Mothers Who Rock Series 1 – A Champion and A Woman of Faith by Christopher Jennings Penders

21 years old my Mom was when I was born in 1964. Less than two years later she was a single Mom after divorcing my Dad. She didn’t let life get in the way or bring her to her knees. We survived. I on the other hand was a handful. Many medical challenges lay ahead. I suffered two seizures which affected my speech, my balance as well as much more. A myriad of other health issues followed.

My Mom was beside me day and night, spending weeks on end in Boston at Boston Children’s Hospital.

So many times my doctors told her I wouldn’t survive.
Just as many times she countered them and said:
Not only will he survive, I will send you all his college degree.

My Mom had such faith that all would be well. I believe her faith and God’s Faith that was given to me is what guided me through the challenges I faced. Were it not for my Mom and her strength, her conviction I certainly would not have survived.

There are so many people responsible for my survival, from the doctors who cared for me to God. Yes! I said God. HE is the ultimate decision maker. However, I will say it again; knowing my Mom was fighting just  as hard, dare I say harder than the medical professionals charged with keeping me safe made surviving the turmoil I was facing easier.

My Mom was the fighter
My Mom stayed by my side.
My Mom prayed ALL the time in the hospital chapel.

Her prayers were answered.

How many others can say their Mother, a single mother faced down so many challenges while in their twenties and pulled through. Not only pulled through, but helped their child shine and flourish as well.

That’s why I’m indebted to my Mom.
That’s why I owe her the very breath I breathe.

Were it not for her early intervention during my childhood challenges and her strength to face down the medical establishment, there’s no telling whether I’d have survived. With God by our side there is no telling how strong we can be. I’m convinced just as God gave me faith, God infused my Mom with the strength she’d need to do battle with the medical profession.

It was the two of us against the world and there were other cases where her strength of heart came into focus. One such example follows:
She was dating someone from the Farmington, Connecticut area and they soon married. It wasn’t long into the marriage that Allen’s (not his real name) true nature showed itself. .

And it was an ugly nature. Both verbally and physically abusive. Allen came after both of us. Once more, my Mom’s better angel’s came to her side and we escaped the situation.

My Mom always looked out for me. Whether faced with medical challenges or abuse challenges.

That’s why I count my Mom as the best supporter I knew growing up.

Did you have such a champion in your corner growing up?

I honour and celebrate my Mother, and I say, she truly ROCK!!!

Be happy! Be well! Be positive!
Blessings to you.

This article was written and submitted by Christopher Jennings Penders

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  1. Very touching post indeed. This is why mothers are so special. I celebrate with you such a remarkable mother.

  2. I totally agree with you Michelle! Like I said to Chris when I first read his tribute, I became very emotional and tearful. Anyone who can go through this and still come out standing strong while keeping the faith, is only the grace of God that can help them to do that. Such an inspiration!

  3. Kudos to your mom for putting her child first and standing up to the medical community and an abusive husband to protect your well-being. Sadly, many do not or cannot do that. This was an awesome tribute to a strong and loving who mother who definitely ROCKS!

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