Mothers Who Rock Series 1 – A Gem and A Woman of Worth by Ava Baird

Judith Findlater and she Rocks!
Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without true, dedicated and faithful mothers? I am indeed honored to be called upon to contribute to this blog series, “Celebrating The Life of Mothers Who Rock.” Unfortunately, I lost my mother 14 years ago. The Lord knows the role of a mother never ends. He knows that everyone needs a mother in their life. 
So about 3 years ago the Lord miraculously brought a woman into my life. She was literally sent by God to be my spiritual guide and counselor. She has never tried to take the place of God in my life as she always gives Almighty God the glory in everything she says and does. 
My spiritual mother is a tower of strength. She has taught me the secret of her strength comes from the joy of the Lord and therefore can be mine as well. She is my gem. Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like without her inspiration and godly counsel. One day she said to me, “when  the Lord becomes your main focus, the storms of life become less significant, therefore if your storm seems huge, scary and threatening then you have taken your eyes off the Lord and have lost your focus.” 
That was so inspiring to me. It was during the time I was faced with some real spiritual storms. I thought that this was the end of my life. I was ready to throw in the towel, give up and die. I literally felt like life was meaningless and unfair. The words of my spiritual mom came so forcefully and powerfully that it created a great impact to my life up to today. Whenever there is a spiritual storm/challenge, her voice reverberates in my spirit which helps me to keep my focus on the Lord. 
As a true woman of God, my spiritual mother seeks the face of God for His guidance in every aspect of her life. She exemplifies true Christian faith and devotion to God in righteousness and pure Agape love. She is truly my gem sent directly from the throne of God. 
Another aspect of my life my ‘Gem’ created a great impact in is how and when she taught me the art of listening to God and man. The beauty of my spiritual mother is, she did not actually tell me she wants to teach me how to listen. What she actually does is exemplify active, intense listening. She never tries to speak when someone else is speaking. She always makes one feel so special in giving that one a listening ear with the thought that everyone have a right to be heard. She does not only listen with her ears but also with her spirit. She also spends quality time listening to hear the heart of God which also bears much impact on my life.
I am proud to have such a Gem in my life as a spiritual mother. I do believe she is a woman of worth deserving to be crowned the Mother of the year 2013. I love her dearly and say, she ROCKS!

This article was written and submitted by Pastor Ava Baird

Ava, as she is affectionately known among her peers, is a powerful woman of God that successfully navigates the spiritual realm with precision and accuracy, as well as the natural realm. Of the many other accolades that she holds, she is the Co-Pastor of the Deeper Life Ministry and currently the President of Aglow International VI of Tortola Virgin Islands (British). She delights in true worship and is blessed with three ministry gifts: Evangelism, Prophecy and Counselling. She has a great love and compassion for hurting women and is the Author of her first book, “True Worshipers…Armed And Dangerous. and can copies can be purchased on amazon You can also connect with her on Facebook 

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  1. Hi Mechelle, the Lord specifically said to us…”in all our ways…” not only in the areas we cannot handle but in the small areas as well. Many times we think we do not need guidance in the small areas of life but this is where many of us make the mistakes. The bible tells us of ..”the little foxes that spoil the vine..” the little problems are so small that they are only tall enough to feed on the roots of our lives which in turn take a totally negative affect on us. Blessings on you Michelle.

  2. Hi Chris, I am happy to know that Peter is your choice to write about as he was a very remarkable character…the one who loved the Lord so much that he wanted to fight for his master by cutting off the ear of the Roman soldier. Jesus rebuked him, of course. Peter received a complete “make over” from the foul mouthed fisherman that he was into a powerful, annointed, radical, fearless saint after the Holy Ghost came upon him and the others in the Upper Room in Acts 2. He was the leader after all and thousands were saved my his ministry. Chris, good choice for Saints Monday Theme. Blessings

  3. “My spiritual mother seeks the face of God for His guidance in every aspect of her life” – as we all should do! It's definitely a blessing that the Lord placed a spiritual mother in your life to help guide, mentor and nurture you. Many blessings to you and this Mother who ROCKS!

  4. Wow. Here's another awe inspiring connection, Ava:
    My blog:
    Wisdom and Life is currently running a “Saints Monday Theme.” Who do you think I just finsihed writing about for an upcoming Saint?

    Why it was Peter, of course!


  5. Indeed the Lord should be our main focus. We should always keep our eyes on him. Peter walked on the water as long as his eyes were on Jesus. The moment he took his eyes off he began to sink. We cannot affort to sink now. We must be able to ride out our storm by keeping our eyes on the Commander-in-Chief – Jesus Christ. Blessings.

  6. Okay, Yvonne:
    I know that name:
    Ava Baird

    Why do I know that name? Now it is going to make me crazy until I resolve it.


    Excellent column today. I especially liked the quote:
    When the Lord becomes your main focus, the storms of life become less significant, therefore if your storm seems huge, scary and threatening then you have taken your eyes off the Lord and have lost your focus

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