DARE To Be The Best You

This is a guest post from Richard A. Cross, who was one of the winners of EMB’s #BloggerSupport Guest Post Giveaway.  He is a former Police Officer, Athlete and Restorative Justice Facilitator. Richard’s mission is to help others to recognize their potential and to empower them to go beyond their limitations to achieve their dreams.

His primary focus is our young people, but the information is relevant to adults who want to go beyond any limitations that they may have in regards to Personal Development, Attitude and Overcoming Adversity. He is currently a Professor, an Empowerment Speaker and a Coach.

In today’s post, he is daring us to be the best that we can be. Without further delay, here now is Richard –

What good habit will you start practicing today?

Being the best you is going to need from you good habits.

It was Charles C. Noble who said, “First we make our habits, and then our habits make us.”

As you embark on being the best you, don’t worry about structuring your behavior that it pleases everyone around you. Doing so will be more damaging to your well-being than anything else. However, you want to make sure that the behavior you choose to exemplify will be reinforcing positive progress and growth in your life.

Start today

Are you exercising? Are you reading and listening to motivational material? Are you writing a to-do-list? Are you taking time for yourself? Are you saving? Are you waking up early?

Those are just a few good habits that are practiced by many successful people. There are many more good habits that I could have mentioned here, but I’ll give you the chance to think of some other ones for yourself.

Back to you now, what new habits will you add to your life? The things you do are going to shape your life either positively or negatively, and the good thing about that is, you have the choice on what you are going to do.

“The freedom to be your best means nothing unless you are willing to do your best.” Colin Powell

Dare to be the best you

Dare to be the best you

Challenge yourself

In regards to the above question I don’t want you to start thinking about the bad habits that you may have. I ask the question for one reason and that is for you to think about what good habit you would want to start doing.

In fact, what I have found out about creating new habits is that once I focus on the one I want to add to my already good habits the bad habit slowly disappears. Look at it like this, you have two pets and you only feed one. Just watch what happens after a while. You’ll notice that the one you stopped feeding will begin to die. It’s the same thing with habits.

The one you want to develop you have to feed it, pay attention to it, do it daily. If you don’t think you’ll remember have someone who wants to see you become successful be your accountability partner. What you’ll realize is that the new habit will eventually become a part of you.

“I want to challenge you today to get out of your comfort zone. You have so much incredible potential on the inside. God has put gifts and talents in you that you probably don’t know anything about.” Joel Osteen

Stay focused

To start a new habit is good, but to make it even better is to make your new habit become a part of your life. To do so will require you to be focused. You never want to leave being the best you to chance. What helped me to focus on new habits that I wanted to develop in my life was that I selected a specific time of the day when I’d be more efficient and stick with the time that I have set.

I also track what I am doing to see if am getting better or not, and with improvement I reward myself. One of the things I do find very helpful on staying focused is to ask someone to hold you accountable. That was one of my biggest challenges but the minute I gained the courage to share with others what I wanted to accomplish I realized that not only did I get the job done on time, but I became a more disciplined person.

“Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them. They stay focused on their past successes rather than their past failures, and on the next action steps they need to take to get them closer to the fulfillment of their goals rather than all the other distractions that life presents to them.” Jack Canfield

Learn to say NO

This is very important when working on being the best you. Not being able to say no can cause you to overextend yourself and when you overextend yourself you’ll not be able to focus on your specific task that you have set for yourself to do. You’ll be all over the place pleasing everybody else but yourself.

Sometimes we are our worst enemy and we do that by saying yes to some things that we were supposed to say no to. If you find it hard to say NO, make yourself a poster to remind you that NO is an option. Put it on your wall in front of you, on your desk calendar if you have to, but it is imperative that you learn to say no because if you can’t you’ll be doing things that you don’t even want to do.

“Learn to say ‘no’ to the good so you can say ‘yes’ to the best.” John C. Maxwell

Don’t feel bad about saying no. Pleasing everybody but yourself is not good for your well-being. You’ll get over it after a few times of saying NO, but always keep in mind that you always have the option of saying NO. Remember, being focused is vital for your success. Never be afraid of the challenge because that is the only way to improve on what you already know and the best time to start challenging yourself is today.

You can be better than you are today.

It is possible to go beyond limitations. It may not be easy, but it is possible.

Richard A. Cross is the founder of Energize Your Thoughts. You can find him at:



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Richard A. Cross Master Empowermentor, Speaker, Author and Poet. Leadership: The ability to work with and treat everybody with equal courtesy, respect and regard, from the person doing the most menial chore to the Chairperson of The Board. It doesn't matter - everybody plays an integral part. I am Self-Motivated, Self-Disciplined, and Able to Tackle Challenges, Energetic, Motivator and Able to take the Initiative. Training and Mentoring: Willing and able to coach others enable and facilitate learning, Impact Knowledge and help people to identify what they are capable of achieving. A team player; Flexible; and Dependable. Motivation: Adding value to people’s lives. Help each person to figure out what they want and why it is important to power through the pain period and start being who they want to be. Not just give them a fish but teach them how to fish. Tell people how to handle disappointments, overcome obstacles, and bounce back quickly. You will be challenged, empowered and inspired.

8 Comments on DARE To Be The Best You

  1. ferdiklint // November 19, 2014 at 4:28 pm //

    Hello Sir Richard,

    Congratulation on your wonderful guest post.
    I love the points you discussed in this particular post, I also enjoyed reading the portion where you said something concerning reading and listening to motivational materials, exercising, writing a to-do-list, setting aside time for yourself and waking up early.
    I recently adopted some of these habits and I can attest to the positive effects in these habits.

    I was the kind of person who never planned my day, as a result, I discovered that most times I failed to carry out some daily duties which I was suppose to take care of. After I began setting up a to-do-list, I noticed a tremendous change.

    Indeed, your sentences clearly explained what the successful ones do, and what one can do to become successful.

    Thanks for sharing, and thanks madam Yvonne for giving Sir Richard the opportunity to share with us.
    You two have a wonderful day.

    • Thanks Ferdi Klint for sharing your thoughts. It’s great to know that you have adopt new habits and start to see the results.

      A to-do-list really works. I see great results when I write things down!

      Have a bless one!

  2. Congratulation Richard and this a great post. I agree that for old habits to go, it must be replaced with new habits. Habits is very important in personal development which is why we must constantly develop and maintain good habits.

    Thanks for challenging us with this great post and I appreciate the quote too. Thanks for sharing

  3. Thanks Harleena and congratulation to you too. I appreciate the feedback of which solidifies some of the things that we have to do to be our best. Yes. Some habits are hard to break but with consistency and deleberate action we can form new ones. Hope for youa week too. It’s a pleasure meeting you.

  4. Thanks Yvonne for the opportunity to share with your wonderful and amazing readers. I enjoy reading what you have been sharing and this that you have done show case more than just what we do, it exemplifies team spirit, and of which helped each of us winners to meet someone new. Thank you!

  5. Hi Richard, and welcome to Yvonne’s blog 🙂

    Congratulations on being one of the STARS of her wonderful blog and the opportunity to guest post here. This surely is a nice one, something very important for all of us – reminds me of one post on habits I’d written sometime back!

    You are right, habit can make or break us, so we ought to make sure they are good ones, isn’t it? I loved the ones you mentioned, and I agree, saying NO is the toughest one for me too, though I’m beginning to learn to do that now. I guess old habits die hard, so even though I might say no that moment, I usually give a later time to do the task if required, once I am through with what I am doing. Helping others doesn’t cost you much!

    Like you, I also believe in staying focused and getting the toughest things done the earliest – that way the rest of your day flows through smoothly. You are more effective, efficient, and are able to get a lot more done as compared.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead, both of you 🙂

  6. Hi Richard

    Welcome to EMB as a guest blogger. You won this guest from the blogger support mega giveaway that was held recently as my way of saying thank you for your continued support and contribution through your comments and also for sharing on your social media sites. You were also tagged and featured as one of our “STARS” blogger which is demonstrated in your writing today.

    This is certainly a great challenge that you have given that each one of us must dare to be the best that we can be. No doubt there will be challenges and it is also about getting rid of bad habits and focusing our thoughts and our energy on those that are positive and would help us to live the best life possible.

    Your points are relevant and no matter what, it is important to make a start start, to challenge ourselves, stay focused and to learn to say NO. I believe where may of us struggle is in learning to say NO, simply because we feel that it may hurt the other person’s feelings.

    However, John Maxwell’s quote summed it up best in that we learn to say no to the good and so we can say yes to the best.

    Great post and thank you for sharing with us.

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