing and able to coach others enable and facilitate learning, Impact Knowledge and help people to identify what they are capable of achieving. A team player; Flexible; and Dependable. Motivation: Adding value to people’s lives. Help each person to figure out what they want and why it is important to power through the pain period and start being who they want to be. Not just give them a fish but teach them how to fish. Tell people how to handle disappointments, overcome obstacles, and bounce back quickly. You will be challenged, empowered and inspired.